6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Window Cleaning Service

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: September 24, 2020

A house with filthy windows can be an instant deal-breaker for buyers and viewers. A clean window enhances the curb appeal of your house. It makes your living space brighter and feels more welcoming.

A professional window cleaning service can get the job done and save you money and time. But you may need to research a few things like their reviews and window cleaning experience. Read on to learn more about the factors you need to consider before hiring a window cleaning service.

Window Cleaning Service: Factors to Consider

1. Professionalism

Professional Window Cleaning Service

Some people pose as window cleaning professionals but are scammers at their core. Luckily there are a few clues that give away if a company lacks professionalism. Below are a few hints:

  • Uniforms
  • Business cards
  • Logo

Almost all window cleaning companies wear uniforms. They also offer business cards showing their name, logo, and what they offer. The logo should also look professional and include a proper company name.

2. Experience

Professional window cleaners don’t have degrees, but they should have window cleaning experience. Skilled cleaners have full training and are experts in handling cleaning projects.

Check if the company has been in the industry for a long and do a bit of background research.

Window Cleaning

3. License and Affiliations

Does the company have a valid license to be cleaning your windows? Ask the company to prove to you that they are a legitimate business.

It shows that the cleaners have the relevant skills and have gone through proper training.

Be sure to also look for a company that has a relationship with other professional bodies. It proves the quality of professionals providing cleaning services.

4. References and Reviews

A window cleaning company should be able to offer you first-person references. They should have a list of references and reviews from social media or review websites. You can ask your friends and family for a company that can help you with your windows.

Window Cleaning References and Reviews

Many sites, like Yelp, offer reviews indicating the person’s experience. You can also check BBB for complaints and data about their business conduct. If reviews are not great or don’t offer first-person references, move on to the next company.

5. Complete Equipment

Window cleaning takes much more than wiping the windows with a wet cloth. They should have a host of tools and a cleaning apparatus. Professional window cleaning services usually have top-notch, modern tools.

Check if they have tools like power washers, industry-grade cleaners, and extra extensions. Avoid hiring a window cleaning service that lacks tools or asks to borrow from you. Professionals always offer their services with ready-to-go equipment.

Window Cleaning Equipment

6. Services and Standards

Most window cleaning services expand their services to cleaning roofs and gutters. It’s more efficient and cost-efficient to inquire about combined services. They can help you deal with spring cleaning tasks, especially if you lack time.

Sometimes, window cleaning can be dangerous. A worker needs to use a ladder to reach second-to-higher-story windows. Make sure the cleaning professionals have completed their safety training.

Choosing a Window Cleaning Service

If you know what to look for in a window cleaning service, the job will have a quality finish. You deserve the best, so take your time to choose a company and do some research. One of the cleaning services we can recommend is Bax Clean, a professional window cleaner.

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Is window cleaning worth it?

It all depends on your household budget. You can ask this question literally: is your hourly household income higher than what you would pay for a window cleaning service?

How often do you get windows cleaned?

Most of the time, a home can generally get away with a thorough cleaning once a year. For windows that look great all year round, two to four professional washing a year is optimal.

What is included in window cleaning?

1. Cleaning window glass with a specialized solution
2. Cleaning of window sills, tracks, and frames
3. Removing, cleaning, and replacing window screens
4. Drying each window to remove streaks and drips

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