Ready to Upgrade Your Home? Check Out These 7 Bedroom Decor Ideas

Redecorating a bedroom is sometimes all you need to reset your mind and transform your living space. Redecorating is an excellent form of therapy, and the result can make you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and happy. Are you ready to upgrade your current bedroom decor?

Before you begin, you’ll need a few bedroom decor ideas to help spark some inspiration. Even if you’re not sure how to decorate a bedroom, a decent list of decor ideas should be enough to ignite your idea cap lightbulb! If you’re tired of your old bedroom decoration and are ready for a change, then continue reading below.

Here’s our list of bedroom decor ideas you don’t want to miss!

1. Farmhouse Suite

Farmhouse decor is popular amongst many homeowners. Choosing to decorate in farmhouse decor is one of the best ways to make a space feel welcoming and homey. When considering bedroom furniture, bring the outdoors inside and use things that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in a bedroom.

For example, you can take an old barn door and turn it into a headboard. You can also take an old window frame, knock the glass out, replace the glass with a fabric, and use that as a headboard too. If there’s a master suite in the room, then consider installing sliding barn doors that lead to the bathroom.

Visiting yard sales, and antique furniture stores are also a great way to find hidden farmhouse gems to add to your farmhouse bedroom decor.

2. A Splash of Earthbedroom decor ideas1

One way to ease the mind after a long day at work is to come home to an earthy bedroom design. Using different shades of green and placing live plants in the room will make you feel as if you’re relaxing in a calming garden right in your bedroom!

Be sure to use indoor plants that help purify the air to get even more use of them. You can mix your different shades of green with whites to keep things bright.

3. The Glam Pad

Glam furniture is quite common today. You can find glam dining tables, buffet stands, and bedroom sets. The glam look is perfect for someone who enjoys the finer things in life.

If you want to feel like total royalty, then the glam pad is an excellent option for you. Glam furniture items include glass surfaces and crystal knobs. They usually come in either silver or gold and can make your bedroom feel like the perfect place for any king or queen!

4. A Trip to Medieval Times

In medieval times, it wasn’t uncommon to spot a canopy bed or two in the bedrooms. Imagine transforming your entire bedroom into medieval times. You’ll first want to find a canopy bed that fits your bedroom without taking it over completely.

If you have the space for it, then feel free to purchase an oversized bulky canopy bed frame, which will set you up for the medieval vibes. If you don’t have too much space to work with, then you can consider purchasing a thinner canopy bed frame.

The best bed frames are ones that not only fit your mattress but fit your bedroom space as well. Be sure to drape a canopy over it to finish the look.

You can then add nightstands, a bookshelf, and a dresser that all go with the same medieval design.

5. Bright and White

bedroom decor ideas2

A bright room is excellent for mental health. A bright room also makes the room feel more extensive than what it is. If you have a smaller bedroom, then keeping things bright and white is a great route to take.

With white as the main attraction, you can use other colors in the design for the smaller details. For example, your furniture pieces might all be white wood, but your throw pillows have a touch of green or yellow in the details. You can also add in some color in the design of the drape or by hanging vibrant art pieces as well.

6. A Romanic Spa Getaway

Imagine coming home every day to a romantic spa getaway. Who wouldn’t want to visit the spa every day after work? You can make this possible by redecorating your bedroom!

To create a spa-like atmosphere, think about all the things you love most about the spa. Switch out all your lamps for light dimmers. When you can control the brightness of the lights, it makes it easier to create that soothing and dim lighting you’d see at the spa.

You can also consider replacing your leading light with a chandelier. Plug a few oil diffusers in and a speaker to play relaxing music on. A soft rug at the end of the bed is another calming touch.

7. A Cozy Escape

Your bedroom should be the coziest room in the house, but is it? If it’s currently not the place, you think to go to first when in need of a soothing, relaxing, calming, and comfy environment, then it’s time to make a few changes.

To transform your bedroom into a cozy escape, begin by removing anything that seems cold. Replace the furniture with sharp corners with a table with rounded corners. Create a window seat or a book nook.

You can also create a seating section in the corner of the room with a comfy chair or even an oversized bean bag. If there are hardwood floors in your bedroom, lay a large fluffy rug down. Hang up artwork that makes the room feel homey, such as paintings your children made.

Which Bedroom Decor Ideas Will You Use?

When you’re tired of coming home to the same boring bedroom decor, it’s time to refresh the space and transform it completely. Which bedroom decor ideas from this list will you use in your transformation?

With so many great ideas to choose from, you should have a brand new bedroom in no time!

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