4 Essential Tools that Electricians Must Have


Just like other trades, an electrician needs a massive share of specialty and general use tools. Although there are many tools that they use, we will discuss the 4 most essential ones below. They use these tools on the job customarily and must be in the tool belt of every electrician.

4 Must-Have Tools of Electricians

Every renowned and skilled electrician in Static Electricians Sunshine Coast uses these essential tools.

  • Flashlight – This is a vital tool that every electrician carries. That is because, in certain situations, some additional light may help them see better. Pipes, conduits, wire boxes, sockets, and outlets are often dark inside. To reach inside panels and inside tiny places, it is crucial to have sufficient light. Though the flashlights that they carry are sturdy and lightweight, they offer bright light.


  • Pliers – This is another vital piece as they serve several functions for electricians. It is useful to tighten and loosen, offer the extra grip needed for the electrician, twist wires, pull wires through locations, cut blades for wires, and other functions. In short, it is a multi-purpose tool.


  • VoltmetersVoltmeters – This is valuable equipment that an electrician uses to work efficiently and safely. It helps to measure electrical potential differences between two points in electrical circuits. Through a voltmeter, electricians test circuits as well as see check if they are life. Through readings made from this tool, electricians can safely and adequately address circuits and plan the ideal route for making necessary repairs.

Good quality wire strippers are immensely crucial. These are hand-held, small tools akin to scissors that electricians use to cut the unbound insulation surrounding the wire sans cutting the wire. By removing the insulation and the exposed wire, electricians can connect these wires to conductors, switches, and others that need to run on electrical circuits.

  • Draw Tape – Also known as draw wire, this is a vital tool that electricians must-have. Commonly called fish tape, this tool is used by electricians to route guide a string, especially for new wiring via an electrical conduit, walls, or pipes. This tool is a narrow, long band of medium-carbon steel coiled and placed on the reel. As this is made of steel, this can help in conforming to curvatures of various conduits.
fish tape

fish tape

Draw tapes function by fixing one end of the guide string with the tape’s end. The electrician pushes it with the conduit through the attached guide string. When this tape meets the conduit’s end, the wires get tied to the guide strings opposite end. Via pulling this string, it will route the wire till the conduit’s end.

4 Essential Tools that Electricians Must Have: Conclusion

The bottom line is that electricians can acquire several tools required to complete a task throughout the career. Undoubtedly, those mentioned above are the 4 essential tools that every electrician must have to complete his task safely and efficiently. Although the list includes much more, these are the tools that generally an electrician cannot do without.



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