6 Reasons Why Sewer Pipe Relining Is Better Than Traditional Pipe Repair

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: August 30, 2020

As of 2021, the average age of all sewer pipes in the United States is 45 years. Cast iron pipes in hundreds of towns and counties across the country are over a hundred years old.

It’s a huge crisis, with bursting pipes and leaks causing a major public health scare. Knowing that your sewer system is crumbling can give you sleepless nights. Sewer leaks can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience. Worse still, these leaks are associated with serious health risks, including the spread of deadly pathogens.

One way to address the problem is through sewer pipe relining. Over the years, this approach to dealing with sewer line problems has gained massive popularity compared to traditional pipe repair. In today’s feature, we tell you why so many Americans are opting for trenchless sewer pipe relining over conventional pipe repair solutions.

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why you may have a leaking pipe.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Some homeowners opt to replace damaged sewer pipes entirely. While this approach helps solve the problem, it can prove significantly costly.

Pipe replacement requires you to hire a plumbing company to dig into your driveway or yard to remove the problematic pipes and replace them with new ones.

All that work requires heavy equipment and a lot of labor. Once the replacement is done, you’ll need to worry about the cost of getting your landscape into its original shape.

Trenchless pipe lining is a lot less expensive. The contractor recoats your failing sewer pipes with an epoxy liner, and the job is done. You thus get to save significantly on labor and equipment.

2. It Saves Time

As you can imagine, digging to reach pipes, replacing the damaged ones, and replacing the soil can take a lot of time. Getting your yard to look like it did before takes even longer. In some cases, traditional pipe repair and replacement can take weeks.

Putting your life on hold for all that time is hugely inconvenient. One of the best things about a sewer pipe relining system is that it takes a short time. When you work with a seasoned contractor, the entire pipe relining task should take less than a day.

3. It’s Less Intrusive

The biggest attraction of sewer pipe relining is that there’s no excavation of the ground. With traditional pipe repair, you’ll most likely need a backhoe to dig an ugly, deep trench right into your backyard.

If the pipe to be repaired goes beyond your property into the street, you may need to involve the local authorities first, which can take even more time. There’s also the long, annoying process of having to re-route general traffic.

Trenchless pipe relining does not involve all of the above. The contractor does the job quickly and is out of the area in no time. It’ll be like they were never there.

4. It Increases the Life of Your Sewer Pipes

Cast iron sewer pipe relining is incredibly durable. Basically, you’re not removing the old pipe, but relining it with a heavy-duty material.

When the job is done, you’ll have a cast iron pipe within another pipe that’s double the strength of the original pipe. What’s even better, the increase in diameter is negligible. The renewed sewer pipe is corrosion-free and can last up to half a century.

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Environmental Friendly

As you can imagine, all that digging in traditional pipe repair significantly disturbs the environment. But more than that, traditional pipe repair involves processes that release contaminants into the environment.

On the other hand, relining a cast iron sewer pipe is eco-friendly as no added chemicals are involved. The epoxy material used for relining is environmentally friendly, and there’s hardly any waste. The best part is that your yard remains intact all the while.

6. It Is Safer

Trenches in the ground are a health hazard. People can fall into them and get injured. The piled heaps of soil make the area difficult to traverse, especially for children and pets. Pipe relining eliminates this concern entirely.

Choosing the Right Sewer Pipe Relining Contractor

Sewer Pipe Relining Contractor

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of sewer pipe relining, you’re probably interested in doing the project next time your sewer pipes have a problem. Working with the right sewer system contractor is essential to getting the biggest bang for your buck. Here are four things you should consider while choosing the right contractor for your needs.

The Company’s Credentials

The first and most important step when choosing a sewer pipe relining company is to make sure that the company is authorized to operate in your area. Check whether they have a valid license, and inquire whether their plumbers have the required qualifications for the job. You also want to work with a contractor who is insured.

The Contractor’s History

Sewer pipe relining is a sensitive project, and you want to work with someone who can get the job done right the first time. Check whether the contractor has a proven history of offering excellent service. Ask for references, and check online reviews to establish the contractor’s reputation.


Does the contractor have a physical office within your area? This is important in case you encounter problems after the pipe relining project. You want to be able to reach the contractor as quickly as possible.

If a contractor doesn’t have a nearby physical location, how can you count on them to promptly show up in your residence with the necessary equipment and personnel during an emergency?

Technology They Use

The technology a contractor uses determines how quickly and efficiently they can get the job done. Check the equipment and products the company uses. Top sewer contractors go out of their way to use the latest, most eco-friendly products.

Reline Your Sewer Pipes for Best Results

A leaking sewer pipe can cause a major inconvenience in your home and lead to property damage at times. Opting for sewer pipe relining helps fix the problem quickly and cost-effectively.

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How are sewer pipes relined?

Sewer pipe relining is the process of repairing damaged sewer and drain pipes by creating a

Is pipe relining worth it?

Generally, most relining jobs are 20% cheaper than what it would cost to excavate and replace the drain. The benefit of relining is that all work, in most cases, gets completed on the same day and without the need to excavate your yard.

How often you should replace your plumbing?

A good rule of thumb for replacing supply pipes is:
Brass pipes: 80-100 years.
Copper pipes: 70-80 years.
Galvanized steel pipes: 80-100 years.

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