9 Lawn Care and Landscape Services Pennsylvania Homeowners Crave

Lawn Care and Landscape

If you’re a responsible homeowner in Pennsylvania, you likely put a ton of emphasis on the look and health of your property. When it comes to your outdoor projects, finding the time to keep your lawn, gardens and other exterior attractions in a solid-looking state can be extremely time-consuming (and sometimes difficult). With quality lawn care and landscaping services help, however, you can perfect the look and sustainability of your property. To give you some great ideas on how you can supercharge your lawn care in 2022, here are nine lawn care and landscape services that Pennsylvania homeowners crave:

  1. Flower & Mulch Care

If you want an eye-catching lawn, having beds of flowers that bring out the beauty of your property is an absolute must. Mulch may add color and provide a polished, attractive appearance to a landscape. Mulch also aids in the health and continued growth of plants. Mulch and soil are great additions to any yard for a variety of reasons. If you have no experience planting, taking care of, and mulching beds for flowers, however, the job can be an exhausting, difficult task. With the right lawn care and landscaping team on your side, you can rest easy and will feel assured that your beautiful flower setups will last throughout the summer season.

  1. Shrub Design

Many homeowners love having quality, well-cared-for shrubs surrounding their homes. The extra level of class, sophistication, and shine it adds to a property is hard to overstate, after all. Whether you simply want your shrubs and bushes taken care of, or want designs that are a little more “out there,” hiring lawn care professionals will ensure your home looks sophisticated at all times. To enjoy their scent both inside and out, plant flowering shrubs next to doors or windows.

Your bushes’ blooming stems can be cut and brought inside to be used in large bouquets. Long branches of forsythia, lilac, or viburnum can be placed within huge vases that would otherwise be dwarfed by typical annual or perennial stems. What an amazing way to welcome spring!

  1. Complete  Lawn Care Packages

Sometimes you simply do not have the time to mow the lawn every week or to keep up with your other lawn care and landscaping needs. By investing in lawn care services, you’ll never need to fret over the state of your lawn again. For homeowners who value their property’s beauty, but are always hyper-busy, this is the best service to consider on this list.

  1. Garden Upkeep

Garden Upkeep

Gardens are all the rage with responsible, sustainably-minded homeowners. Your plants, fruits, and vegetables can live longer and be of higher quality with proper garden maintenance. Almost all plants need a few hours of direct sunlight, although various species have varying needs. It’s crucial to learn how to properly take care of your garden if you want your lovely flowers and outdoor crops to last the season. Those who enjoy gardening typically find time to keep their spaces healthy, but if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, hiring help to perform quality garden upkeep is always a highly recommended idea. With the right help, you can even supercharge the effectiveness and output of your home’s garden.

  1. Curb Appeal Boosting Projects

If you’re looking for lawn care and landscaping projects that will simply boost the curb appeal of your home, the creative professionals on lawn care specialty teams have got you covered. Adding decorations to your home, improving the foundation of your lawn, and other projects will fall under this quality, value-boosting service.

  1. Stone Garden Installation

If you want to save money on maintenance and give a classy-futurist look to your home’s exterior, installing a stone garden is a potential consideration you need to be mulling over. There are many amazing styles of stone gardens, and they can be filled to the brim with certain flowers and plants that require little-to-no maintenance. Simply weed them now and then, and ensure you have a water irrigation system installed in the stone garden, and you’ll unlock beauty that’s incredibly easy to take care of.

  1. Pest and Weed Control Services

Both weed and pest infestation issues put your lawn and property at risk of being greatly damaged. Fixing this damage after the fact can be incredibly difficult and costly, so being ahead of potential threats is crucial for homeowners. If you’re using other professional lawn care services, ask them about any preventative services they can add to your package to ensure your home’s exterior stays as healthy and beautiful as possible. Weeds destroy gardens. Your healthy plants’ roots may become suffocated by them, and they may also host pests and become an unattractive annoyance. Weeding your garden can keep it healthy and flourishing since weeds occupy space and nutrients that your plants may be using.

  1. Artificial Grass Installation

If you want a low-maintenance property, but still want the traditional grass-lawn look, installing artificial grass is the ideal solution. Not only will this grass prevent you from needing constant, costly lawn care and mowing services, but it will allow you to pick the exact look and color of the “grass” that makes up your lawn. The initial installation costs can be high, but the amount you’ll save in the long run makes the investment well worth it.

  1. Tree Planting Services

One of the absolute best ways to make a property feel rejuvenated is to plant new trees on the property. Whether you want to focus on trees that provide shade, that provide lots of natural beauty, or that are simply great for supporting your home’s ecosystem, there are tons of options available. Depending on what type of tree you want, you may have to plant a young tree or sapling, but some trees can be brought to your property fully grown.

Supercharge Your Lawn Care Services

Lawn care and landscaping services go well beyond simple lawn cuts and maintenance. If you want to make the most of your home’s exterior, prevent costly problems with your lawn in the future, or simply want to make your property pop, the professionals at lawn care and landscaping services can help you achieve your goals. With a supercharged lawn care service package, you can make your home more attractive than ever before.

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