10 Expensive Cities in Tennessee to Build a Home

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: October 26, 2022

Shifting to Tennessee could be the finest choice you will ever make if you are fond of stunning natural scenery, southern comfort cuisine, and country music. At the same time, Tennessee is well-known for its decent living costs, where around 6.8 million+ people are currently living.

Tennessee is the best place to move to when you retire since it is known for being the second cheapest place in the nation. On top of that, this southern treasure is a blend of little villages and sprawling urban regions. Despite the average cost of living, there are some expensive cities in Tennessee.

Keeping cost in mind, we decided to compile a list of the 10 expensive cities in Tennessee to build a home in this piece of content. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top expensive towns to build homes in Tennessee.

Top 10 Expensive Cities in Tennessee to Build a Home

Although Tennessee is known for its average living expenses, there are cities where you need a significant amount of money to build a home. We have listed 10 Tennessee cities below that have a higher cost of living than the rest of the state.

  1. Franklin
  2. Brentwood
  3. Green Hill
  4. Spring Hill
  5. Mount Juliet
  6. Nolensville
  7. Hendersonville
  8. Signal Mountain
  9. Murfreesboro
  10. Goodlettsville

Now, we will give you a handful of insights into the living costs and how much money you should have to build a home in these cities.


This city in Tennessee is well-known for its antique shops and art galleries. So, you can guess the amount of money you need to earn to live and build a home in this city. The city is estimated to have 63,117 residents and 155 houses.

With 9% cheaper housing costs and 10% cheaper utility costs, you will experience a compact suburban vibe in Franklin. Perhaps for this reason, in 2014, Franklin was named the “Best Southern Town.” We can suggest some of the best properties in Franklin that you will love to check.

franklin tennessee


Believe it or not, Brentwood was rated as the best place to live in Tennessee in 2017. In the same year, it was declared the 21st best place to live in the US. Hence, such a reputation has made Brentwood one of the most expensive cities in Tennessee to build houses.

And you should know, Brentwood has earned another reputation for being the 7th richest town in the US. The city has a population of 37,288 and a total number of housing units of around 255.


Green Hill

Nashville contains Green Hill, which is actually a part of Wilson Country. The number of residents is 7,308, which is considerably small. Yet, there are approximately 103 houses. As you can understand, building a home in Green Hill is not cheap, making it one of the most expensive cities in Tennessee. Residents of Green Hill enjoy a rural lifestyle, and most of them acquire their houses.

Spring Hill

The town is about 30 miles to the south, in the suburbs of Nashville. Unlike Green Hill, more people are living in Spring Hill. The estimated number of residents is 28,764, having 112 houses in Spring Hill. The United States ranks Spring Hill as the fourth-fastest growing city in Tennessee. Therefore, the cost of building houses is also increasing.

Mount Juliet

This city is full of high-rated schools and provides adequate security for life. Thus, making it one of the best places to live in Tennessee. Therefore, around 35,834 people reside in this city, most of which have private homes. People want to build houses in Mount Juliet to enjoy the vast diversity of life. You may have to count more than $200,000 to get a house in Mount Juliet.

Mount Juliet tennessee


Usually, people who have great financial capabilities live in Nolensville. Just like Mount Juliet, the town is reputed for its top-grade educational institutes. In this little hamlet of 9,221 residents, where 91% are owners, and only 9% are renters, making them remarkably wealthy.


Hendersonville is home to around 60,000 people. Although it is the tenth biggest city in Tennessee, the population may not seem sufficient compared to its size. Despite the cost of living, many people are willing to live in Hendersonville for its rural lifestyle. The last time we counted, Hendersonville had 105 homes, but now the number is even higher.

Fun Fact –

Celebrities like Taylor Swift grew up in Hendersonville. So, it is not cheap to build a home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, because you may get to see another rising star grow up in the neighborhood. Just kidding!

Signal Mountain

Around 8,574 people living in Signal Mountain get a sparse suburban vibe. The city is the home of many retirees and senior citizens, where conservative values are prevalent. Although it is a great place to live in, you need to spend a lot of money. Both house rent and home values are high in Signal Mountain. There are an estimated 153 houses in this town.

Signal Mountain tennessee


The city is famous for its involvement in the American Civil War. It is the administrative center of Rutherford County, containing many theatrical arts, museums, concerts, and colleges. Compared to the other cities on our list, a greater number of people live here. Despite being the sixth-largest city in Tennessee, the population may not appear sufficient, given the size of the city.


In 1958, Goodlettsville, which had over 3,000 inhabitants, became a city. Over time, the number of residents gradually increased from 15,921 to 17,789. Goodlettsville saw the construction of more than 105 homes in 2010, but the number is obviously higher now. As a result, both the price and demand for homes in this city are rising. Good families like to stay here since this town has many elementary schools.

We hope we were able to give you the perfect glimpse of the top 10 expensive cities in Tennessee to build a home in the conclusion. Some cities may be less luxurious than others, but all are fairly expensive to live in. However, we can guarantee that each city will impress you with its diversity and beauty during your stay.

Let us know in the comments which city you would most like to live in or perhaps build a home in. We can offer you a few suggestions for building your dream house in Tennessee.

Thank you for reading!


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