Things to Do Before Settling Into Your New Home

The joy of owning a home is unimaginable, whether for experienced buyers or first-timers. Owning a home is a new beginning where you acquaint yourself with the place to spend the rest of your life or for some time. But the moving process is not as smooth as many would wish, especially when you have to deal with packing and unpacking of boxes.

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After you successfully purchase your new home, the reality of moving is scary to many due to the processes involved. Well, you’re not alone, and here is a helpful list to overcome the stress associated with moving to a new home.

Make your new home shine

If you don’t want to get exhausted with the moving process and then add more extra work of cleaning your new home, ensure preparation is done before the day you plan to shift. Make thorough cleaning of every item in your new homes, such as carpet, floors, walls, appliances, and any other item, to have a spotless environment.

This time is important to check anything unrelated to your home desire to align with what you envision. Check to see whether the color blends well with your décor or aesthetic because after moving, you need to rest and enjoy the new achievement and not start another rebuilding process.

So, if the paint is not close to your color preference, get an expert to do the work and allow the smell to fade. This preparation makes you feel like you are the first person to own the home.

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Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Go through your new home and make sure smoke and carbon monoxide is in good condition. You can hire an expert to test whether they require any maintenance since it makes them identify issues fast. If they are not working properly, replace them with a new one or faulty items such as batteries to start with it afresh. For instance, the battery should be the first place to check for a brief period (6 months).

That’s why experts require homeowners to change the battery after this period to run their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors effectively. If you don’t get an expert to do it, ask the fire department in your locality to test the system, and the good thing is that they do free inspection.

Update your information

Deciding to move to your new home is not a walk in the park, as some may assume. And since you don’t want parcels and items getting sent to your old address, make sure you update your new location. You should update your banking information, OHIP card, driving license, and any other services you think to require your residence address.

Also, notify your insurance company to ensure your home insurance is shifted and appropriate for your new residence coverage. Another important aspect that many homeowners forget is to connect with utility companies to change gas and electricity and put them under your accounts for a proper payment process.

Lastly, start the process of connecting with internet, phone, and television service providers to connect your new home and ensure the transmission is stable. If your new home is far away from your former home, and probably the connection to your new location is impossible, make sure you initiate the shifting process to a local service provider with quality services.

Change your locks

The most exciting thing for a homeowner is when the documentation process is over and finally handed the ownership documents. But another exciting part is receiving keys to your new home.

They usher you to a life of newness and a fresh start. But it is advisable for security reasons to change the locks and put new ones to prevent others who have lived there in the past from never re-accessing your home in any way.

While this is not a threat issue, you may not be aware whether other copies of the house keys were made or not sure how many still possessed them by buying the home. If you are not good at fixing even the simple deadbolts by yourself, hire a locksmith locally to fix the new locks for you. And if you plan to have recent copies of your new locks, keep track of the number of copies and the people you have entrusted with the keys.

Maintenance schedule

Now that you have acquired a new home does not mean neglect the maintenance part. The only way you can enjoy your new home is to keep it afresh and new through maintenance.

Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule helps you protect your new investment and cut the high cost you may incur along the way due to massive damage that requires lots of money to repair. 6 months or 1-year is advisable to start maintenance, especially in places not visibly seen. Performing an inspection after several months may help you identify areas that require small bits of fix, such as plumbing, repainting or checking the roof, and much more.

Have a filing system in place organized with clear instructions about how frequently you want items such as appliances replaced or serviced. You can create annual home maintenance checklist or split the maintenance process for specific areas or items after several months rather than doing everything simultaneously.

Spend time in your locality to find the right landscapers, plumbers, electricians, snow removal experts, and be prepared when the needed services arise to contact them. If you take the maintenance of your home seriously, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your home and much more.

Get familiar with your new home

After entering your new home, you must familiarize yourself with the system and the environment. Spend time to understand how things work in your home.

For instance, you can locate the air conditioning system, water main water shut-off valve, furnace, circuit breaker, and others. You can inspect them alone or hire a home inspector to take you through to help you know where everything is to take care of your investment.


Moving to a new home is a dream of every homeowner. And learning about the things expected of you during the moving process may not appear like a daunting experience. You only need to acquaint yourself with the process, and the processes involved will seem like a regular task.


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