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How To Restore Your Business Place After Fire Damage

Restore Your Business Place After Fire Damage All company facilities should have preventive measures against any unforeseen events like earthquakes, fires, etc. But sometimes even the best-laid plans go wrong and your workplace catches fire. What do you do then? Fire can be a devastating event for any type of business. Not only does the […]

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Little Things That Can Add to Your Home’s Value Before Selling It

Home’s Value Boosting your home’s value is always a good idea before listing it on the market. And this goes far beyond the obvious things like a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning. You should explore every option you have available because in some cases, some small investments can result in huge increases […]

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Everything to Know About Environmental Site Assessments

When purchasing a commercial property, obtaining an environmental assessment (ESA) is a crucial part of due diligence before closing. An ESA can determine the presence and extent of groundwater or soil contamination (e.g. the presence of heavy metals, petroleum, pesticides, or herbicides) and building contamination from asbestos, paint, lead, or mold. An ESA will identify […]

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