Painting Bathroom Tile Floor

When it comes to painting bathroom tile floors, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Adding a new look to space by painting it can be done for a fraction of the cost of remodeling. The task of painting a bathroom, on the other hand, can be more difficult. When painting around windows, sinks, baths, and toilets, you want to do a lot more navigating.

If you’ve contemplated painting your bedroom, you may have come across the term “bathroom paint.” But, unfortunately, you may be under the impression that this isn’t regular interior house paint; instead, it’s a color made explicitly for bathrooms.

In actuality, there is no such stuff as bathroom paint, although there are paints that are better suited to the wet conditions of bathrooms. Of course, you don’t need to purchase so-called restroom paint to attain this capability, but there is one solid reason you may also want to: more paint sheen possibilities.

Painting Bathroom Tile Floor

Once you’ve narrowed down the best painting bathroom tile floor, it’s time to put a color selection on hold. Firstly, this paint must be water-resistant because it will be used in a location with numerous water sources. Whether you have kids, you’re going to get a little color on your hands at some point. In the absence of children, the humidity will put your paintwork to the test.

As a result, bathrooms require paints that can withstand the moist conditions, and that they might have to be wipeable. As a result, the most excellent paints for bathrooms have been developed by leading paint manufacturers. All the while providing a wide variety of colors and finishes to give your area a whole new look.

Our selection includes brightly colored topcoats and mold and damp-fighting paints that are ideal for preparing bathroom walls. Take a look at this list of the best toilet paints on the market, and you’ll be painting bathroom tile floor in no time.

There Are A Few Things To Look For When Purchase For painting Bathroom Tile Floor: 

Adding anti-microbial chemicals to bathroom paint can help prevent mildew and mold, but not completely.

Because bathrooms are frequently cleaned and scrubbed, good washroom paint is more durable than other types of interior paint.

When exposed to high moisture levels, paints with a lower gloss sheen can perform just as well as those with a higher gloss sheen because of their tighter structure.

Bathrooms Make Painting Difficult

It rains in the bathroom. First and foremost, you should be concerned about moisture when painting bathroom tile floor walls. There are two ways in which smoke damages the bathroom walls. Steamy showers as well as bathing cause dampness to build upon the walls. Water from the bathtub, tub, or sink is also splashed onto the wall.

Paint can be damaged by moisture if it gets beneath the color and touches the gypsum or plaster below. Mold and peeling paint can occur as a result of this. Water. can’t get through a paint coating that’s less permeable than the surrounding area.

How Moisture Resistant Are Paints?

It wasn’t until recently that mildew-resistant paint was added to paint that high-gloss was the best approach to deal with bathroom moisture. The glossier the paint finish, the better it works in bathrooms. As a result, high-gloss coatings are standard on all surfaces in older toilets. However, when it comes to wiping away the dark, drippy stains found in white painting bathroom tile floor, high-gloss paints aren’t going to stop mildew growth.

There are several different sheens of paint, including high-gloss. They start at the bottom from the lowest sheen to the highest gloss and work your way up.

It is suitable. If it isn’t adequately aired, challenging, for lower elevations where this is rarely handled; it absorbs moisture, making it unsuitable for restrooms; a nice matte coating. excellent to use in dining areas and hallways

If you live in a dry area, eggshell is better than flat because it is more washable and scrubbable.

Eggshell has a matte finish, while satin has a glossier appearance and could be used in bathrooms with lower humidity levels.

The semi-gloss finish is ideal for bathrooms of all kinds, as it repels moisture and isn’t as shiny as high-gloss.

The most burdensome alternative for walls and floor is high-gloss, but it looks terrible on huge surfaces like walls; it’s best for trim and cabinetry.

In The Bathroom, You Can Use Products That Can Be Called Paints.

There are now many household items that no longer bear the designation “bathroom paint.” VP of Product Development at Sherwin-Williams Steve Review argues that the firm focuses on premium paints that handle wetness and provide permanence in any house section, rather than their classic Bath Paint.

For example, Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald Interiors Acrylic Latex Paint has anti-microbial characteristics on par with painting bathroom tile floor and is an appropriate paint solution for trims, walls, or ceilings. Flat coatings, according to Review, have the potential to collect moisture since they are porous. By comparison, glossy coatings almost “bead water.”

The benefit of using bathroom-specific paint is that you have access to a broader range of paint sheens. In addition, there are two types of special-formulated colors for the bathroom: glossy, respondents reported, or high-gloss, and matte.

Both Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald and Ben Moore’s Aurora Bath & Spa Matte Finish paint are low-sheen and developed explicitly for high-moisture environments. Zinsser’s Perma-White paint promises to keep mold and mildew at bay for at least five years. Perma-White can be colored to the off, pastels, and medium shades of white. In addition, there are three finishes to choose from: eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss.

Bathroom Paint Vs. Regular Paint: Cost Comparison

It’s not uncommon for painting bathroom tile floors to be among the priciest of all interior colors, barring designer options. As a result, you may anticipate paying roughly $50 – $60 per gallon for high-standard paint or so. Fortunately, you’ll obtain a high-quality color that’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use in your bathroom. In addition, because bathrooms tend to be minor, just about a gallon of water is required for two coats of paint.

Instructions For Purchasing The Best Painting Bathroom Tile Floor


As the little place in the house, bathrooms are commonly painted in light colors to make them larger and brighter. However, most bathroom paints feature a wide selection of whites och neutrals to serve as a foundation for your design. This will give your bathroom a timeless style that you may change whenever you choose.

Alternatively, you might choose a bright, moody color in your bathroom to create a secluded sense. Colors like sumptuous blackboards and colored greens work nicely together to make sense of calm and depth.

Check out their bathroom color schemes page if you’re still looking for additional inspiration.


In bathrooms, splashes and condensation are common, so a paint that can withstand moisture (and maybe mold) is essential, but so is its ability to be easily cleaned.

During The Drying Process

Dulux has the most comprehensive color range on our shortlist. Still, the drying time is too long compared to others, including Johnstone’s Bright White Cabinetry & Bathroom Adhesive, which is great for quickly refreshing your bathroom. However, avoid the temptation to rush the drying time between coats since this could harm the final result.


Before applying any paint, make sure the surface you’re painting is nice and clean. If you’ve had an issue with moisture or mold, check out the things on our list. The final color of bathroom paint can also be applied on top of these as an undercoat.

The Best Painting Bathroom Tile Floor

1. The Dulux Restroom+Emulsion Paint

The Dulux Restroom+Emulsion Paint

The best bathroom paint for steam and moisture resistance on the market comes from essential paintings and decorating companies.


  • All-purpose performer
  • There are two sizes to choose from 1 liter and 2.5 liters.
  • With a shine that’s just right.
  • There are 26 colours to choose from.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, Dulux Bathroom+ Emulsified Paint is the best option. Not every time, the paint is splashed with water during a whole workday. Instead, it should stay in perfect condition. Its MouldTec core defends the painter against fungus for up to six years, allowing you to enjoy it just before a coat is required. In addition, the mid-sheen finish repels steam over 24 hours, preventing it from seeping into the paint. This is the most extraordinary painting bathroom tile floor, in our opinion.


Dulux Bathroom+ Smooth Sheen is a water and steam barrier paint that is highly robust. In addition, the MouldTec formulation has been proven to protect the color from the mold for five years in independent laboratory tests.


  • A wide variety of hues are available.
  • In addition, MouldTec’s formulation is designed to prevent mold.
  • Tough


  • You may seal up any penetrating damp in your bathroom 

2. Polycell’s Best Damp-Proof Paint.

Polycell's Best Damp-Proof Paint.


  • For use in Soggy bathrooms
  • 500ml, 1ltr, and 2.5ltr sizes are offered.
  • The final answer is: N/A
  • Colors: One

Emulsion paint is the most crucial choice if you’re painting a bathroom that’s had leaks in the past because damp stains may be seen through it. Using Polycell’s One Spray Damp Seal, the wet patch will be sealed and won’t be visible until your topcoat is applied. So with just one coat, it may be applied quickly and can be used on plaster, concrete, or stone. Plus, it’s touch-dry in 4 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to start painting!


Sealing penetrating moisture on interior ceiling and walls in just one layer, Polycell Damp Seal prevents them from breaking through and ruining decorations. However, the matt white appearance of Damp Seal makes it a potentially irritating product.

High-Gloss Tile Paint By Ronseal
  • Prevents damp from showing through and spoiling decoration
  • Seals patches of penetrating damp on interior walls and ceilings in just one coat.
  • For a long lasting paint finish


  • One coat is all that’s needed.


  • Only available in one shade.

3. Ronseal Anti Mold Cavity Paint Is Available.

Ronseal Anti Mold Cavity Paint Is Available.

If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, what is the best paint to use? Your mold will disappear if you use this paint.


  • Bathrooms with poor air circulation
  • Available in 0.75ltr and 2.25ltr capacities
  • Matt’s done now.
  • There are a total of 1 color

What’s the point of renting a house if you can’t improve the ventilation in the bathroom? Perhaps you’re saving up for a new bathroom, which includes a bathroom extractor fan? It’s a good idea to apply Ronseal Anti Mold Paint to the walls of your bathroom, which is ideal for bathrooms that are plagued by condensation-induced mold growth. There is plenty of time to enjoy your restroom before you have to repaint the walls using this product. The painting bathroom tile floor dries in two hours, and it’s also wipeable after that.


Up to six years of protection means you have plenty of time to enjoy your new restroom before you have to re-apply the sealant.


  • Mold Protection For Up To 6 Years


  • White is the only color option.

4. Johnstone’s Stunning White Kitchen And Bathroom Mixture

Johnstone's Stunning White Kitchen And Bathroom Mixture

What is the fastest-drying bathroom paint? This tough paint dries quickly and is resistant to moisture, stains, and grease.


  • Those looking for a fast-drying fabric
  • Available in 0.75ltr and 2.25ltr capacities
  • The final shine is somewhere in the middle.
  • Colors: There Are 22 Of Them.

Make use of Johnstone’s Brilliant Featuring A white & Bathroom Enamel, which provides long-lasting protection against moisture in areas and there is a lot of condensation, thanks to its mid-sheen finish. If you’re painting bathroom tile floor an en-suite but do not want to suffer from paint fumes all night, this is the paint for you. Suppose you’re not a lover of white, plenty of other options.


If anything, the thick paint makes brush and roller cleanup time a hassle. In addition, the paint adheres quite firmly and is difficult to remove from other surfaces once dry, which is an excellent indicator of its scrubability.


  • +Wipeable
  • It has a mild aroma.


  • Brushes and rollers are difficult to remove from the surface of the paint.

5. High-Gloss Tile Paint By Ronseal

High-Gloss Tile Paint By Ronseal

This Ronseal floor paint is the best way to give your restroom a rapid facelift.


  • What to Use: Tiles
  • A 0.75-liter bottle is available.
  • It has a satin and a glossy finish
  • There are a total of 13 colours.

Ronseal Tint Painting bathroom tile floor will save you time and hassle if you want to freshen up your bathroom while you save for a complete overhaul. Color options are numerous, and the high-gloss surface makes ceramic tiles look like they’ve never been used. Waterproof and mold-resistant, Ronseal paint promises to cover over patterned tiles and bright colors, as well as other imperfections.


  • Effective


  • Only one size is available


Waterproof and mold-resistant, Ronseal paint promises to cover over patterned tiles and bright colors, as well as other imperfections. We think this is the ideal paint for a quick tile makeover in the bathroom.


Remember that the correct wall paint colors, finishes, and patterns should reflect your individuality and particular preferences so focus on what matters to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have I Done Everything I Could To Ensure The Walls Were Ready?

To ensure a long-lasting, beautiful painting, you must first prepare the surface you’re painting the bathroom tile floor on.

Is This The Right Paint For The Job?

Mold and mildew-resistant paint with an easily sterilizable finish are widely available from many paint manufacturers. Still, you can also choose a more basic painter with antimicrobial chemicals meant for high-moisture locations.

What Can I Do To Extend The Life Of My Paint Job?

Add a fan to your bathroom if it isn’t adequately aired to speed up your paint’s drying time and durability.

Painting Bathroom Tile Floor

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