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“How Tall Is A Two Story House ?” A comprehensive Analysis

Story, or storey, is commonly used to indicate a level part of a building with a floor which could be occupied by people. In addition to that, many people also utilize it as a measuring unit to describe the height of a particular building as well. However, depending on the cultural norms, construction material and local law, the height of a story could vary greatly from time to time. So how tall is a two story house ? By taking a good look at the information listed in this article, you would be able to come up with an appropriate answer. 

The traditional height of a story and its composition

For most the time, the height of story is roughly around 10 feet with 8 – 9 feet of ceiling height and 1 – 2 feet of infrastructure thickness. Of course, there is no such thing as a fixed number, different places shall have different story height definitions. Stories within the same building could have slightly different height as well, for example, the building lobby is often taller than the rest.

As the number of building story increase, the higher levels could have a bit less floor area than the ones right beneath them.  The building attic, or loft, tends to have an entirely different height compared to other floors in order to match specific owner demands.

The height of purpose-built buildings    

Nowadays, residential buildings often have a ceiling height of 9 feet per story though older ones could still use the 8 feet design. For typical office buildings, the average ceiling height ranges between 9 and 10 feet, retailing stories would be a few feet taller though. Office buildings normally require extensive air conditioning, wiring and plumbing arrangements, these would take up to 18 – 24 inches between the stories.

 The use of insulation material could have a considerable influence as well. Effective and efficient insulation layers are often thicker than entry-level products. However, the maximum and minimum heights of a building are still under the control of the local zoning code.

Ceiling height is very important in the real estate industry, it must not get out of proportion with the rest of the place. If the ceiling height is too low then the place could make you feel cramped and uncomfortable. In contrast, if the ceiling height is too high, the place would be unnecessarily exposed and that is not exactly a good thing.  For example, a closer with a 15 feet ceiling height is very similar to an elevator shaft. As a result, there is a trend over the past decade for the usual story to move toward to the 9 feet ceiling height.

How to estimate the building height when you only know the number of stories

In the case you are interested, here is a couple of formulas to help you guess the height of a multi-story building. Again, there are a lot of factors that can impact the building height and they could change from one case to the other. As a consequence, the result you receive using these formulas should be treated as references only. The number does provide you with a pretty good idea of the building approximate height though.

1. Office building

Assume that the floor to floor height is 3.9 meters, a mechanical floor every 20 floors and a total roof height (ceiling height + roof mechanical system) of 11.7 meters 

H = 3.9 x S + 3.9 x (S/20) + 11.7  

H: Height of the building

S: Number of stories

2. Residential/Hotel

Assume that the floor to floor height is 3.1 meters, a mechanical floor every 30 floors and a total roof height (ceiling height + roof mechanical system) of 7.75 meters 

H = 3.1 x S + 1.55 x (S/20) + 7.75    

H: Height of the building

S: Number of stories

3. Mixed use

Assume that the floor to floor height is 3.5 meters, a mechanical floor every 25 floors and a total roof height (ceiling height + roof mechanical system) of 9.625 meters 

H = 3.5 x S + 2.625 x (S/25) + 9.625    

H: Height of the building

S: Number of stories


And that is pretty much it, not too hard to take in, right? "How tall is a two-story house?", it's may be difficult to provide an exact measurement when you don't have a clear understanding of the story dimension. But with the help of this article, you would be able to come up with a good estimate.

How To Fix Sagging Mattress Using Cheap And Easy Techniques

The mattress is not only a human necessity. It is also a luxury that provides you comfort against the harsh condition of the cold and hard floor. When your body feels tired, it helps provide you comfort to sleep on the day’s stressful events. Mattress like any other characterized by different types depending on the person using the mattress. A saggy mattress is a terrible news to anyone. It is not a good place to sleep on since you will most like to have a terrible back pain the next morning. You will also notice that you are not well rested at all because you slept poorly due to the uncomfortable saggy mattress. Also, mattresses are very costly items that you often both a couple of years apart to make the most of the item that you bought. You are most likely to use it until it is no longer capable of providing you comfort.

A saggy mattress is uncomfortable especially in areas where it sinks which is an obvious indicator that you will need to replace it or have it repaired to make it more comfortable to sleep on. Furthermore, a sinking mattress also means an uncomfortable sleep and back pains.

In treating a saggy mattress, the best course of action would be replacing it with a new one, but a new set of mattress would mean another expense. However, if you don’t have the funds to buy a new set of the mattress, you can have your mattress repaired if it only has a little sag and is otherwise still usable.

How to fix mattress to make it usable without having to send it to a repair shop

You can find many options on​ how to fix your saggy mattress online though most of them​ would suggest that it is better to buy a new one if the mattress is starting to get saggy. In addressing the issues with regards to saggy mattresses, it is better to find the cause of the sagginess to have a more efficient way of fixing it. You might even consider looking the overall appearance of the mattress to give a better assessment as to where be the sag coming from. Here is the area that is most likely the cause of sagginess of the mattress.

Box of springs

If the mattress that you have purchased have a box spring included you might want to check on them first to assess if it is the reason of the sagginess. Buying a set of box spring is less costly than buying a mattress as a whole, which is uneconomical in a world where every commodity is every costly.

Placing a piece of plywood

Depending on the kind of mattress that you have you can put a piece of plywood with the same size with the mattress. You may place the plywood in between the box springs and the mattress. You can add two pieces to plywood in between the box spring and the mattress. This method is less costly than obtaining a new mattress only to sag again in a couple of weeks.

Slats Replacement

You might want to check the slats on the frame underneath the box springs. In case that the slats have warped you might need to replace it with a new one. Adding a one or two more slats will provide extra support to the mattress especially in areas where there are sags.

Memory foam

Another thing you can place in between the mattress and the box spring is the memory foam. In is recommended to put the memory foam in the area where the sags are located to boost the area into a level with the whole mattress. Obtaining a new set of the mattress in uneconomical in current world progression where the price of the commodities are high, and your priorities are to have food to serve at the table every day.

Other materials to be added on top of the mattress

It not limited as to where to can place the materials that will help you in filling the sags of the mattress. You can also add some mattress topper that can also help in filling the sags in the mattress. 

Buying new mattress is very costly thus most of the time you ought to choose in repairing your mattress which is less expensive that buying a replacement. Since you have many things that you particularly want to prioritize than buying a new set of the mattress. Here are some of an ideal way to economically repair your old mattress that is not only effective but it is also cheaper than having professionals repair your mattress.

Mattress Helper

Mattress Helper only cost $9. It is a long foam that you can add to the mattress as filler for the sag area. Mattress Helper is a like a long pillow under the mattress but of a longer and a more consistent shape. It is a good investment instead of buying a new mattress that might have cost much only to sag in a matter of weeks which is not ideal at all.


The bladder is a type of an inflatable pouch that pumps up air into the mattress that can be placed strategically between the box spring and the mattress where the sag is located. A bladder comes in different kinds and sizes depending on the bed that it will be used on.

Foam topper

Foam topper is a type of mattress filler that you will help fills the sag of your mattress. Most of you will think that it is too thin for it to work in filling the sag of the mattress. But as the saying goes don’t judge the book by its cover thus try using it first before you give your verdict of its usefulness against mattress sags.

Overfilled Plush mattress pad  

Overfilled plush mattress pad is likely a very fluffy comforter you often used at home the difference is that it is used to add life to the sag of the mattress. It fills the curves that the mattress is having​. It also adds volume to the mattress thus making it look like there is no sag that is visible to the surface.

As what doctors says to their patient's prevention is better than cure. This saying does not only apply in avoiding diseases, but it can also be applied to many things in general. To prevent having sags in your mattress you can shift the mattress in a cycle of three on a regular basis. First, you can change the position of the mattress by swapping the head and foot area of the mattress you don’t necessarily need to flip the mattress in doing this. The second is to flip the mattress by changing the top and bottom portion of the mattress effectively interchanging it all together and lastly, changing the head and foot of the mattress again.

Regular checking of the mattress also helps in preventing sags in showing into the mattress. Checking the box spring of the mattress and the slats help in keeping the mattress in good shape. The spring must be in good condition to avoid sagging of the mattress and slats should not show any sign of warping. Having a good foundation for the mattress helps in preventing sagging from occurring in the mattress.