How To Fix Common Electrical Issues In Your Home

When it comes to your electrical system, you are likely to experience problems now and then. However, since it is one of the most important and most dangerous systems of your home, any problem that arises should be addressed immediately. And as a homeowner, it is your job to identify such issues and determine the appropriate solutions. Should you do it yourself, or should you call a reputable local electrician?

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As a guide, here are the common electrical issues in your home and the allowed fixes you can perform.

1. Change a light bulb and LED downlights

If your lights burn out, it is your responsibility to change them. This a simple job with no risk. Thus, any homeowner can do it. However, if your lights are burning out too often and you are going through bulbs quicker than you would like, there may be an underlying problem. For one, the wattage can be too high. There is also a chance of bad wiring on the circuit or insulation is too close. In these cases, consider seeking the services of a reputable local electrician to identify the root cause of the problem.

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2. Frequent electrical surges

An electrical surge is caused by lightning strikes, faulty appliances, power line damages, and bad electrical wiring. While this only lasts for a microsecond, frequent electrical surges can damage your electrical components. So if you notice them occurring often, you may want to unplug cheap devices or power boards. If the problem persists, call your trusted licensed electrician.

3. Circuit overload

When high wattage appliances and other power-consuming devices are using the same source, your circuit breaker may trip. This is common, and it means your circuit breaker is doing its job. To fix it, just reset the breaker. However, make sure to check what appliance caused the problem to prevent it from happening again. For example, if it is a hairdryer, use its lower setting. You can also unplug items that are not in use or try to spread your electrical needs.

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4. Rewiring outdated fuses

While there aren’t too many houses with outdated fuses anymore, some homes still do. If you are among them, you can replace the fuse wire yourself and put the right gauge.

5. High electricity bills

If you notice your electricity bills being unusually high, consider unplugging all electrical appliances and equipment that are not in use. You can also check your hot water system and patch leaks if any. But for other reasons, such as damaged wires or circuits, you have to call in a pro to fix it for you.

How To Fix Common Electrical Issues In Your Home: Final words

So as you can see, there aren’t any fixes that allow you to perform direct wiring, except for dealing with outdated fuses. This is because electrical work is dangerous, and it may put you and others in your home at risk for electrocution or fire. Also, once caught performing illegal DIY work, you can be fined up to $22,000. So if the solutions above don’t solve your electrical issues, it’s time to call for help.


Looking for a Reputable Local Electrician in Sydney?

Since laws in Australia concerning electrical work are stricter than in other countries, most electrical issues in your home will require professional and licensed electricians. So there’s a very small window of what you are allowed to do in terms of DIYing electrical problems.

If you need an electrician in Sydney, call Electrician to the Rescue. With our more than 35 years of solid experience in the field, there’s no electrical issue we can’t fix. For more urgent matters or electrical issues that require 24-hour electricians, we offer emergency services as well. You can call us at (02) 8729 0772, or you can schedule a service through our online form.

Bonus video: Basic Electrical Troubleshooting

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