The Most Popular Succulents That You Can Easily Take Care Of At Home

If you want to grow plants at home but find it quite challenging to keep up with their care and maintenance, then the most viable option is to take care of succulents. Fortunately, there are various succulent species for you to choose from. This article lists down some of the most popular ones you will easily take care of at home.

The Most Popular Succulents That You Can Easily Take Care Of At Home

Burro’s Tail

Sometimes referred to as donkey’s tail, burro’s tail looks best in a hanging basket that will permit it to drape over. This is one of the best types of succulent plants because of its aesthetically pleasing appearance, with each of its stems can reach up to three feet long. Just remember that the leaves of this succulent are quite fragile, which is why you should avoid handling it as much as possible.


Aeonium is also commonly referred to as houseleek, with some of its species exceeding a height of three feet. The great thing about this succulent is that it bears yellow or white flowers from winter until late spring. While some flowers are tall with multi-blossomed cones, others diffuse in tiny blooms. You may be disappointed to find, though, that houseleeks die after flowering, but you don’t have to despair because they usually produce offspring that live on after their demise.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is a succulent that is native to South Africa. It has thick stems, as well as glossy and bright green leaves. The good thing about the jade plant is that you don’t have to water it as much as other plants. The truth is that it can even die when it is overwatered. Nevertheless, when its soil feels dry, keep this plant in bright light as you water it slightly.

Crown of Thorns

The crown of thorns makes an incredible indoor plant because it adjusts well to a dry indoor room temperature. Just make sure to place it near a window so that it can get at least three to four hours of sunlight. You don’t have to worry when it comes to missed watering, though, because this succulent will be able to withstand it. The truth is that you only have to water this plant when its soil already seems to be dry.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the succulents with a medicinal property, which is why you will commonly see it as an ingredient in some of the most popular creams and balms, particularly those used to treat burns or irritated skin. You can grow an Aloe Vera plant indoors but make sure that it gets full sunlight every day. This means that you have to position it near a window. You should also only water this plant when the leaves feel dry or brittle.

Christmas Cactus

Another succulent variety that you can grow at home effortlessly is the Christmas cactus. You may be surprised to find, though, that, unlike any other cacti variety, the Christmas cactus doesn’t bear any sharp spines. Rather, it is flat and fleshy, and its segmented stems can even reach a couple of feet in length. So rest assured that with a few missed waterings, it will be able to survive. Just make sure that, like your other succulents, you position this plant near a window where it will be able to gather as much sunlight as it can.


Crassula has long been a popular houseplant, which is why you may be able to recognize it from your grandparent’s garden easily. The good thing about this plant is that it can tolerate almost any kind of soil as long as it is well-draining. To keep your crassula thriving, you should position it in an area where it will be able to enjoy full sun. However, it will be able to grow healthily under some shade.


Echeveria is a native of the desert, which is why it thrives best in dry conditions. It comes in a variety of colors. That is why unglazed clay pots are the best pots to grow. The reason behind this is that apart from highlighting their natural hues, a clay pot will also pave the way for the water to evaporate. Never drown your echeveria because it can only withstand a certain amount of water. Thus, it would help if you watered it only once it has dried out. 

Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy is a popular succulent known for its bright red-orange color. It is one of the most common houseplants that are native to Madagascar. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to cold, so this plant is most suited to be grown indoors. If you won’t place it in an area where it will garner enough sunlight, ensure its location is well-lit. Nonetheless, with the benefits of sunlight, you will be amazed to find that your plant will be able to produce more buds and flowers.

Common Glasswort

Common glasswort is a plant that is not only cooling to the eyes but can also calm your hunger pangs since it is edible. This is only one of the succulent species that can be eaten and consumed like any other vegetable. However, most people prefer to have it pickled. Perhaps this is the reason why this plant is also referred to as the poor man’s asparagus.

Panda Plant

Finally, there is also the option for you to take care of a panda plant at home. Also, you can buy succulents online. This is a succulent that is also native to Madagascar. This plant has fuzzy, gray-green leaves that are covered with soft, silvery hairs. While they can reach a couple of feet tall, you have to have patience because they tend to grow slowly.

The Most Popular Succulents That You Can Easily Take Care Of At Home

The succulent varieties listed above are only some of the most popular ones you can consider taking care of at home. Other types that you may want to think about getting include graptopetalum and the zebra plant, as well as the pincushion cactus and the sweetheart hoya. Rest assured that regardless of the species of these succulents, you won’t have a hard time keeping them healthy and thriving.

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