5 Types of Roofs for Your Next Home Renovation

Are you thinking about renovating your roof?

Renovating any part of your home is a stressful activity, but the roof is the worst. It’s such an important part of protecting the rest of your home that you want to ensure that you’re picking the best match.

That’s why we’ve collected the top types of roofs so you can figure out which one suits your home the most. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Clay Tiles

If you’re a fan of the classic red roofing, then clay roof styles are the best choice for you. The unglazed clay material works great in places that see extreme heat during the summer since the clay absorbs the heat without warming up the house further. Plus, they survive the heat without sustaining any damage.

It’s an expensive option but well worth it for that picture-perfect style!

2. Wood Shingles

Wooden shingles are a beautiful choice, but they absorb a lot of moisture from the air. If you live by the coast or a place that sees many wildfires, it’s best to choose different types of shingles.

Due to wood’s fragility, wooden shingles often need replacing to keep the roof looking its best.

3. Metal Panels

Climates that see a lot of snow and ice every year benefit from metal roof types. It’s durable against the harsh weather, and the smooth texture helps the snow slide off without trouble.

One of the more common styles is to use panels rather than shingles. This allows this strong material to last even longer since you’ll never need to replace individual shingles.

Metal roofing is a specialized installation process, so make certain you find yourself the right professional, such as from this company!

4. Concrete Shingles

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting option, but it needs a lot of support since it’s heavy. This makes it a great choice for places with many wind storms but not a good option for older homes that can’t support the weight.

It’s possible to get concrete in tiles rather than shingles, making them even more durable and wind-resistant but less attractive.

5. Synthetic Tiles

Sometimes going with a human-made material is the best choice for a homeowner. It’s a cheaper option due to the manufacturing process of the material. Plus, it looks similar to other materials while being much lighter and more durable.

If you love the look of wood shingles but live in a wet climate, go for a synthetic duplicate. It’ll look much the same without any of those problems!

These Types of Roofs Bring Beauty to Every Home

The best part about all of these types of roofs is that you can’t go wrong with any of them. Some work better for certain regions than others, but they all have a unique and beautiful style.

Don’t delay your roof renovation any longer. Start building your dream house right away!

For even more inspiration for your next home improvement project, make sure to check out the rest of the blog!

Thank you for reading!

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