6 Best Smart Plug | Google Assistant or Alexa Control

 Do you want to upgrade your ordinary appliances to make your home a smart home, then you are in the right place?

Smart plugs are an easy and affordable way to improve your existing home appliances, such as lighting or electronics.

The good thing about the smart plug is that you can control these plugs straight from your smartphone.

Surprisingly, installing and also the uses of these plugs are very simple. All you have to do is to just choose the right plug for your home electronics.

So these plugs are giving us more and more ways to manage our home, especially when we are out.

These smart plugs are gadgets where you do not have to worry about switching off the iron or your straightener. Additionally, these plugs are the easiest and affordable way to connect to your home through your Android phone.

This article will discuss six top quality and best smart plugs from which you can choose according to your need and convenience. 

What is a smart plug?

The smart plug is very easy to use, and it helps turn the things on and off in your home when you connect to a smart home platform. So it becomes a very versatile device where you can control your home electronics.

Keep this thing in mind that an application controls a smart plug, and it will let you turn on and off any appliance that plugs into a standard wall socket.

Moreover, it will also work when you schedule different things. You just have to simply plug it into any wall socket and then choose the appliance into it.

You can now turn on your TV, cable box, lamp, coffee machine, or any electronics present in your home. So your smart bulb will become a smart light when you use it with a smart plug.

The sum of this information will allow you to save on your electricity bill.

But until now, we knew as a traditional timer plug, not very smart, is quite basic since you can previously set the lights on and off, the operation of the fish purifier, or the water heater in the country house.

The possibilities of a smart switch are much higher since it is linked to an application on your smartphone to control the device from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an Internet connection.

The only aspect that you should take into account is that they are useful for all those devices that can be left in the on position, and then turn them on or off by controlling the power supply.

Any device that requires a physical button for activation will have to remain on when you leave it connected to the Smart Plug if you really want to be able to activate it remotely. 

Monitor your energy consumption

One of the most attractive and efficient features of these smart switches is the ability to control the power consumption of your devices.

Not all switches do, but you can monitor and calculate costs. According to Efergy estimates, about 16% of the electricity bill’s consumption is associated with devices and appliances that remain in standby mode. With the deployment of these plugs, you will be able to manage the usage times of each product.

The ability to remotely turn on and turn off devices aided by your Wi-Fi, in addition to modifying the programming when you deem appropriate, is tremendously useful.

Everything adds up, and day after day can mean a significant saving on your bill.

Ways to turn on and off:

A smart plug opens up an immense range of possibilities. However, its main function is to turn on and off other devices that are connected to it.

Types of Smart plugs

Through a remote control :

It can be through a mobile application or remote control. Some even allow voice control, linking it to home attendants. The great advantage of this type of plug is that it can be controlled individually, with the possibility of programming it as well.

Through a programmer : 

It allows you to program the start and end time of powering on the plug on a clock and on the calendar. It is used for actions that follow a pattern: To lower the heating from Monday to Friday when no one is home.

Through a timer : 

This is the simplest option. It works by setting a period of time in which we want the plug to be connected to a device.

After that time is up, the device turns off. This type of plug limits the needs that we could cover to specific moments and very specific actions.

Extra features:

In addition to turning on and off, smart plugs increasingly incorporate more common functions. Among the most prominent are:

Power consumption monitoring : 

To check the electricity consumption of the connected device.

Outside the home : 

It is a mode that simulates that someone is at home, turning on a device that is previously selected (such as turning the lights on and off).

Automate other actions with IFTTT 

The possibility that a plug allows this type of installation will increase the number of uses you can give it.

Although it is more complicated to configure, in the long run, we will appreciate it by adding new functionalities on our own that the plug did not come from the factory.

For example, you can connect a sensor so that the lamp turns on if someone passes by even if the plug does not have that function per se.

Factors to consider for Smart Plug

The plugs that can be connected to the Wifi work through the 2.4GHz band. Some more modern routers also have the 5GHz band, so we must be careful to connect the plug to the band that it ‘understands’ (2.4GHz).

How we test smart home plugs?

However, the installation of these Smart home plugs is easy, but you have to look for certain things about these plugs. You must also show that the thing which is actually plugged into this plug will turn on.

Smart home connectivity

You must know about your Smart home connectivity, whether these plugs work with that or not? LED smart drugs work with Google Assistant and Alexa.


You must ensure that these plugs have a physical on/off switch for indicator lights. Also, you must also know that in a single outlet, can you fit more than one plug?

Set up

Usually, these plugs are easy to connect, and you are connected through your Wi-Fi network to its app.


 Most amazingly, the app’s scheduling feature serves as a miracle for you to control your home appliances for electronics.


Before purchasing these smart plugs, you must keep in mind certain features that distinguish these plugs from the ordinary plugs.

1.Kasa Smart Plug by TP-Link

With Kasa smart plug, you can control from anywhere and turn your electronics on and off with your smartphone’s help. For this purpose, you have to install the Kasa app, which is compatible with Android and IOS.

Moreover, it works with voice control, but when the network is available. It is compatible with Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana supported, as well as Amazon Alexa. So it will give you hands-free experience with these devices.

Consequently, it has a compact design that will not block the other wall outlet. So most amazingly, it will allow smart plugs to be installed side by side.

If we talk about Kasa scenes and Schedules, it will work by scheduling the Smart Plug to switch automatically on and off when you are away.

So when you set a particular time at which your lights must be turned off, then it works very efficiently by connecting to devices and Smartphones.

So with Kasa smart plug, you can set a schedule for controlling many devices with a single button.

Keep this thing in mind that you require a secured 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi network connection to operate this smart plug. 

Pro & Cons of Kasa Smart Plug by TP-Link

  • Can control the electric appliances from anywhere
  • No hub required for connecting the blog
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant
  • Blends into your power outlet because of compact design
  • Sometimes, the plugs go offline, but you have to check your network connection at that point.


2.SAMSUNG SmartThings Wi-Fi Plug

Now, you can easily control your electric appliances as well as bulbs and lights with the help of an amazing smart plug named Samsung smart things Wi-Fi plug.

It is very easy to control this smart plug because it makes your home smarter when you use the smart plugs. With the help of this plugin, you can turn on and off your small appliances, electronics, as well as bulbs for lamps.

So everyday electronics can be controlled through this smart plug wire app on your phone or tablet.

Surprisingly, it also supports voice commands and is extremely compatible with voice commands through Google Assistant, Alexa, or Bixby.

Through voice assistant, you can Voice command and ask for turning on and off the lights, fans, and much more. Now, automating your entire room can be possible with the help of these smart plugs.

The good thing about plug is that you can use multi plans to work together so you can monitor the energy usage as well as set the routine to control.

Most amazingly, they are very helpful in saving your energy, especially when you are away from your home. Additionally, it does not need any hub, so operation with the smart things hub is optional.

You just have to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi for easy operation. For the smart plugs’ efficient working, it requires the 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi network connection, and that’s all you need for connectivity.

If we talk about the blood specifications, then it is made up of plastic and measures about 2.68 x 1.5 x 2.12 inches.

It is so lightweight that its weight is only 0.16 pounds. However, the maximum current in the plug is 15 amperes, and the rated load is 1800W at 120VAC.

Pro & Cons of SAMSUNG SmartThings Wi-Fi Plug

  • Automate your entire phone with this smart plug
  • Stack multiple smart Plugs into a single outlet
  • Very lightweight and efficient
  • Works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby
  • Sometimes, it shows the limited function


Check Price on Amazon

3.Wyze smart Plug Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Wyze Smart plug works very efficiently when you come around your home with your voice.

You can now control the electric appliances by using your voice to turn things on and off by asking your smart assistant.

So when you do not want to move or are busy, you can control the appliances and the lights and bulbs with this amazing smart plug.

Moreover, it works with Alexa and Google assistants, so it is very easy to set up and easy to control. The plug is very compact as well as lightweight, so it will not disturb other plugs.

Surprisingly, these plugs are just a blessing when you are away from your home, and you’re controlling your home from anywhere.

With the help of the particular app, you can check all your blogs’ status and turn them on and off remotely at a particular time.

For example, in the night, if you want to turn on all the lights of your home, you can do this by connecting to a smartphone, and in the morning, when you want to turn off the lights, you can also do this.

Most amazingly, when you wake up in the morning and want a coffee cup, and you do not want to make it by yourself, these smart plugs can do this.

So when you schedule in the Wye app, you can also make your coffee. Custom scheduling is also an amazing feature of this plug, with the help of which you can turn the Wyze plugs into one room.

Now, turning on and off the lights is so easy that you are doing it with a finger or command tap or command to your smart assistance. 

Consequently, there is also a vacation mode present in the smart plug with the help of which it gives others the feeling that you are present in your home.

With this vacation mode, you can turn your lights on and off at random, making it appear that you are in your home so that other people remain alert all the time.

Surprisingly, you can automate actions with Wyze sense so that you can control your stuff based on motion and open or close the events.

So you can turn on the things when people are around and off when they are gone. You can also connect this smart plug to other smart home devices with IFTTT.

Pro & Cons of Wyze smart Plug Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Control your entire home with Grouping
  • Easy to install and easy to set up
  • Greatly integrate with Alexa
  • Good alternatives to each timer
  • Sometimes, it feels difficulty in connecting


Check Price on Amazon

4.Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon smart plug is a high-quality plug as well as famous for its smart functioning.

The good thing is that it works with Alexa so that you can add the voice control to any outlet or turn on and off the lights.

These smart plugs actually serve as a miracle for humans, which makes them tinker free, stress-free, as well as struggle free.

So you do not have to wait for others to turn on the fan or light; you can do all your work by controlling it with this smart plug. 

This plug is very easy to use as well as easy to install, where you can also schedule your slides for other appliances to turn on and off automatically. However, you can control it randomly when you are away from your home.

As it is very simple to set up, all you have to do is just plug in and open the Alexa app and start using your voice. In addition, it does not require any smart home hub. You just have to set up your routines and schedules through the Alexa app.

Pro & Cons of Amazon Smart Plug

  • No smart home hub required
  • Can add Voice control to any outlet
  • Create the morning routine with this smart blog
  • Easily scheduling of turning on and off the lights
  • Some users have a setup problem, but on the whole, it is easy to use and easy to set up


Check Price on Amazon

Smart Plug Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Outlet

Smart Plug Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Outlet is a fantastic smart plug where you can control all your electronics present in your home with a voice command.

Just like the above-mentioned smart plugs, it also works with Alexa and Google Home assistant.

All you have to do is to just give a simple voice command to control your home device with a smart outlet via Alexa or Google Home assistant. Moreover, there is no hub required to install the Wi-Fi plug.

As it is a Wi-Fi plug, you need a powerful internet connection with a stable 2.4 gigahertz network.

Not only can you use the plug to control lights and fans and other electrical appliances randomly, but you can also schedule and timer these things.

So when you set the schedules and timings for your home smart Wi-Fi electrical plugs.

So with the help of this smart plug, you are actually making your home Smart home and creating a customized schedule to automatically turn on and off the home electronic appliances such as lights, coffee makers, fans, etc.

However, you must keep this thing in mind that this plug will not control the home appliances whose electronics power is more than 10A or 1200W.

So you cannot control heavy electronics such as the microwave oven, air conditioner, as well as the induction cooker.

The good thing about this is that you can remote control from anywhere. So you can control your electronics present in your home when you are away.

Moreover, you can also control your Alexa through Wi-Fi or app directly as long as your phone accesses a secure 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi network.

Therefore, this plug is ideal for those who cannot move around very well and need easy access to turn on and off certain electronics.

Additionally, not only can the single person control the turning on and off the lights or fans, but all family members can do this.

This can be done by creating a group and sharing it with families. Most amazingly, now you can set a group for all Google Home outlets and control them in one command.

So sharing your Wi-Fi plans that work with Alexa to all family members makes it possible to control them and turn on and off the lights in one command. So everyone can control the home in a way they need.

This plug is very easy to install as well as safe to use. You just have to plug a device into the mini Wi-Fi smart outlet and connect to your security 2.4 networks with Gosound app. Most excitingly, it has ETL certification, which shows complete protection. 

Pro & Cons of Smart Plug Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Outlet

  • Works efficiently with Alexa
  • Schedule and timer with iSmart
  • Control your home from anywhere through remote control
  • Easy to install and safe to use
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to connect to Alexa automatically to Wi-Fi.


Check Price on Amazon

BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control smart plug

BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control smart plug is ready to go where you can control your home with wireless remote control.

This is an amazing outlet for Kit, which contains everything you need to start.

Most excitingly, it is very simple to install this plug. You just have to simply plug and play or synchronize up the outlets to suit your needs.

This plug is safe and reliable, and the outlets will remain off after a power outage to save energy and protect your appliances.

Consequently, it has the option to pair multiple remote outlets together. So expanding your system is possible and makes the appliances in your home accessible in just your hand’s palm.

This smart plug is compatible with almost any electronic device, including air conditioners, heaters, audio, sound system lights, charging devices as well as holiday decorations.

It will provide you simple convenience where you can use the remote or the outlet themselves to turn your appliances on and off.

Pro & Cons of BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control smart plug

  • Easy to use and ready to go
  • Remote to turn on and off the lights as well as other electronics
  • Safe to use and reliable
  • Works with the push of a button
  • Sometimes, it does not automatically connect with the Wi-Fi, but you have to check your Wi-Fi connection.


Check Price on Amazon

FAQs for Best Smart Plug

Q 1: What does a smart plug do?

Ans: When you are purchasing the smart plug, you must consider what it can do. When you install the smart plug, it is connected to your device from which you can turn it on or off.

Q 2:What is the purpose of purchasing the best smart plug?

Ans: With the help of a smart plug, you can easily interact with your products. For example, you can contact your smart speakers and smart displays.

If you are an iPhone user, you can also have the best experience of connecting to the smart plug because it supports apple’s home protocol.

However, you can also contact through other platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Q 3: Do smart plus use any data?

Ans: Yes, smart plugs and smart bulbs use the data, but it requires only minimum data.

The data is only used for system updates or when you are commanding through your smartphone for on and off the electric appliances.

The data usage is so low that it requires only 50 MB each month, depending on the manufacturer.

Q 4: Do smart plugs use electricity when off?

Ans: Smart plugs still use some energy when the appliance to which they are connected is even turned off.

But this is very little energy for electricity, and it does not have any significant impact on your electricity bill.

You must know how to use the smart plugs, and it can become energy saving when used with the right devices and when used properly.

Q 5: Can smart plug work without the internet?

Ans: However, without any internet connection, many switches and Wi-Fi-based plugs will continue to operate, but keep this thing in mind that it will not work for the advanced options such as voice control.

Q 6: Is a smart plug worth?

Ans: You can save some amount of money with smart plugs, and it has great worth because it will make your work easier.

You can use the smart plugs with a coffee maker, power strip, with which you plug your phones or tablets or a lamp. However, you are not saving money; you will still gain automation.

Q 7: Where can you use the smart plugs? 

Ans: You can use the smart plug for different purposes, such as:

Lights ( you can connect the smart plugs with motion detectors which will turn on when you enter in the room) 

Conclusion for Best Smart Plug

Smart plugs are the best way because you can automate and control different electric appliances in your home with the help of these plugs.

So you can make your electronics a little bit well and smarter with the smart plugs. The surprisingly good thing is that you can control these connected home appliances right from your phone or even through a voice assistant.

Make sure that voice assistant will only work when you are connected through Wi-Fi or data. So with your phone, you can switch on and off remotely the particular electric appliance using their companion applications.

Usually, the smart plugs are also compatible with many smart home devices and ecosystems such as Google Home, Apple home kit, or Amazon Echo. So most amazingly, you are controlling these appliances through voice assistance.

Thank you for reading!

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