Top It All Off: What Is the Best House Color to Go With a Dark Brown Roof?

Once you have completed your interior and decided on furnishings, it is time to address the exterior of your house. This is just as important when creating your home. It is an outward impression of your tastes and personality that are visible to everyone.

How can you get this right, while making sure the house fits in with the rest of the neighborhood? We discuss the best house color to go with dark brown roof below.

Classic Warm Stones

For a very dark, rich brown roof, create light using warm stone colors. Any creams or tans shades will blend in well. Other browns will also work well, though try to keep them lighter to offset the darkness of the roof.

When considering fittings, doors, and other small decorations, floral yellows and oranges can add a touch of brightness. Keep them muted and add them as small touches.

Deep Greens

This is a real statement choice, but will only work well if your house is in a well-lit area and gets sun all day long. This is due to the dark nature of the roof and exterior paint combination. if unsure, ask a commercial roofing expert for advice.

Try using a deep, forest green on your outer walls. Trims can be finished in white to define the shape of the building. Finish it off with a lime door and lime curtains that are visible from the outside.


Many people would say that the best house color to go with dark brown roof would be a natural brick red. It is a classic look that can be used anywhere, in any climate or street.

Trim windows and door in a classic arctic white to give shape to the building. Try to add navy blue to shutters, curtains, or blinds that are visible from the outside.

Copper and Slate

While this look may sound industrial, it is a surprisingly warm finish to any property. The copper and slate actually give a very natural, eco-friendly look to the building. It is ideal for anyone thinking of adding solar panels to a roof.

Cover the facade in a deep slate grey. Use a rich, thick copper color brown for the door and finish trims and windows in a cream, or creamy brown finish.

Creams and Yellows

Creams and yellow can make even a harsh looking, angular property seem mellow and cool. The trick is to keep the color of the facade simple, and almost white. For this, we would recommend a slight tinge of yellowed cream paint.

Trims can switch between black or white. As your walls as light in coloration, you can choose either to define your windows and doors. A number of front door colors will work with this scheme, so try a few samples out before committing.

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Best House Color to Go With Dark Brown Roof and Blue

If you are looking for something a little different but without making a huge statement, this is a great choice. Pick a light, calming blue for the exterior. This will work really well if you live in a lush green neighborhood.

Finish off windows, sills, and trim in white or cream. Front doors are best left in white or natural wood.


Now you have found the best house color to go with dark brown roof, you must begin the task of painting. Often, it is safer and easier to hire a professional. Check local listings and professionals for quotes.

If you decide to do it yourself, then come and visit our blog. We have a number of articles on home improvement that just may be able to help you get the best from your home. Come and visit us today!

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