How to keep a check on roof flashing for roof maintenance?

The roof is the most vital part of a house as it helps keep the inmates safe and protects them from natural conditions and mishaps like theft and burglary. The roof plays a crucial role because it is a shield to the entire house structure. It saves the house from getting damaged. Having firm roofing helps you live comfortably, and the best way to have a roof that has a longer span of life is to check the most crucial part of it: roof flashing.

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Know about Roof flashing

Flashing is a waterproof material used in construction projects, commercial or residential, to prevent damage due to leaking pipes. Various types of flashing metals are available in the market, such as steel, copper, aluminum, and the like. Roof flashing has excellent material that comes in a roll form and is very long-lasting.


The function of roof flashing

The prime function of flashing is to bind various segments together and expel the extra water in the process. It also aids in preventing damage to the wooden side panel. Whenever it rains, the water seeps down to your house. But if you have flashing installed, it will work as a shield and not allow your home’s wood to damp and be susceptible to damage.


Maintenance of roof flashing

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It is mandatory to check on your flashing and get some service at least once a year. You must ensure that your flashing does not have any leakage or holes. In case there is a problem, you must hire experts to solve it. Often, you will be able to identify the issue before the damage. You can do minor repairs on your own or through professional help.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep a check on roof flashing

Block the punctures

Although flashing is a waterproof material, they wear out in due time, which causes small holes to occur. At such a juncture, replacement is not the only option. You can do away with clogging up the holes. You can do this by cutting the sharp edges and filling it with extra pieces of flashing with the help of cement to create a water-tight barrier.

Secure the locks

It is usual for flashing to become insecure and even fall off. Sometimes, this happens due to loosening screws or wearing out of metal from the screw hole, resulting in a breakdown.

Identifying possible leakage

The main reason for any leakage is a problem with the roof flashing. Some contractors install substandard quality flashing to make it cost-effective. Thus, it is critical to hire professionals who will identify the situation earliest and find the ideal remedy. Some people might want to fix the problem on their own. However, they must take a closer look and locate all the sources of leakage before mending them.


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