Why is wooden furniture better than plastic furniture?

You will have a vast choice of furniture at your disposal when buying home and office furniture or when you want to replace your old patio furniture. They come in different colors, sizes, and styles, but you will have to choose the critical furniture material when shopping. You might have to decide between wooden furniture and plastic furniture as each offers different benefits. Both are practical, attractive, and economical, but here is my research on both materials’ pros and cons and why you should opt for wooden furniture.

Health and Environment Friendly

Wood is natural and won’t cause any health complications. Wood does not affect an individual’s health, and if it is sourced from environmentally friendly trees, it does not harm the environment. On the other hand, plastics are harmful to both the environment and health. For instance, the micro-plastics found in plastic furniture can get their way to food and the air we breathe, leading to complications. The plastic fiber does not decay quickly and can be harmful to the environment when you want to replace or dispose of the chairs. Since wood has little effect on your health and the environment, it can be a perfect material for your furniture.

The Building Process

If you love the DYI projects, wood will be the best material as it is easy to work on. You will only need knowledge in woodwork; fortunately, there are many DYI videos about woodwork on YouTube and other sites. With these online materials, you will build your furniture in no time, but you will require some hand and power tools to build wooden material effectively. You might not build plastic furniture at home unless you are a skilled professional in handling plastic material. Moreover, it will take many construction materials and knowledge to build it in your basement, and you might not achieve the desired outcome.


Wooden material is heavy, making it the least portable and might not be flexible to use, especially if you plan to move the chairs around often. If you replacing it from the patio to indoors or from one place to another can be difficult. This disadvantage is a win for the plastic chairs, which are light-weight and can be moved from one place to another effectively.

Aesthetic Value

Wooden furniture is beautiful, unique, and classy, and its rustic nature adds certain dignity to your living space. When a skilled artisan crafts wooden furniture, it can bring out boundless potential designs, bringing allure to your furniture. It also creates a sense of nature in your living space through its grain patterns, fibers, and range of the color spectrum. Although plastic chairs can use the proper resins and texture its beauty cannot match the wooden furniture.


Wood is a robust and long-lasting material and is perfect if you want longevity for your furniture. Hardwood is exceptionally long-lasting and will serve for decades; moreover, softwood can also offer inherent stability and reliability. Should you ever want to sell your wooden furniture, you get value for your furniture. However, you might need to polish, wax and oil the wood occasionally to ensure that it remains durable and strong.


High-quality wood furniture comes when it is already assembled, and it will prevent you from spending a lot of time thinking about assembling. Moreover, if you visit an artisan, you can ask them to customize the furniture according to your preferences. You can choose from the different finishes that you intend to have in the final product. It is wise to visit an artisan when buying wooden furniture as they will take you through the different designs at your disposal. You can discuss any customization you would wish to incorporate into your furniture. However, it is hard to customize plastic furniture as they are sold when the finishing has been done.

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Blends with Many Themes

Wood comes in different types and species, which makes it easier to blend with many themes. It is easy to find a tone and color which perfectly fits another décor in the house. You can choose to blend the color of the furniture by using different finishing. Additionally, you could use stains to bring wood’s rustic nature into your home without compromising its texture and natural grains. If you choose to have a rustic kitchen design decorating with wood might be ideal as it adds to the rustic design. Although plastic can also blend with other household themes, it might not beat wooden furniture in its ability to blend it in.


The wooden furniture will offer safety when you have children as it is stable and difficult to move. You can decorate your child’s room with wooden closets, beds, and other furniture as they will not break this material. No matter how they will jump on the wooden bed, it will not break. On the other hand, plastic beds and closets are easy to break since plastic is brittle. Even if the children pain the closet’s surface with crayon marks, you can easily clean it with baking soda and other cleaning agents. If the kids leave scratches on plastic material, it can be hard to conceal the marks; however, you can add finishing and paint on the wooden materials with scratches.

Wooden Furniture Can Be a Complete Package

Although the wood can be expensive, the lasting beauty, comfort, and quality will give you a complete package. You cannot use plastic furniture in every room while wooden furniture is compatible with every household duty. You can make home beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, floors, and closets from wood given the house a distinct look. Even if plastic furniture does well in patio furniture, wooden patios can withstand environmental changes and is worth every cause.

The bottom line

It might be challenging to choose between wooden and plastic furniture as both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it would help if you considered the ability to customize their environmental effects, durability, and convenience. Wooden furniture is hardy, beautiful, economical, and easy to kid-proof than plastic and can last for decades, especially if created from hardwood.


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