Practical Tips to Keep Your Electrical System in Top Shape

We love electricity owing to its numerous contributions that make homes comfortable. You can keep your home warm and well-lit, enjoy warm meals, and access your entertainment gadgets, among other contributions that make life enjoyable. However, electricity has its risks that you should know to keep the system in top shape.

From short circuits, electrocution, spark, and full-blown fires, to mention a few concerns, faulty electrical systems pose a range of risks. You can address such issues by enlisting an electrician in Dubai for routine checks to keep the system at its best. Other pointers that can help you maintain the electrical system in top shape include:

Replace old and damaged wires

Are you one of those individuals who believe in the dark tape? The black tape comes in handy while temporarily fixing issues such as a protective coating on a wire that is stripped away, but that’s not a permanent fix. Out with the old and in with the new should be the way to go as you endeavor to keep your electrical system in top shape. Attempting to fix old and damaged wires exposes you to a range of risks, not to mention that it could affect the entire system.

Apart from the wires, it is also advisable to upgrade your appliances to lower energy bills by installing energy-efficient options and getting rid of faulty ones that affect the electrical system’s effectiveness. With a reliable and reputable electrician in Dubai, replacing old and damaged wires won’t be a hassle, yet it can keep your system at its best for longer.

Consider your outlet’s load

You’ve probably adopted the hack of plugging your appliances, including toaster ovens and microwaves, among others, in their separate outlets as you are aware that they draw a lot of power. That helps ensure that you are not overloading an outlet, a valuable hack that helps keep the electrical system at its best.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should plug in too many devices in one outlet as they don’t draw as much power. If you need the outlet for numerous devices, it would be best to invest in a power-saving power strip. Overloading an outlet could cause explosions or fire stressing the need to ensure that you aren’t plugging more items that draw more power than the outlet can handle.


Unplugging devices that are not in use is the simplest yet the most overlooked measure to keep your electrical system in top shape and enjoy the equipment for an extended period. The best part is that unplugging also saves you more money; devices still consume energy while not in use. The phantom drain could dig deeper into your pockets, especially if you plug in multiple devices you aren’t actively using.

The worst part is that this could also lead to overheating and power surges, causing more risks that affect your electrical system’s performance. The easiest way to ensure that your devices are unplugged is by investing in the smart plug, as it allows you to set power schedules per outlet. You can easily forget to unplug given your busy schedule, but you won’t have to worry with such technology as scheduling allows you to automate the process.

Keep water at bay

Water and electricity do not mix. You probably know this, and whenever operating electrical equipment, you keep your hands dry, but are you protecting the system as well? While decorating your property, plants are a common go-to, but it helps to place such pots away from electrical systems. You might be careful while watering your plants, but accidents happen, and spillage could extend to the electrical system, causing considerable concerns, not just the possible electrocution.

Leaks could also occur, sipping gradually in the electrical system, and in time, lead to electrical problems that could demand significant repairs and replacements, not to mention possible fire risks. Keep outlets and electrical equipment away from water, including areas such as sinks, aquariums, and plant pots, among others. Keeping water at bay lowers possible risks of electrocution, personal injuries, and affecting the electrical system.

Air circulation matters

Overheating is not only a serious fire risk but could also impact your electrical system. You could be tempted to run some appliances in enclosed cabinets, especially if they seem to affect your decoration efforts. However, that could prove problematic, as the electrical equipment could overheat, short out, cause fire, and jeopardize the system.

You probably keep some equipment such as electric dryers a foot from the wall to ensure they function correctly. It would be best to observe such measures, ensuring enough air circulation to keep the flow smooth. Don’t forget to check equipment such as exhaust fans, as they can accumulate dirt, get clogged, and as it struggles to operate, suck more energy, affecting the flow and the electrical system.

Read the instructions

Incorrectly plugging equipment could cause significant concerns, affecting the electrical system. Reading the manual shouldn’t be overlooked, as it helps to ensure that you are using the equipment correctly. You could experience concerns such as shock upon contact; don’t discount it, even if you feel that it is mild. Contacting a qualified professional can help you identify the root cause, helping you to operate the equipment safely. Proper use enhances safety while ensuring that the electrical system doesn’t take a hit that could affect its reliability.

Routine tests are a gem

Don’t wait for an issue to come up to give the electrical system some love. The easiest way to avoid considerable and costly repairs/replacements are by investing in routine checks. This spots developing problems, allowing you to fix them before they extend. From concerns such as wiring being chewed by pests like rats, water accumulation in spots like near circuits, especially in basements, to mention a few, routine checks can help avoid some problems.

Enlisting the best home maintenance company for routine checks and repairs eases your quest to keep your home in top shape. When your system is optimally functioning, you save energy bills, keep the appliances running for long, and enjoy improved efficiency, contributions that make your home comfortable.


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