What makes floral arrangements last longer?

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Flowers bring joy and color to any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, or room decoration. A bouquet makes an ideal present, but the thing is flowers last for a very short period.

However, few tips can make your floral arrangements last longer. We have discussed all of the simple tricks that can keep your flowers fresh for a very long time.

Tips to make floral arrangements fresh for a long time

Taking care of your flowers is very easy. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to increase the life of your flowers from the start.

Chop off the stems of your flowers

One of the foremost common mistakes people make is not chopping off the stems of the flowers after receiving them. You need to chop off the stem about 2 inches at a tilted angle before putting them in the water. Then plants will stay fresh longer. Just because flowers and gifts on the table atmosphere in the house may look much more comfy and cozy.

Cutting the stems at a tilt angle will allow a great water intake in the flowers, making them last longer. You need to re-trim the stems after one or two days to keep them fresh.


After cutting the stems, you need to pluck off the leaves from your bouquet to give it a neat look. Doing this will not only make them look better but also saves the bouquet from any bacterial growth.

Remove the guard petals if you have roses. Removing the guard petals will allow the rose to bloom fully. Keep checking on rotten leaves to remove them after 1 or 2 days to avoid any bacterial rot and longevity of your flowers.

Watering the flowers

Watering your flower may seem like one easy step, but not many people know how to do it in the right way. Once the stems are chopped off, the flowers cannot last long without water. Pick a nice vase to put your flowers in, and make sure the vase is clean from all the dust.

After you put the flowers in the vase, fill the vase with water, preferably cold water, as it plays a very important role in keeping the flowers fresh for a long time. After that, add up a pack of flower food in the water and mix well. Changing the water and flower food after two to three days is also very important for the life of flowers.

Keep them in shadow

Avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight and keep them away from any heat-generating appliances like room heaters. You will also need to avoid putting your flowers in front of open windows, heating vents, and fans, as all these can make the flowers dehydrate faster.

Also, avoid placing them near fruits as rotten fruits release a small amount of gas called ethylene that can lessen the longevity of your floral arrangement. In addition, keeping them at a cool temperature will extend the life of flowers.

Home ingredients that can extend the life of floral arrangements

You might have something in your house that can make your floral arrangements last longer. Check out the list of home ingredients that can extend the life of your favorite flowers.


Soda comes number one in keeping the flower fresh. Add ¼ cup of soda to the vase to keep them fresh and last longer. In addition, soda adds a sweet smell to the vase and is 100% safe for flowers.

Flora revels in some more sweetness. Adding the soda will keep your flowers fresh for up to 10 days, and your flowers will remain as healthy as they were on the first day.


Bleach plays an important role in keeping the vase clean for up to 7 days. Adding ¼ teaspoon of it can keep away the bacteria from the flowers and keep the vase from getting dirty or cloudy.

Also, bleach is not that good of a product that can keep the flowers fresh. Bleach is only good at keeping the vase bacterial-free.

Flower food

Many floral experts experimented with adding a pack of flower food in the vase of fresh flowers. Experts say that floer food is the best way to keep your bouquet fresh for a long time. Add a pack of flower food to the vase and mix it well in the water.

Change the water and flower food after 2 to 3 days. Doing this process every 2 days on repeat will keep them fresh for more than 7 days.


Putting your bouquet in the refrigerator every night before going to bed will keep them fresh for a long time (normally eight hours per night). Flora experts say that flowers flourish in cooler environments, and cold temperature lessens the aging process of flowers.

Keeping the flowers in the fridge at night is proven the safest chemical-free strategy to keep the flowers blooming. This process will keep flowers healthy and fresh for up to 10 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do floweriest keep the flowers fresh?

Florists keep a lot in their floral stock in cold temperatures between 36 degrees to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Some florists also keep the flowers in refrigerated trucks of the same temperature for transportations and deliveries.

How often should I change the water of cut flowers?

It is ideal for changing the water after two to three days. The flowers intake a lot of water to survive, and it isn’t unusual for big flowers to drink up all the water on the first day or two. You will need to keep the vase full of water to ensure that all the flowers stay hydrated.

How do I keep flowers from wilting?

The main cause why flowers wilt is heating. Keeping the flowers away from sunlight and any other heat appliances will keep them last longer. Also, keeping the water clean and fresh in the vase will increase the life span of floral arrangements.


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