Secret Kitchen Cabinet Organization Products on Amazon

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’ve found the secret behind the world’s best professional organizers — it’s The truth is that with some planning, imagination, and a good internet connection, you can often get excellent organizational solutions delivered right to your front door.

There are three basic categories of organizational items: storage for inside cabinets that make more efficient use of the space, shelving for on-the-counter clutter, and containers for food storage in the pantry or refrigerator/freezer. Here are some of Amazon’s best-kept secrets to bring some order to your kitchen chaos.

Staying Inside the Box

Your cabinets are basically boxes for storage. If you have invested in high-end, custom-made cabinets, you already understand something about maximizing your storage space. First, assess each area of the kitchen and its purpose. If the storage options inside your cabinets are less than optimal, consider the following:

A Viewable Bounty

If you find yourself frustrated by constantly losing track of items, you can’t see, maximizing the space for better viewing all items is a great idea. Lazy Susans are useful in small but crowded cabinets. While their circular design might look like you’re wasting space in a square cabinet, the ability to access all the cabinet’s items will offset any empty corners.

Stair-step shelving can give you a better view of items, like spice containers, in the middle or back of your cabinet, or look for narrow shelves that can elevate spice jars on the edges of your cabinet, leaving the center open for taller items.

Stackable Storage

Whether you have odd-shaped items like pot lids or uniform boxes of aluminum foil and parchment paper, there is a wide variety of shelving inside your cabinets. Make sure you know the precise measurements of the spaces you want to fill and the items that will use the shelving. Stacking can also be done vertically, like with a rack for pans and lids with adjustable dividers.

Over the Door Solutions

Don’t be fooled — over-the-door storage racks still use up space inside your cabinets. But they can be an easy way to locate frequently used items, like plastic wrap or cleaning products.

There are many different styles to choose from, so consider the width of your cabinet and the look of the portion that will be visible on the cabinet front. Also, keep in mind that uncoated metal hangers on this kind of rack can damage your finish over time, so choose wisely.


Some pretty slick storage solutions employ mechanical methods for extra convenience. Pull-down shelving makes better use of wall cabinets for out of reach items.

Extendable slide-out racks make it easier to see and retrieve items from the back of cabinets, so nothing is forgotten. For aspiring bakers, a spring-loaded, self-locking lift platform is ideal as a home for stand mixers. It allows the mixer to pop up to counter height when needed and be easily stored after without taking up valuable counter space.

Secret Kitchen Cabinet Organization Products on Amazon

Storage That Wants to be Seen


Whether you want a wine rack or a way to hold your most-used spices, storage solutions that are on your counters or otherwise visible need to be carefully curated as a part of your overall design; shelving comes in so many styles that you are bound to find something that meets your needs while enhancing your kitchen’s style.

Look for sturdiness, especially for heavy items like wine bottles. For example, rubber feet will help keep shelving from moving or sliding on countertop surfaces. And remember that any item that fits your style but not your colors can be corrected with a can of spray paint!

Contain Yourself

On the counter, containers have evolved from the sugar, flour, coffee, and tea canisters in your grandmother’s kitchen. The only decision to make at the beginning here is covered or uncovered. Uncovered canisters hold your favorite kitchen tools for easy access. (Don’t tell me you don’t have a favorite spatula — we all do.) Covered canisters can hold freshly baked items, snacks, or frequently used cooking ingredients. For food items that need extra help staying fresh, look for tight-fitting lids reinforced with silicone rings to help seal in freshness.

Magnetic Attraction

Strategically placed, strong magnetic strips can be a useful way to store knives conveniently without using up drawer space. The same strips can also hold spices in small jars or cans with transparent tops. If hanging metal on your walls isn’t appealing, magnetic strips are encased in wood for a more natural but still useful appearance.

Pantry Storage

Pantry storage takes many forms. Whether it is shelving, containers, bins, stackables, or Lazy Susans, the storage items in your pantry should meet three basic criteria. First, these items should be washable, durable and make it possible to identify what they hold. For shelving, look for pieces that can be popped into your dishwasher occasionally for quick cleaning.

Containers should be transparent or have a way to label the ingredients easily. (While paper labels may seem convenient, they don’t allow you to make changes and don’t survive a good wash.) Some stencils and a can of chalkboard paint can make an attractive labeling method for most containers.

For wrapped items, loose container lids are fine, but items that are not wrapped will stay fresher with more air-tight lids. Washable bins can store loose packages and smaller, odd-sized items. If they’re not washable, consider using washable liners. Finally, if you worry less about making everything match, you’ll have more success matching the storage solution exactly to your needs.


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