How to Remodel a Small Kitchen: A Complete Guide

Atop the list of the most popular home renovations is the kitchen re-do.

It makes sense — the kitchen always becomes the heart of the home. Everyone naturally gathers there to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company.

Perhaps it’s your turn to update yours, and it just so happens to be a small kitchen that you want to spruce up. Doing so isn’t as intuitive as, say, revamping a sprawling, open-plan kitchen. You have to be creative — but it can be done.

Here’s how to remodel a small kitchen.

1. Accept Your Size Constraints

The first step of fixing up a small kitchen? Accepting the fact you can’t fit all of the bells and whistles into your floor plan.

This means you have to make the space functional, first and foremost. You should keep this in mind as you sift through small kitchen design ideas. Not all of them will fit into your room.

Instead, focus on the appliances you have to have. Prep and storage space are vital in a small kitchen, too.

Don’t worry — you can still have fun with the design, even if your kitchen’s functional. Just don’t get your heart set on installing a fancy coffeemaker or extra-large fridge.

2. Open Up Some Shelving

Like we said, you want to make sure your small kitchen has enough storage for all of your wares. Lower cabinets and a few uppers should provide all the space you need — visit this page to learn more.

However, you might want to consider opening up a few of the cabinets in favor of open shelving. Having cabinets that stretch all the way up to the ceiling can feel especially claustrophobic in a small space.

Or, you can keep your cabinets, but replace some of the solid doors with glass ones. This option will mimic the open feeling of plain shelves.

You can strike the right balance with a few open shelves or a few glass-doored cabinets. Or, forego uppers altogether for shelves that will make the room feel so much larger.

3. Brighten It Up

You can create more visual space in your kitchen with a few eye tricks.

Firstly, make sure the space has plenty of light glowing overhead. Pendants and other downward-facing bulbs will drench your small kitchen with enough light to make it appear larger. You can add bulbs beneath the cabinets for an additional glow.

Be sure to throw back your curtains and let natural light flood into your kitchen, too. The sun’s rays somehow make things look warmer, brighter and better than any bulb, so harness them throughout the day.

Finally, if you have the wall space, consider hanging a mirror in your kitchen, too. A looking glass adds depth, and it also reflects light to further brighten the room.

4. Make Flooring a Priority

The flooring material you choose for your small kitchen can have a big impact. Your eye tends to be drawn downward, especially in a smaller room. And you have plenty of viable options depending on your budget.

On one end of the spectrum, you have black and white checkerboard floors. You can get inexpensive linoleum in this pattern, and it will create an instant focal point.

On the other hand, because your kitchen’s small, you could choose a luxurious material to cover the floor. For instance, striated marble could completely transform the space. And, because the room’s dimensions are so small, choosing it might not break the bank.

5. Wall-Mount the Faucet

This is a small tip, but one that can have a huge impact in a small kitchen. Wall-mounting your faucet will save you a ton of space in the sink. And, if you have a small kitchen, we imagine the basin will be in proportion with the surrounding space.

On top of that, a wall-mounted faucet can become the perfect focal point in your tiny kitchen. So, kill two birds with one stone: make your washing station work better, and create a visual focus for your room, too.

6. Go Soft — or Bold — With Colors

Most homeowners choose light colors in small kitchens, and they do so for good reason.

White cabinets or walls covered in a pastel shade reflect light, which we know is good to have in a small room. On top of that, these hues draw the eye upward, which will make the kitchen seem larger, too.

Of course, you don’t have to feel limited to muted tones. You can make a statement with a bold shade if that’s what you envision. The right pop of color can have the same uplifting effect as a soft pastel or white, after all.

7. Don’t Let the Dimensions Hold You Back

Perhaps you envision a kitchen that doesn’t quite fit with these guidelines. That’s okay, too.

You are limited to designing a kitchen with small dimensions. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your smile to make it seem larger or fit the mold.

So, break out the dark paint or choose a busy, country design scheme. It’s your space, after all.

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen? Keep It Proportional

So, do you want to know how to remodel a small kitchen? The trick is to make the must-have features — appliances, cabinets, counters, furniture — proportional. Beyond then, the choice is yours on how to design it.

If you need further kitchen design inspiration or tips, you’re in luck. Check out the kitchen section of our site for more.

Thank you for reading!

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