Color Questions: What Do Different Color Safety Vests Mean?

Workers are dying everywhere. More than 5,300 American workers sustained fatal injuries at work in 2019.

Many companies are growing lax with their safety regulations. But your company does not have to break the bank keeping your employees safe. You can buy safety vests so your workers are easy to spot.

But what do the colors of vests mean? Why are brighter vests better than darker vests? What can you do to customize a vest to meet your needs?

Answer these questions and you can prevent devastating accidents with stylish clothing. Here is your quick guide.

Orange Safety Vests

Orange signs indicate where road obstacles are. They are the color of traffic cones and barrels, helping guide drivers to where they want to go.

Orange is the traditional color of vests for road workers. Drivers already associate orange with road safety.

But orange also creates a contrast with elements on the road. It is easy to see against the blue sky and the gray or black concrete.

A custom safety vest is easier to see when it has reflective materials on it, including glowing lights. Familiarize yourself with the benefits of wearing safety vests, then customize your vests to maximize the benefits.

Yellow Vests

Yellow is an easy color for many people to see. You can spot a yellow object at a far distance and track it as it moves.

This makes yellow vests good for anyone who wants others to see them from afar. Construction workers wear them, as do first responders. Outdoor workers like tree trimmers also wear them, especially when they work at night.

Blue Vests

Blue vests tend to have dark hues. They may have gray straps on them so they are easier to see.

Many police officers wear blue vests to distinguish themselves from other first responders. Pilots and air traffic professionals may also wear them while they move through an airport.

You can get blue vests for your employees if your company does business in an airport. But you should otherwise look at brighter colors.

Black Vests

Very few people wear a black safety vest. But a black vest may be useful under certain applications. A worker who is moving through a thick tree may be easier to see if they wear dark colors.

You can find companies that offer black vests. Google “safety vest near me” or “amazon safety vest” to see your options. You may be able to find a black safety vest with pockets for easy storage.

The Many Colors of Safety Vests

Safety vests come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Orange vests are the most common type of vest. They are common amongst road workers and construction employees because they are easy to see.

Yellow vests are easy to see from a long distance. Construction workers and loggers tend to wear them.

Some police officers wear blue vests, but they are not common. Black vests are even less popular. But you can select them to make your employees stand out from others.

Safety vests are one safety tool you can adopt. Find out about others by following our coverage.

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