What Is the Difference Between Landscaping and Gardening?

Our outdoor space represents our taste. We all admire outdoor spaces that are designed for beauty and functionality. We all love having a place where we can escape the hustle and bustle of our daily life. Why not create this heaven in your own home. But before you call someone for making a little heaven in your home, why not know exactly what the difference between gardening and landscaping is?

Landscaping and gardening are two different methods of utilizing outdoor spaces so that it becomes aesthetically pleasing. Both are done on a hobby and professional level. Though there are many similarities in landscaping and gardening, the difference between landscaping and gardening is noticeable, which we will discuss in this article.

What is landscaping?

Landscaping signifies an activity that involves altering the appearance of a piece of land by adding some living elements such as plants and some structural features such as waterfalls, planting beds, and pathways. Landscaping, therefore, is a process of improving the aesthetics and functionality of your yard. Many people are involved in creating eye-catching landscapes. Most often, they all work as a team in Landscape designing firms.

Landscaping designers, landscaping architects, and contractors all have their fields of expertise in planning and building landscapes. They perform various project types and on different levels. They are responsible for controlling, designing, and transforming a useless piece of land into beautiful scenery. The landscape architects are qualified persons and are usually hired for large scale projects such as resorts. Designers are generally responsible for small scale residential projects. Landscape contractors most often work in coordination with architects and designers. They build the structures and implement the design plan prepared by the architects and designers.

What is gardening?

Just as landscaping, gardening is the process of designing, planning, and maintenance. Gardening is most often limited to adding plants to a piece of land. Making a garden is more straightforward than landscaping. Gardeners’ job includes making a design, preparing a plant list, selecting the plants, placing the plants in their right places, weed, cultivating, replacing, and harvesting them in the right way and at the right time.


Gardening is a steady job as gardens need tending and care throughout the year. Gardening requires knowledge about plant physiology, soil ecology, climates, water drainage systems, and pest infestation and control techniques. Professional gardeners have a professional degree in botany or horticulture. There are many Master Gardener programs, including several hours of academic and professional horticulture or gardening training.


Difference between Garden Design and Landscape Design:

Just as landscaping and gardening are two different professions, there are individual differences between garden design and landscape design. Creating any one of them requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise. Therefore you have to determine what you exactly want from your space. Then you can hire professional landscapers and gardeners who will plan, design, and complete it according to your budget and choice.

We have outlined the significant differences in landscape and garden design for your future reference.

Garden Design is the process of designing and planting in a space. Gardening is just about adding plant life to a given area, be it a single plant or a whole variety of plants. However, to turn your yard into a garden, you will require to hire a landscaping company.

Most of the landscaping companies hire qualified gardeners to incorporate the plant life in the overall design structure. The gardeners collaborate with landscaping designers and determine the most suitable plants and the best places to plant them in the hardscape structure.

Landscape design means incorporating various design structures such as retaining walls, pathways, pergolas, gazebos, water features, patios, etc., within a yard or any other given space. Landscaping gives attractiveness and value to your garden space and increases its functionality. Gardening is just one aspect of landscaping, and therefore all of the landscape designing companies also offer all sorts of gardening services.

Do Gardeners and landscapers Work Together?

Landscape teams often collaborate with their in-house gardening team to plan and execute the best planting schemes for a given project. The gardeners are only involved in planting, cultivating, harvesting, and other processes that are directly related to plants. Whereas the landscape professionals plan and develop all other aspects of garden design.


What is the difference between Gardeners and Landscapers:

Gardeners and landscapers work to beautify your yard, lawn, or extra space. Gardening and landscaping are often used interchangeably, but there are individual differences between these two professions.

Sometimes gardeners are also called gardeners because their job focuses on caring for their health and well-being. On the other hand, landscaping jobs include more building work. Designing the structures of driveways, walls, and patios. This is known as hardscaping.

The job of landscaper and gardeners differs in the scope of work that is involved in it. Landscape designers may or may not have specific licenses. Landscapers may sometimes need to use heavy equipment, or they may hire contractors for this work. Landscape designing firms hire trained landscaping designers and other professionals who accomplish their tasks skillfully. They have all the necessary equipment and materials that are required in the process of landscaping.


What does a Landscaper Do?

The job of a landscaper is to build a garden for you from scratch. They cover all the aspects from designing to the final finished look of the landscape. They combine and arrange all elements such as pavements, decks, flora, and fauna in harmony. Water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and ponds are also added to make the landscape more spectacular. The landscaping designers consider your budget and design preferences before they start working on your landscape.


Process of Landscape Design:

  • Preparing plans and scheduling the steps of construction.
  • Preparing specifications and price quotations.
  • Distribution of areas for landscape gardening.
  • Site analysis and debris cleaning.
  • Estimation and ordering all the materials required for construction.
  • Choosing the most suitable plants.
  • Building the hardscape, which includes stone and brick walls and paths.
  • Completing the soft-scape, which includes planting structures.
  • Constructing and decorating walls and steps. Constructing fences, pergolas, fountains, ponds, and trellises where required.
  • Constructing and installing features such as barbecues and ferneries, play structures, and garden furniture wherever required.
  • Creating steps, paths, and paved areas using various materials such as gravel, timber, and paving materials.


What are Landscaping Services?

The landscaping services are provided by landscaping designers dedicated to turning your space into a fantastic landscape. Whether you prefer contemporary, minimalist, cottage, or traditional style landscapes, the designers will create an inspiring piece of art that complements your personality and property.

Spring and fall clean-ups, planting, mulching, pruning, edging, perennial division, planting, and flower beds maintenance are some landscape designers’ services. They provide packages for residential and commercial properties. Some landscape designers extend their services to offer soil enrichment, sod installation, drainage improvements, and lawn seeding.

The landscaping designers’ services also cover retaining walls, walkways, planters, and water features. Installation of green roofs and green walls for beauty, water absorption, and energy conservation also comes in landscaping professionals’ scope.


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