The Garage Business: 5 Solo Businesses You Can Start in Your Garage

Great ventures often have humble beginnings that eventually led to something great. Big companies like Harley-Davidson, Microsoft, and even Apple started inside a garage. Who knows, you can also take this opportunity to start a garage business and be the next big thing.

Today, we will look at some small business ideas that you can try out. While these solo business ideas may give you suggestions, remember to research first and plan well. Read on to find out how garage businesses work and what you need to prepare.

1. Assembly Services

Among the garage services that you can start with is a workshop for assembling furniture and other various items. Some furniture pieces tend to have tricky instructions to follow. Others need proper assistance to assemble.

This works well as a starting point for a business centered on creating furniture pieces as well. You can consider that direction while growing the business and integrate the two.

2. Handyman Services

Another essential line of services that people need includes handyman services. Some households may have some trouble with repair work. Not everyone has expertise in electrical matters or basic carpentry.

Due to this lack of skill and resources, you can fill a niche and start a business. Focus on helping customers with their household needs. You can branch off from there afterward.

The Garage Business: 5 Solo Businesses You Can Start in Your Garage

3. Photography

Photographers have specific fields they focus on. Your garage can start off as your studio for setting up your lighting equipment, reflectors, and backdrops for portrait photography. Or, you can simply use them for equipment storage and printing services.

If you have an eye for taking stunning pictures, you may wish to make a living out of it. Try this garage business idea and invest in both equipment and skill improvement. Don’t forget to market and build your photography portfolio.

4. CNC Machining

You can achieve something big by starting with small packages. CNC Machining is one of those ideas. You first need huge equipment followed by proficiency in using the related software.

Though you don’t have to worry about where to find a machine to start with. You can find a used CNC for sale here.

5. Craft Classes

You can also consider setting up a workshop for teaching arts and crafts classes. If you happen to have a creative knack in making items, this is a good skill to teach.

You can also set up a shop of your own where you can also sell these wares. Or you can help others pick up a hobby and skill set that they can also use for their own business.

The Garage Business: 5 Solo Businesses You Can Start in Your Garage

Your Garage Business is Your Starting Point

These garage business ideas are among a good number of pursuits that you can try out now. Find something that fits your skill set and talents, then build it up from there. The journey to open a successful venture starts within the walls of your garage.

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