10 Fantastic Improvement Ideas For Your Bedroom

There’s no underestimating the power of sleep. It’s every bit as important as food and water to your ongoing health and even survival.

Experts are adamant that a restful and comfortable sleep environment is crucial to healthy sleep. So, if your bedroom’s anything less than a tranquil haven, you could be in trouble.

See these simple design tips to help create a modern master bedroom that ensures you get the shut-eye you need.

1. Create a Sense of Space

There’s a reason we flock to wide open spaces for our vacations. Feeling closed in can make most people feel trapped and stressed.

So, if you have a small bedroom, you can do a lot to improve its ambiance with a few simple tricks.

A platform bed with legs instead of a base reveals more floor space and can help your room appear bigger. Pushing your bed into the corner instead of placing it in the center of the room also creates the illusion of more space.

Most of the best bedroom decor tips center on creating this illusion of room to breathe, so keep reading.

2. Harness Natural Light

Your body’s sleep cycle is hard-wired to respond to the natural rising and setting of the sun, so embrace nature in your quest for a good night’s sleep.

Natural light’s far healthier for your mental state than glaring overhead fluorescent bulbs. So, open up those window coverings and let the sunshine in.

Sunlight also helps warm your room, creating a sense of comfort and ultimately saving on electricity costs too.

3. Modern Master Bedroom Lighting

Of course, stumbling around in the darkness isn’t the best thing for your safety either.

The secret to attractive lighting is to keep it low-key. Instead of switching on the overhead lights, rather make use of task lighting for reading and studying.

Small modern lamps create a cozy glow and wonderful calm feel, while lanterns and fairy lights add a fairytale feminine glow to any room.

4. Make Mirror Magic

modern master bedroom1

Mirrors are just the trick for creating the illusion of more space as well as bouncing natural light all over your room. A well-placed mirror can double the amount of light in your room.

You can transform your space with one large mirror, or a grouping of smaller ones according to your taste. The biggest benefit of mirrors is that they do double duty as a way to check your appearance before you head out the door for the day too.

5. Bedroom Seating ideas

Browsing through your phone or reading in bed are both activities that can boost your brain out of sleep mode. Rather create a designated nook in your room for these activities.

Embrace a cozy feel in this area with a comfy armchair, a reading lamp, and a plush rug to keep your feet toasty. For daytime downtime, placing your seating area near a window’s a good way to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

6. Add Some Life to Your Room

Greenery brings oxygen, color, and life to all your living spaces. Cacti, yucca, or rubber plants are hardy, attractive species that thrive indoors with little care.

You can choose from a host of decorative planters to ensure they fit in with your overall look and feel as well as add an extra dab of color to the room.

7. Add a Few Accents

Apart from plants, there are a few more ways to introduce a little color into your modern bedroom.

A few well-placed artworks work a charm. You can group some smaller frames or opt for one or two large eye-catching pieces as focal points in your room.

Don’t confine yourself to printed art, or classical works either. Photos, frameless pictures, and posters work well too.

You can also try a trendy gallery wall of all your favorite pieces, or display sentimental shots on floating shelves.

Patterned throws, cushions, and rugs are the quickest way to lift a room from drab to fab.

8. Combat Clutter

Your bedroom’s a busy place. Apart from sleep, you may use it to study, carry out cosmetic routines, and get dressed several times a day.

All these activities create clutter and a slight sense of chaos in your surroundings.

Visual disruptions are the last thing you need when you’re trying to calm your mind before sleep or focus on relaxing during quiet times. That’s why sufficient storage is paramount to a peaceful environment.

While out of sight is out of mind when it comes to clearing clutter, putting some treasured items on display on open shelving helps create a modern feel in your room. Decorative chests, and seating with hidden storage work well for hiding the rest.

9. Embrace the Feels

Textured items are a top trend in home decor these days. You can get on board with this look using different textiles like silk, down, and shearling as well as more rustic fibers such as stone and rattan.

You can incorporate these fabrics in lampshades, throws, and rugs scattered around your room.

10. Pick a Theme

modern master bedroom2

A sense of continuity’s vitally important for creating a modern restful space.

Pick a theme and stick to it. If you want to achieve a minimalistic look, stick to straight lines and plain colors. For a more Bohemian aesthetic, go all out with curvy furniture and intricate patterns.

Social media pages as well as interior design-focused websites are good places to find out more about different decor trends and styles.

Mixing and matching design styles create a sense of clutter.

Moving On

Once you’ve set up your ideal modern master bedroom, chances are you’re going to spend more time there than ever before. Don’t become a hermit, there’s no reason why you can’t extend these simple ideas to the rest of your house too.

Take a look at some more of our content for inspiration to take your home design skills to the next level.

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