How To Update a Tired Kitchen With Accessories

A tired kitchen is not the most pleasant sight under the sun. When your kitchen design is dull and uninspiring, your kitchen can quickly become a place you and your family members are reluctant to spend time in. With this in mind, act as soon as you notice that your kitchen space needs a face-lift.

One of the best ways you can refresh the interior of your kitchen is by focusing on accessories. Instead of planning a costly remodeling project, make a few minor changes to your kitchen’s design. This way, you can make a significant difference without straining your budget. Here are a few ways accessories can help you achieve a successful kitchen makeover.

Invest in Pot and Pan Hangers

One approach to kitchen design is to combine the decorative with the functional. A clear example of this is in pot and pan hangers. By installing hangers either on the ceiling or on the wall, not only will you keep your pots and pans easily stored and at arms’ reach when needed, but it can provide a pleasant look to the kitchen.

Of course, if you choose to hang your pots and pans, you may need to invest in a nice-looking set of pots and pans if you haven’t done so already.

Use Wall Décor

Wall décor is known for its ability to transform the interiors of any room, including your kitchen. If you want to give your kitchen a striking makeover without spending too much money, consider buying wall décor instead of wall cabinets.

With this option at hand, you can easily change your kitchen’s entire look without resorting to expensive renovations or remodeling projects. Get creative with your wall décor and avoid using multiple accessories in one space. Instead, create a theme or concept that helps tie all the accessories together. For instance, if you add copper wall décor to your kitchen, use copper canisters and wall hooks instead of mixing different accessories.

To create a sense of continuity from your kitchen to the living area or dining room, consider choosing wall décor that matches the furniture in your living room or dining room. For example, if you have a coffee table, consider modern-looking wall décor. If you don’t have a coffee table but would like to – then check out

Go for a Kitchen Basket

A kitchen basket is a great option when you want to store all your loose items in one place. If you are looking for a more decorative solution, consider going for a kitchen basket made of cloth or mesh designed in attractive colors. While you can use this accessory to store all your small kitchen items, you can also use it to hold fruit to add color and promote a feeling of freshness and healthiness to the environment.

Choose Scented Candles

Candles not only provide good alternative sources of light, but they also add color and a decorative touch to the kitchen. If you opt for scented candles, you will have the added advantage of keeping your kitchen smelling pleasant.

Scented candles can be set on the countertops, on the shelves, or the windowsill. Wherever you decide to set them, don’t forget to place them on a small decorative plate to catch dripping wax.

Add Touch Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in interior design projects because it helps enhance any space’s appearance and functionality. As far as decorating your kitchen is concerned, you can add touch lighting by installing under-cabinet lights in your space. These lights help illuminate dark corners while enhancing the overall look of your kitchen design.

While touch lighting is available in different shapes and sizes, most models are adjustable so that they can be made to fit perfectly under each under-cabinet area of your kitchen space. When shopping for touch lighting options for your kitchen area, make sure to consider light sensors and dimmer switches to provide you with additional control over your lighting options.

Add Chalkboard Paint to Your Walls

Chalkboard paint instantly transforms any surface into a veritable canvas. It’s convenient in the kitchen. You can decorate your walls with the recipes you want to try out or the list of groceries you need to buy.

Chalkboard paint is currently one of the most popular interior design trends seen in many homes. It combines the decorative with the functional and allows you to express your individuality through design.

While the paint isn’t technically an accessory, if you add chalkboard paint to your walls, you can then set out small cups filled with colorful chalk to write with. This will help you add color, personality, and functionality to your kitchen – plus, you won’t be likely to forget items on your


You don’t need to spend a fortune to give your kitchen a much-needed makeover. Apply a little attention to detail, get creative, and express your individual personality through your design choices.

There’s no reason your kitchen should feel tired and outdated. Give it a few creative touches, and you’ll be amazed at how different the kitchen suddenly feels.


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