Common Sign of a Broken AC (and What to Do in the Meantime)

Most homeowners dread expensive air-conditioning repairs—or worse, replacing an HVAC system. As much as we wish our air-conditioner would last forever, they can’t.

Routine maintenance and air filter changes can help prolong the life of your HVAC, but what can you do when something breaks? Even a well-maintained AC will experience malfunctions or broken parts. Here’s what to do if you’re dealing with a broken AC and how to what you can do until it’s fixed!

How Do You Know It’s Broken?

The most obvious sign of a broken air conditioner is a lack of cold air. If it stops blowing at all or the air feels warm coming through your vents, there’s a good chance you something isn’t working correctly.

However, there are other signs that your AC is broken or about to stop working. If you notice any of these signs, your HVAC system probably needs a tune-up or repair by a certified technician. Call for maintenance if you notice:

  • Uncharacteristic noises, like squeals, knocking, or loud motor noises
  • No air (or warm air)
  • Frequent, repeated cycling off and on
  • Burning smells

Being alert and proactive with a repair can help prevent more significant (and expensive) issues with a broken AC unit. Call an HVAC repair service as soon as you notice anything odd about your air conditioner, then follow these tips to stay cool while you wait for the repair.

Common Sign of a Broken AC (and What to Do in the Meantime)

What Can You Do To Stay Cool?

One of the worst things you can do is continuing to use your air conditioner if it’s not working correctly. Even if it’s putting out a small amount of cold air, you could save your HVAC system from additional issues by shutting it off until the service technician arrives.

Without a working AC unit, how can you stay cool? Controlling your environment can help reduce the heat in your home while you wait! When your AC unit breaks:

  • Use ceiling or portable fans to circulate air
  • If it’s cool enough outside, open windows to let cooler air inside
  • Minimize activities that create more indoor heat, like cooking or running the dryer
  • Get outside or go shopping!

If the heat in your home increases while you wait for the AC repair person to arrive, spend time outside! A cool breeze and a comfortable spot outdoors can be more comfortable than staying inside a stuffy, warm home. If a technician can’t arrive within a few hours, go shopping or grab lunch at a restaurant to enjoy a place with working air conditioning.

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Don’t Delay Repairs For a Broken AC

A broken AC won’t heal itself. As much as we hate to deal with expensive air conditioning issues, the best way to keep your system running smoothly and minimize costly repairs is to call a technician at the first sign of a problem.

We hope this information was helpful! Stay cool and check out more of our home improvement articles.

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