How to Choose the Right Tube Cutting Technology

If you have a project involving tubes, chances are, you might need to cut them.

Yet, as you know, many tubes consist of either hard-to-cut materials. How should you go about getting through them?

Fortunately, there are different tube cutting technologies out there that can assist you. But how do you choose the one with the best features?

We’ll go into all of that below.

Different Types Of Tube Cutting

There are many different types of tube cutting. The one you need will depend on the type of material you are trying to cut and its wall thickness.

Let’s go into the different types.

Band Saw Cutting

This is the most common tube cutting method. Often, people use it for cutting high volumes of material.

It consists of an uninterrupted band of metal rotating on two wheels. Its edges are available in multiple different versions, ensuring you will get the best results for your project.

Band saws can cut metal in either a horizontal or vertical fashion. They also have the capability to cut into different shapes. This makes them a good investment if you have other projects that need to be cut differently.

However, if the material you are working with has thin walls, band saws might not be best for you.

Cold Sawingtube cutting1

Does your material have thin walls?

Then you might want to consider cold sawing.

Cold saws work by spritzing a lubricating mist and then cutting with a wheel blade. They can only handle smaller diameters, however.

Some models can handle a tube up to 3.5 inches in diameter. Yet, most models operate best when the diameter of the cut material remains around 1.75 inches.


Need something that will cut through your materials no matter the wall thickness? Consider getting a tube shear.

Tube shears can cut any type of material well, regardless of the thickness of its walls.

Also, tube shears have the capability of producing 7,000 parts an hour. This makes them perfect for companies needing to produce large volumes.

Laser Cutting

Lasers cutting machines remain perfect for people who want super precise cuts.

Controlled by automation equipment, they use heat to sear through hard materials. Often, operators use them as assistants, setting them to run continuously. This frees the employee to accomplish other tasks.

Laser cutting has one major downside: it can be extremely expensive. However, many people consider the high-quality final products worth it.

Lathe Cutting

Want to try an old school method of cutting?

Operators work lathe cutting machines by feeding the material through a spindle. The machine then calculates the specific dimensions needed. The material is rotated and cut.

Lathe machines can take up to an hour to set up, though, and they can only handle one project at a time.

Ready To Complete More Projects?

Now that you’ve decided on which type of tube cutting to use, it’s time to get on to those projects.

We specialize in helping you make your projects and your home the best they can be. If you need more advice, just read the rest of our articles!

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