Why Is My Garage Door Not Working? 6 Possible Reasons

Our garage is a safe place where we put our things such as our vehicle and other equipment. It serves as a storage space or another room. When you can no longer go in and out freely, using the space can be annoying and it can compromise security.

Garage door not working? Are you having issues opening or closing the door or notice it is stuck? Take a look at these possible reasons to determine which problem you may be experiencing so you can fix it.

Why Is My Garage Door Not Working?

1. Blocked Photo Eye

Your garage may be a faithful friend you enter and exit for years. Your garage senses you and others with the photo eye, and there’s a chance it’s out of commission after extended use.

It should beam a laser across the room, and chances are if you do not see that, it’s damaged. You should look at the cord to see if the eye is damaged or cut. You might be lucky and not have to rewire or replace it when it’s just dirty.

2. The Disconnect Mode Is Still on

Garage doors often have a “disconnect” mode which lets you open and closes the door manually. It’s either a knob, cord, or switch. Turn it off, and you’re back in business.

3. There’s a Disruption in the Power Source

It doesn’t hurt to verify whether or not your garage door is actually plugged in a power source. It may not be or chances are the problem is with the circuit breaker. This happens often.


4. There’s Something Blocking it

This might be obvious, but it must be said. Garage door problems may not be a problem after all in the presence of an obstacle.

Once you clear what is blocking it, it will work again. You are more likely able to confirm this when you notice your garage door stops at a certain point.

5. Door Track Is Not Aligned

In the event, you notice your garage door is not moving as smoothly as it should, look at the track. You may be bulges, obstacles, or bends in the track that prevent it from working as it should.

Keep your ears peeled for squeaks that cause friction as it goes up and down. You may be able to fix it yourself by readjusting the screws or get garage door repair.

6. The Remote Is Malfunctioning

Sometimes the issue is not the door, but the remote you use. It could be that you are not in range or there is either blockage or damage to the antenna. All you may need to do is get another set of batteries or reprogram the remote.


Garage Door Not Working? There’s Always a Solution

Sometimes issues with equipment happen out of the blue. Your things may not always give you a heads up there is something wrong with it until it happens.

Or maybe you do see the signs but fail to fix it in time. It happens. Garage door not working? It can be a minor issue you can do yourself or something you may need professional help with. You can determine which of the two by finding out what the source is and work from there.

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