Is Kreg Pocket Hole Jig an essential woodworking tool?

Either you are a professional woodworker or an amateur DIY craftsman, this article will help you decide whether or not you should own a Kreg Jig tool.

Let’s get started:

When you are into woodworking, you are likely to come across three basic shapes that are interrelated. These shapes include the box, the T, and the square. Therefore it is evident that from constructing desk drawers to bookcases and from TV stands to picture frames, you will join every piece of wood in either of these shapes.

You can join two pieces of wood together using a traditional drilling machine, but the result may be misaligned poorly-finished holes. No woodworker is looking forward to producing workpieces with compromised quality after investing so much time and effort.

Another drawback of the traditional joining methods is that the wood pieces are often not appropriately connected, resulting in a weak joint. In this case, the constructed furniture can fail when subjected to a heavy load.

Understanding the anatomy of wood:

Every woodworker is well aware that a wood board has three faces – the edge grain, the end grain, and the face grain. If you aren’t aware of the anatomy of wood, you are likely to join the end of one board with the edge of the other board and screw both of them together. However, working in this manner may turn out into a disaster.

Driving a screw in the “end grain” of a board fails to establish a strong connection. There are so many gaps that screw and wood aren’t fastened securely. Therefore it is essential to drill holes so that the face grain is joined with the edge grain.

Now comes the pocket hole joinery in function. It is a process where you create a large hole in one board adjacent to its edge. Then bring both the boards together and drive a screw across that pocket into the second board. In this way, both of them are tightly joined with each other.

What is a pocket hole jig?

The great benefit of a pocket hole joinery over the other more cutting-edge procedures is that it is more convenient and quick. Though you can carve a good angle and attempt drilling the pocket holes yourself, a pocket hole jig will lead your drill bit to the precise right angle. The best thing is that you can quickly move it from one spot to another to make repeated cuts. You need the jig, a drill and, pocket hole screws.

Pocket hole jigs make it a lot easier to attain your DIY and woodworking goals by crafting rock-solid workpieces that potentially don’t require constant repairs.

A pocket hole jig saves two-thirds of the time that you require for applying other new methods. The latest versions of pocket hole jigs feature clamps that hold the wood piece together.

There are some drawbacks too:

The essential drawback of using pocket hole joinery against other techniques is that you will require specialized screws. You will also encounter some ugly holes left behind as a side effect of the process. In that case, you can fill the holes and repaint them to match the rest of the board.

Is Kreg Pocket Hole Jig an essential woodworking tool 2

What are the best pocket hole jigs?

The online market is flooded with cheaper quality pocket hole jigs. Therefore it becomes tricky to choose the best pocket hole jig system with all essentials. We have compiled a list of some reliable drilling jig systems mentioned in a article for that purpose.

Is Kreg Jig Tool Worth the Money?

Kreg has its range of jig tools. We are here to help you decide whether or not you should buy a Kreg Jig. Kreg’s tool line covers the needs of professionals, DIY woodworkers, and hobbyists.

Now come to our question again, is a Kreg tool worth your cash? If yes, then which one?

If you work or are planning to work on making tables, cabinets, and bookshelves, having Kreg jigs in your toolbox will make a considerable difference in your job. And the best thing is that you can buy an essential Kreg tool for only $15.

Considering the pros and cons of buying a Kreg jig lets you make a wise and informed decision.

Do you need a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig?

Here is why you should use a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig:

  • Kreg Jig pocket holes are strong
  • You can conceal the Kreg Jig pocket holes
  • Pocket holes allow easy joints.

1. Kreg Jig pocket holes are strong

Pocket holes are drilled in one board’s edge to facilitate its fastening with the other board. Pocket hole joint is considered a strong joint as it lets you access the body of the wood instead of the edge. It is also called a “butt joint.” And there is no need to glue a pocket hole joint. The elimination of glue saves time and makes it easier to dismantle the workpiece again if required.

2. You can conceal the Kreg Jig pocket holes

Screw heads are not as desirable for the end-finish of furniture. A Kreg jig tool presents a solution. A special jig for your deck saves you from the disappointment of seeing a significant number of screw heads mounting from your deck planks.

Though less elusive than a biscuit joint or a mortise and tenon, pocket holes are still manageable.

3. Pocket holes allow easy joints

Sometimes there is no other way of creating a strong joint rather than using a pocket hole. Pocket holes save you from angled screws that are detrimental to the wood.

Benefits of using Kreg Jigs:

The Kreg Jigs range is an excellent lifesaver for all woodworkers who desire to complete their projects with speed and efficiency. Kreg jigs allow the making of sturdy wooden structures with an aesthetic look.

Some woodworkers will tell you that they create pocket holes without the help of a Kreg jig. However, if you can work with ease and efficiency, why not give it a try.

The three primary reasons that make Kreg Jig worth your money are;

  • The Kreg Jig provides a cleaner finish
  • The Kreg Jig takes out the math
  • Kreg has a complete system that will grow with you.

1. The Kreg Jig provides a cleaner finish

Creating a pocket hole without a jig will make a lot of tear-out. Moreover, your angles will become inconsistent. On the other hand, using Kreg Jig keeps the angles consistent and gives a proper depth. Therefore the resulting product is durable and aesthetic.

2. The Kreg Jig takes out the math

Do you hate maths since your school days?

The Kreg Jig saves you from a lot of unnecessary math. It eliminates the need for making accurate right angles. It also saves the hassle of calculating the appropriate depth of wood for the hole, a article mentioned that a tool such as the Kreg R3 Jig would save you from all mathematical hassle through its innovative engineering.

3. Kreg has a complete system that will grow with you

With the diversifying technologies, it becomes possible for you to upgrade the Kreg system you have with the latest ones without any hassle. Kreg Jigs also have their patented screws which save you from a lot of hassle and let you choose the most appropriate ones that are neither too large nor too small for your wood.

Before you buy a Kreg Jig, you must consider:

  • Price
  • Additional tools sometimes needed
  • Compatibility


As suggested in a handyman Guide article Kreg Jigs is an excellent tool for woodworkers who need to make many pocket holes. Every craftsman may benefit from the Kreg Jigs line if they select the tool appropriately after considering the work requirements, budget, and pocket hole jig’s specification.

Thank you for reading!

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