10 Signs You Need To Hire Electrical Services

Do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners love to do their own repair and maintenance at home since it’s a fun experience, and they also get to save a few dollars from hiring professionals. However, one household problem you must avoid trying to DIY is electrical issues. Unless you’re a certified and licensed electrician, then you can handle your home’s electrical repairs; otherwise, it’s best not to mess with your home’s electricity.

Numerous electricity-related injuries cause hundreds and thousands of deaths of homeowners trying to fix and handle electric repairs on their own. Thus, the best way to prevent these injuries is by hiring an electrical service. But, how can you know when an electrical problem presents a massive risk for your home and your family’s safety?

This list presents 10 signs that you need to hire electrical services and leave the repairs to the experts.

  1. Your Circuit Breaker Is Always Tripping

You’ve probably experienced an occasional loss of power when you plugged in your microwave or other heavy-duty appliances. However, when your circuit breaker is consistently tripping, this isn’t something you must easily ignore. A tripping circuit breaker is usually a sign that your circuits are absorbing more electrical current than necessary, faulty wiring, or overloading, in which you’re using too many high-power devices at once. Moreover, a tripping circuit breaker could cause an electrical fire when left unrepaired.

As much as possible, dial your trusted electrical service right away, such as CLF Services or other electrical companies near your area. They may need to repair complex circuit wiring or update your circuit breaker. While waiting for them to arrive, it may also be ideal to shut off your home’s entire power until they have finished their repairs.

  1. Your Lights Flicker On Their Own

Dimming or flickering lights every time you turn them on can be inconvenient. And so, some homeowners would replace their light bulbs with new ones or purposely ignore the issue, especially if they already got used to it. But flickering lights are not something you should consider as an everyday occurrence despite not being a significant hazard. It could even lead to permanent power loss or something worse when ignored for too long.

Moreover, dimming or flickering lights could signify an electrical issue involving faulty wirings, an overloaded circuit, or a deteriorating socket. Thus, replacing the light bulbs is only a temporary remedy which means hiring a professional electrician is the best solution.

  1. You Smell Something Burning

Imagine walking into a room, and you suddenly sense this pungent smell filling your indoor air. Unless someone’s cooking a burnt meal, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you smell something burning after you switch on a light, plug in an appliance, or even if you can’t tell the source, there’s a huge possibility that an underlying electrical problem is seeking immediate repair.

You can locate the burning source from an old appliance if you’re lucky. However, if you find out that the burning smell comes from an electrical outlet, or worse, the fuse box, you’ll need to shut down your power immediately and call for electrical service. They’ll be able to find out if there’s an electrical fire or the burning smell is caused by sparking that could lead to fire at any given moment. Besides the burning smell, it’s also ideal to keep an eye out for any discolored or darkened outlet as it’s also a sign of an electrical burning behind your walls.

  1. You Experience Frequent Electrical Shocks

You Experience Frequent Electrical Shocks

Have you experienced plugging in an appliance or switching on a light only to get sudden electrical shocks in your fingers? While the pain might dissipate quickly, electrical shocks are not something you must dismiss right away, especially if they happen too often. This issue is often caused by frayed wiring or the electricity is escaping from the outlet or switch. If not repaired early, this could even lead to an electrical fire.

Avoid doing your own investigation, and better if you leave this issue to professional experts. The best thing you can do is turn off your power and wait for them to diagnose the problem.

  1. Your Switches Or Outlets Are Warm Or Discolored

As a responsible homeowner, it’s a good idea to regularly check the switches and outlets around your house and see if they’re discolored or they feel warm despite not being used. If they appear discolored, the plastic seems melting, or they’re too hot to touch, you’ll need to hire an electrical service immediately. These are more likely caused by faulty wiring, which could escalate into electrical fires when not repaired quickly.

  1. You See Visible Smoke Or Sparks From Outlets

Smoke or sparks coming from outlets or appliances are an obvious sign of an electrical problem that calls for electrical service. It may be that your outlets are too old, exposed to water, or have short circuits. As much as possible, stop using those smoking or sparking outlets and call a professional electrician to resolve the issue.

  1. You Find Burned Wires In Your Fuse Box

As part of your home-checking routine, don’t miss out on checking your fuse box regularly. Checking your fuse box doesn’t mean touching or going through those complex wirings. All you need to do is find out if everything is working fine. If you do find a damaged or burnt wire in your fuse box, temporarily turn off your home power and call electrical service to check and replace these wires before it’s too late.

  1. You Notice Rodents Chewing On Your Wires

Rodents are not only known for digging into your trash cans while bringing germs and bacteria into your kitchen. They’re also known to chew on your wires. Not only could this damage your wires, but this could also lead to an electrical fire. So, besides calling your pest control service, let a professional electrician assess your chewed wires, and they’ll determine whether it needs wire replacement or repair.

  1. Your House Is Old

If your house is already a few years old, chances are your electrical system is already outdated. An outdated electrical system could pose issues like:

  • Grounded wiring system
  • Outdated wiring that couldn’t handle modern appliances
  • Possible frequent electrical shocks

Contact your trusted electrical service and schedule an appointment for them to thoroughly check your home’s entire electrical system and see if it requires an electrical overhaul.

  1. You’re Moving Into A New Residential Property

Buying a new home can be an exciting event in your life. But before you get too excited to sign the paperwork, hire an electrical service and let them scan the entire electrical condition of your new property. Hiring an electrical service can spot any issues and repair or replace them immediately before moving in.

Time To Hire Electrical Services

Electricity is among the necessities you need for your home. But sometimes, people forget how dangerous it could be. Thus, make sure you pay attention to these signs or even your minor electrical concerns that are not listed on this list and hire an electrical service to oversee them.

Thank you for reading!

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