5 Ways You Can Update Your Home Exterior and Be the Envy of the Block

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just looking to fall even more in love with your property, curb appeal is an important factor! The exterior of your home is what everyone sees: strangers, guests, neighbors, and yourself. Not only does it set you apart but it increases your home value.

So, how can you change up your home exterior and boost your curb appeal? Here are 5 ways you can accomplish just that!

1. Landscaping

Not only is landscaping good for us in terms of oxygen but they make us feel better too. Beautiful flowers add bright colors and pops of lush green. No one wants to look at a bunch of dead grass and dried up plants.

Investing in your landscaping is one easy way to boost curb appeal. You and your neighbors will appreciate it. Yard care is so essential to boosting your home’s exterior that 91% of real estate agents recommended it as the top project before selling.

2. Roofing

This one can get a bit expensive but it is well worth it. Traditional asphalt shingles are a look of the past. These days you can enhance your property with beautiful textures and patterns.

Thicker shingles also give the feel of a higher quality. Darker colored roofs are still considered to be the best value-adding and aesthetically pleasing. Lighter colored shingles can show signs of adding and damage much faster.

3. Painting

Freshen up your home’s exterior with a new coat of paint. You have the opportunity to change up your color scheme or stick with what you had.

Over the years, our homes may fade or become damaged. You’ll love how many years seem to melt away from your home with an exterior home painting. Getting a professional to help is key to pulling this one off. Harding’s Painting Services can help you accomplish your dreams.

4. Lighting

Ambiance is everything! Adding a bit of lighting can greatly improve the look of your home in the evening hours. That soft glow will have people in awe.

Accent the great features of your home including the architecture. Add lighting to your house number too for a more elegant feeling. Your house will feel much more welcoming and cozy.

5. Front Doors

Changing up your front door is another wonderful way to improve your home’s appearance. A welcoming front door could be just what it needed.

You can replace old front doors with beautifully designed options. Even a simple coat of paint can work wonders. Finding the right color that pops is essential for this home exterior idea.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Home Exterior

With these home exterior ideas, you’ll get the most out of your property. There are so many things that can be changed about a home but making the best decisions to highlight your property is up to you.

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