How to choose a Hampton’s style Sideboard for your room

Hamptons sideboards combine the traditional French chateau and sumptuous coastal styles with modern and sleek lines to reflect the luxe coastal locale of New York’s Hamptons. You will love the old-meets-new vibe of Hampton’s Sideboard, whether you’re looking for the best black Sideboard or a white sideboard buffet.

Sideboard in the Hamptons style

Hamptons style sideboards are the ideal choice for any home, thanks to their elegant charm. Hampton’s sideboards are characterized by a sophisticated yet relaxed feel that lends a very organic feel to your bedroom, hallway or dining room. As hardwood timber sideboards take on an informal and relaxed tone, they create a relaxing atmosphere from the Hamptons’ calm seaside.

Make sure your Sideboard has multi functions

The furniture in your living room needs to be both functional and stylish if you want it to come alive. The Sideboard is the perfect piece to add to your living area for that reason. White Hampton’s sideboards or even timber coastal style sideboards add functionality to any space.

With a Hampton’s buffet sideboard, your living room creates an elegant focal point you can use to showcase your china, your flat screen tv, and store your favourite recipes for dinner parties and informal gatherings. You can also use wood sideboards to create an organized space that is clutter-free and has discreet storage. Any style or colour of the sideboard buffet, from the white to the retro to the rattan, will add charm and class to any room.

Hamptons sideboard buying guide

Buying finely crafted Hamptons sideboards from La Maison is your best bet. The company carries a variety of designer furniture, including sideboards for modern interiors. This Hampton’s style sideboard combines expert craftsmanship with ethically-sourced wood. Each component of our Hamptons style buffet sideboard, including its smooth-gliding drawers, smooth-sliding panels, and elegantly hand-finished surfaces, boast supreme quality.

What to look for when choosing a Hamptons sideboard

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Hampton’s Sideboard:

1. Choose the best timber

It is essential to choose the right material for your timber sideboard. The durability of teak and oak sideboards (made from hardwood timber) makes them less likely to be damaged. High-traffic areas will benefit most from hardwood timber sideboards as they are less prone to damage. Rattan or pine sideboards are lighter, softer and best suited for bedrooms and low traffic areas.

2. Consider the storage on sideboards

Sideboards serve as stylish storage pieces for your room. Consider a wood sideboard with many drawers, such as the Maison Sideboard, if you want to store smaller items (like silverware or tech gear). What about bulkier items? Perhaps a sliding sideboard with shelves and sliding panels would be the best, like the Henwick Sideboard. It should be functional for you.

3. Select a colour scheme for the interior

Color-coordinate your Sideboard with the room’s colour scheme. White sideboards go well with light coloured rooms, black sideboards look great with dark interiors, and wood-tone sideboards add warmth to otherwise ‘cold’ rooms.

Hampton’s style sideboards are among La Maison’s most popular products. With a sleek design and signature Tambour doors, the Louis Hamptons style sideboard buffet makes a bold statement in any dining room. The wood panelling and wood details give this classic, elegant design a simple, timeless look that will remain stylish for years to come. The Tommy Sideboard offers a large amount of storage space. You can store tons of knickknacks and other personal goods in the eight deep drawers of this Hampton’s buffet sideboard.

3 Tips to help you when choosing Hamptons Furniture

The next best thing to owning a slice of Hampton’s paradise is bringing the look into your very own home and giving it that summer getaway vibe. With an elegant, sophisticated design, the look is made to exude a sense of luxury while maintaining warmth and cosiness.

Tip #1 – Be authentic. A combination of Tudor, English Manor and Georgian influences characterized summer homes in the late 1800s. And as such, you will find a good combination of dark furniture and antiques mixed in with lighter pieces.

Tip #2 – Always choose timeless pieces. For seating and sofas, choose pieces with rolled or curved arms and bedheads with tufted details or studded detailing, for instance.

Tip #3 – Look for a natural timber that features classic detail, whether in a dining table or a side table. The classic details can range from pedestal legs on a dining table to cross detailing on hall tables.


What Colours are Hampton style?

Hamptons style interiors are generally white, neutral, yellow, and green.

Is Hampton style still popular?

Elegant, timeless, and charming describes the Hamptons home style. Many seaside suburbs now feature it.

How can I make my Sideboard look nice?

A neat look can be achieved by creating a tabletop decor display that’s identical at each end – perhaps with a vase and a picture in the middle. It’s better to use large pieces of decor than small trinkets to decorate a sideboard – you want to make an impact, not create a dust collection

How do I style my Sideboard?

You want to select items with various heights and shapes, so pick things of varying sizes. This will create visual balance and interest. A high sideboard adds balance to most sideboards’ long, slim dimensions, so its height is probably the most important attribute.

Sideboards in living rooms are allowed?

Display and storage are both possible with sideboards. It is traditionally used in the living or dining room to store dinnerware, but it can be incorporated into any room to add storage without compromising design.

A sideboard should be what height?

If possible, buffet tables and sideboards should be a few inches taller than the dining table. A buffet table or Sideboard is typically 30″ – 36″ tall.

Where do you place a sideboard?

A sideboard can be placed in the entryway and topped with a long mirror or a table lamp. Sideboards in the hallway can be placed on either end of the hallway. Because it is lower to the ground, it will not feel overbearing in the space


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