The Brief Guide That Makes Installing a Garage Door Simple

Did you know that a garage door replacement in certain parts of the country can give you a 117.1% return on your investment? If you have been considering installing a garage door yourself because yours is outdated or broken, you are in the right place.

Keep reading for our simple guide on tackling this task on your own if you choose.

1. Measure

Once you remove your old garage door you want to measure the different areas of where the door will be installed. Take the measurement for the door opening including the height and width, the headroom (from the top of the opening to the ceiling), and the backroom (the length of the garage).

Typically the measurement for the backroom should be the door height plus 18″ of space. The headroom should measure between 10″ to 12″, keep in mind that this measurement depends on the spring system that you are installing.

Once you have the exact measurements you can order the parts online via a reputable site such as

2. Set the Bottom Piece

Next, you will set the bottom piece into the door frame and properly set the piece using a level. When the piece is in place put nails into each jamb or sidepost. Make sure to either bend or slant the nails to secure them into place.

Keep in mind, that you always want to read over the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you assemble everything correctly.

3. Sections and Rollers

After the first panel is in, you will install the second panel on top of that one and hammer in nails to hold it in place. Then, install the hinges and continue the process for each panel that you have for your door.

When you have all of the sections secured, install the rollers in the roller supports. With all of the rollers in place, put the rollers in the assembled track and secure each bracket as you go. Make sure that you do not press the rollers too tightly against the track because the friction can cause damage to the door.

4. Spring Time

When you are sure that all of the tracks are secured against the sideposts, install the horizontal and curved pieces for the door. Use your level and your measurements to make sure that the tracks are straight and that they are pointing away from the opening at a 90-degree angle.

After the tracks are safe and in place, assemble the springs using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now You Know About Installing a Garage Door

After reading our simple steps above, we hope that you are feeling confident with replacing your garage door all on your own. As you can see installing a garage door is not as complicated as it might sound or seem.

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