The Health Risks of a Dirty Carpet

Carpets can hold up to four times their weight in the form of dirt. They can carry all sorts of dirt from dust, pet urine, insect feces, dead skin cells, mold, bacteria, spilled food, and beverages.

Over 90% of people admit to having dropped food on the carpet and eating it. This is dangerous because bacteria can survive in the carpet for up to four weeks. For this reason, your carpet may be putting yourself together with your family at risk.

It is vital to vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week, but this is not enough. Getting your carpet cleaned by a professional ensures all the dirt and debris are eliminated from the carpet fibers. Lubbock carpet cleaners guarantee cleanliness in your home environment to prevent all types of health risks that a dirty carpet may bring about.

In today’s post, we will outline six possible health hazards that dirty carpets can bring about.

Respiratory Issues

There is a lot of mold, dust, dirt, pet hair, and old skin trapped in our carpets. By vacuuming or walking through the carpet, we expose dirt particles to float freely in the air.

The movement of dirt and pollutants in the air can lead to coughing or difficulty in breathing. Even young children and pets who spend most of their time on the floor are at risk of developing respiratory diseases. Especially if they frequently bring their hands to their mouths.

People living with asthma are more vulnerable to airborne pollutants. Their symptoms may be more intense when they continuously expose themselves to a dirty carpet.

Weak Immune System

The immune system plays a vital role in fighting unwanted toxins and bacteria from our bodies. A healthy immune system guarantees a more nourishing and well-functioned body.

Stress levels tend to rise as a result of living in a dirty environment. The harmful bacteria that breeds on dirty carpets may expose your body to harmful bacteria, leading to susceptible diseases over time.

The mycotoxins present in mold can weaken the immune system, a significant cause of allergies, respiratory issues, and stomach infections amongst most people.


If you an allergic person, exposing yourself to a dirty carpet can make your day-to-day life merely unbearable. Even if you are not an allergic individual, living in a room with a dirty carpet can cause allergic symptoms to flare up in no time.

Mold mites and dust are responsible for the lungs’ inflammation, runny nose, and red eyes among allergic people. If you happen to wake up sneezing, have a runny nose, or any other allergic-type symptoms, your carpet should be the first place to work on to eliminate bacteria, dust, or pollutants.

Skin Irritation

Regular carpet washing eliminates dust mites, fungus, and bacteria that are harmful to the skin. Dust mites that breed in dirty carpets cause eczema, athlete’s foot, rashes, or itchy skin.

Stomach Issues

Wet carpets are nothing but hazardous to human health. Mold or mildew that may grow on a damp carpet can contribute to several health issues. Mycotoxins are a leading cause of stomach-related problems and irritations.

Mold can go unseen in possibly damp carpets. They may host salmonella, a pathogen that causes foodborne diseases such as fever, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea among children and adults.

Mental Health Issues

Since a dirty carpet can bring about numerous health issues to the human body, your mental health can also be at risk. It is quite stressful having to take care of a sick child or falling ill all the time.

Having your carpet cleaned regularly will not only help you stay clean but happy. A happy life contributes to a healthy state of mind.

Unwanted Insects

Failure to clean your carpet may result in fleas, mosquitoes, dust mites, and other harmful insect invasions. If left to breed on our mats, these insects could pose a significant risk to our overall health.

Overall Effects of Dirty Carpets in Your Home

Even though you may not see it with your naked eye, carpets can carry much harmful dirt, germs, and pollutants. Other than harming your health, more dangers can be posed by a dirty carpet in your home.

Unpleasant Smell

A dirty or damp carpet can cause unpleasant smells that can spread around the house and affect the entire house’s hygiene and ambiance. There is nothing as unpleasant as having to stay in a stinky place. It may threaten your image, especially to your visitors or neighbors, when they walk into your house.

Additionally, frequently inhaling mold compounds can be harmful to your overall health. The unpleasant smell from your carpet can cause:

  • Migraines
  • Sore throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinus infections
  • Breathing problems

Damage to Furniture

The accumulation of dust and dirt on your carpet can damage your furniture in the long run. By regularly cleaning your carpet and the areas around it, you get to increase your furniture’s life span.

Reduction of Carpet Life-span

If you continuously vacuum your carpet, you refresh your carpet by eliminating the top layer of grime and dust. The deep-rooted dust and grime particles may cause fiber loss over time. But by washing your carpet often, you significantly increase your carpet’s lifespan.

How Often Should Your Carpet Get Cleaned?

Appearance can make or break. You don’t want to feel embarrassed every time your friends come over to your house because your carpet has been run over by your dog or by the kids playing in every room.

It is easy to tell a dirty wooden floor, sink, or bathtub, but dirt signs are not visible when it comes to your carpet. Frequent vacuuming on your carpet can eliminate the top layer of dirt and spills, but you will have to do more than that to get the job done.

If you are not too sure of how often you should get your carpet washed, consider the following factors to give you a general guideline.

  • Number of kids or pets in the house
  • Color of your carpet
  • Presence of an allergic person living in the house

If these factors come into play, you should ensure your carpet is washed every six to twelve months to ensure dirt and germs don’t overstay.

By hiring professionals such as Lubbock carpet cleaners, your carpet will look as good as new. Not only will cleaning your carpet reduce your health risks, but it will extend your carpet’s lifespan and cut the costs of replacing your carpet now and then.


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