5 Bedroom Style Tips – Design Your Bedroom Like a Pro

How to make a bedroom of your dream?

 If you would like some bedroom inspiration that will help you to make the most of space regardless of how difficult the space is difficult to work with, then this article is here to help you. So, without further ado, here are 5 tips that we believe will inspire you.

black platform bed with white mattress inside bedroom

  1. Matching Existing Wallpaper

For this Brighton bedroom, we worked with the existing wallpaper. However, we were careful because we knew that if we would not, the signature grey color and the unique pattern would clash with furniture that did not match. So, we looked for chairs, a bed, and furnishings that complimented the shade. We also looked for cushions with textures to match the wall and spread the pattern throughout the bedroom using mirrors.

Create a cohesive bedroom that looks more sophisticated using what was already in place. Sometimes, working with an existing color or wallpaper brings a vision together. So, consider whether or not you can work with what was already in place. Don’t get rid of everything that was already there as you can work with it.


  1. Let the Surrounding Environment Inspire You

Use a range of blues to bring the seaside indoors. Create a calming, contemporary bedroom ideal for a young professional. If you are renovating a house surrounded by acres of trees or red bricks, consider bringing those matching colors to the décor, floors, and walls. Even though it is not a physical limitation like an existing statement wall, replicating your environment through textures, careful thought, colors is a good way to achieve inspired results.


  1. Go Neutral, Add Pastel

When in doubt, consider neutral. And if you would like to add some color, consider something pastel. You can add color to the room without changing much about the room and without the color grabbing attention more than desired. As such, we highly recommend going neutral and trying pastel décor. Finishing touches like brushed nickel door handles can really complete the look of your room.


  1. Find a Theme

When we put ourselves in the mind of a busy traveler, we chose simple tones with an eclectic range of décor. We decided to choose a quirky pineapple lamp for the bedside table and brought various plants (that a busy traveler can see across adventures) on the other side of the room.


Apart from being a fun exercise, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and thinking of their preferences instead of your preferences will help you discover new things. This is because it will make you step out of your comfort zone.


  1. Make the Most of a Small Space

One of the major problems is when a room cannot fit your vision because it is too small. Making the most of a small space is a challenge, particularly when you want to fit a double bed inside. Reorganizing your room can help you make good use of the floor space.


However, our top tip is to make your room look bigger by adding large mirrors to make it look like there is more space than is there or adding reflective materials. Accept what you have, work with it, and make it look better than it is.


Thank you for reading!

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