6 Useful Tips On How To Choose The Ideal Flooring Materials For Your House

When people redecorate their rooms and renovate their homes, it can take a lot of time, effort and money. They think about things like style, budget and decor. There may be walls to cover, and furniture and appliances to buy. Our floors are also an important consideration in terms of appearance and durability.

You may currently be wondering which type of flooring would be the best for your individual taste and requirements. If that’s the case, this article will give you six tips to help you decide on the wisest choice for your needs.

Do Plenty Of Research

If you visit the shops to see what’s available, bring photos or fabric samples with you to check the colors will match. The internet is another great place to start. Why not check out Pinterest or Instagram for some inspiration?

Besides social media sites, you could also check the web pages of specialist flooring companies. There is a large range of options from which to choose, including:

  • Carpets and rugs
  • Concrete
  • Wood and laminate
  • Graphic (or black and white) tiles
  • Luxury vinyl tiles

You may save money if you buy online (especially if you deal directly with the manufacturer), or shop during the sales.

Think About The Installation

If you feel confident enough to do this yourself, you could potentially halve the cost of your flooring. If you lay laminate or vinyl planks this could be your easiest option. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are relatively simple to do, but the end results will depend on your practical skills. If you want carpet or hardwood flooring, however, it may be wisest to get a professional to do it.

Australia had a population of 25,804,500 in May 2021, and Sidney is the capital of New South Wales. According to the flooring specialists at floorvenue.com.au many people from this area request free on-site quotes. They use professional companies for anything from installation and repairs to floor sanding and polishing. People also look online for accessories, tiles and free downloadable guides.

Consider The Location

The more suitable the flooring, the longer it will last. This can save you money long-term, and help it remain sellable should you put your home on the market. Some areas of the home will be high-traffic areas with regular daily use. In contrast, bedroom floors often stay pristine for longer.

The Entrance Way

If the new flooring is for your entrance hall, think of the temperature changes each time the door is opened. There could be snow or rain that comes in, or regular amounts of dirt from outside. You would therefore need something strong and resilient.


If you install carpet in your bathroom it may be soft on your feet, but it may struggle with water retention and room condensation. You won’t want slippery flooring either, although bath mats can provide a measure of protection. If you need a floor for a high-moisture area, consider using concrete, ceramic or porcelain/vinyl tiling.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Wood, vinyl or laminate flooring makes it easy to clean or deal with spills. Don’t go for a stainable white carpet if you have pets and young children, or use wood that can easily become scratched. You may need something highly durable if you regularly entertain guests, or choose carpets and rugs if your home is more private.

There may be ways to achieve the decor and appearance that you want, regardless of your lifestyle or allergies. For instance, people who can’t have wooden flooring may be able to use vinyl planks that resemble it.

Consider Your Budget

You will have the price per square meter plus accessories such as carpet underlay, as well as potential installation costs. Whether it’s vinyl flooring for a limited budget or more costly hardwood, there will be something to match most budgets.

If you can afford it, quality materials are likely to be more durable and to be a better investment long term.

Think About Maintenance

Carpets need hoovering once a week, and more often for areas of high traffic. Resilient vinyl requires little attention other than being mopped with soapy water occasionally. Some hardwood floors benefit from rebuffing once scratches and signs of aging begin to appear.

If you consider these six tips you will be well-placed to make a good decision about your flooring. It will add to the appearance of your home, whilst being sufficiently resilient for the use it will receive. It may be easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing for both you, your friends and your family.

Thank you for reading!

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