Keeping The Cremated Remains Of A Loved One At Home: 6 Ideas To Consider

Cremated remains of a loved one can be used in a variety of ways. People often have cremation ceremonies in which the ashes are scattered by the sea or any open space. The number of people that prefer cremation over other funeral services has been increasing rapidly over the past few years. However, some want to preserve and keep those ashes with themselves as a reminder of their loved ones. The ashes essentially serve as a memory of the loved one and make people feel close to them. 

Is It Okay To Keep The Cremated Ashes At Home

While it’s perfectly legal to keep the cremated ashes of your loved one at your home, every religion has a different set of laws surrounding it. Religious faiths like Islam, eastern orthodox, and some sects of the Jewish religion ban the practice outright. While others, mainly Catholics, Mormons, or the Hindu religion, allow it and have a specific set of practices for the process. So, if you’re confused about whether or not you should keep the cremated remains at your home, the first talk to a member of your clergy. 

Ideas To Consider   

If you’re one of the people that would prefer to keep their loved ones close to them rather than scattering the ashes, there are some great ideas you can consider. Bear in mind that not all of these options may be appealing to you; some can even be downright blasphemous. So, it’s best to consider the ones that work best with your needs and also have a connection with you. 

An Urn

As ashes are usually in powder form, they need to be kept away from being exposed to air and liquids, so they’re not ruined. However, just putting them in a bottle isn’t enough either. For this purpose, one needs to buy a special urn to keep the ashes. There are so many types of urns out there. They vary in shape, size, quality, and design. Find the most suitable urn where you can put the ashes of your loved one inside. After the urn is ready, dedicate or make a special place where the urn will be placed. It can be a nicely decorated area for the urn to be kept.

Create A Shrine

Individuals in many households aren’t satisfied with just placing the ashes in the urn. People in some households wish to create a small shrine for their loved ones. Along with the urn, which contains the ashes, photographs of the loved one with a couple of candles are placed, and it becomes a shrine in the memory of the loved one. Other mementos are also displayed, and this practice is usually common in Buddhist households. It’s also a great way to keep the ashes of a loved one home.

Create A Piece Of Jewelry

Just placing the ashes at home is not enough for some people. Because some people are really attached to the deceased, they wish to keep the ashes as close to them as possible. If this happens, the best solution is to take the cremains and have a company make jewelry out of them. It’s a great way to keep the ashes as physically close to you as possible. The jewelry is of a variety of prices, and you can also request a customized diamond that will contain the cremains of your loved ones. It can be fixed in a necklace or a ring to be kept close.

Create A Decorative Piece Or A Vase

Rather than having an urn placed on a mantle, you can be more creative and make a decorative piece out of the remains of your loved one. You can find a piece of any shape, size, or design. After selecting the handiwork, you can also select the paint of your choice. Urns are a reliable choice; however, the experts at Green Meadow Memorials also believe that a decorative piece is much better than having an urn just sitting on the mantle. Moreover, a vase is also an amazing idea to make so you can handpick flowers from your loved one’s garden and place it in the vase every once in a while. The vase can also be kept safe if not in use and only taken out during special events or holidays.

A Stuffed Toy

Kids love toys. Putting the cremated remains in a toy is a pretty neat idea. A small effort will help you find a company that makes stuffed toys such as a teddy bear and fill it with the ashes of your loved one. It’s an amazing idea to give it to a kid whose parents or loved ones died. Kids love stuffed animals, and realizing that their loved ones’ remains are also present in the toy, they’ll love it even more.

Plant A Tree

If you wish to keep the remains at home, then one of the best ideas will be to use the ashes and plant a tree on behalf of your loved one. It will always remind you of the person, and you’ll feel comfortable and connected to the plant. However, before you decide on doing this, ensure what you’ll feel or go through once you have to leave the property.

Keeping The Cremated

The hardest thing to cope with in life is having to lose someone that you really love. However, there are always ways for you to keep their memory alive in your heart and also in your home. Keeping the cremated remains of your loved one at your place may actually be a good idea. There is a truckload of ways the ashes can be kept at home and be taken care of. Mentioned above are the top 6 things to consider if you wish to keep the cremated remains of your loved one at home. There are so many options, though creating a piece of jewelry, placing them in an urn, creating a decorative piece, or using the ashes to plant a tree are the top most effective ways to keep the ashes at home.

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