An In-Depth Look Into Bollard Posts And Their Uses

Bollard posts are short, sturdy vertical posts installed to protect pedestrians and property from impact. Besides protecting individuals and property, these posts can be used as visual guides and hazard warnings.
These posts can be spotted everywhere where vehicle traffic is common, especially in parking lots and shopping malls. However, even though they largely have the same use, bollard posts aren’t always identical; they come in different materials and different shapes. In addition to that, there are exterior and interior-purposed bollard posts.
If you are interested in finding out more, read below as we go in-depth into how bollard posts work, what they are used for, and much more.

What are bollard posts?

As we have already established, a bollard post in its most basic form is designed and installed to protect pedestrians from vehicle impact. Narrow streets where pedestrians and vehicles are allowed are impossible to imagine without bollard posts.

Some bollard posts must pass resistance tests to ensure they can withstand serious damage and impact. These posts are sturdier than the regular ones and are usually installed by individuals or businesses that want to protect their property.

High-security buildings such as government buildings or police stations all bolster their security with only the sturdiest of bollard posts. But that being said, it doesn’t mean that regular plastic posts are useless.

Non-crash-resistant bollard posts make a great addition to any building and increase safety. Even though the post is not impact resistant, the driver will notice, and it’s more likely that they will slow down while in the area where the bollard posts are installed.

Bollard posts materials

Different bollard posts are made from different materials. The most common ones include stainless steel, plastic, cement, and so on. The material choice plays a great role in the sturdiness of the bollard post.

Furthermore, in order for these bollard posts to protect pedestrians for many years to come, a key point to consider is whether that material will rust and suffer from wear and tear. If you want to ensure that you protect your bollard-post investment, consider purchasing posts that have coating so that corrosion does not occur.

Moreover, if you are running a business, you will also want to align the colors of your business with your bollard post so that they do not stick out, and that’s where bollard post covers come in handy.
Bollard post covers
Expanding on the topic of bollard post covers, businesses around the world use covers to make their bollard post look better and stand out. But that’s not the only reason they use bollard covers. A normal bollard post can be made much more durable with the help of a cover, so if you don’t have a sturdy post and want to boost your security, consider installing covers on your bollard posts.

Furthermore, a bollard post cover can make bollard posts more noticeable. Warehouse workers and truck drivers need to have better visibility of their surroundings, and bollard post covers offer just that.

So, to sum up, besides offering better visibility on the premises where there are installed, they can also add an aesthetic touch or blend in with the style of your business or residential property.
Retractable vs. regular bollard posts
Regular bollard posts will provide you with constant safety. On the other hand, retractable ones will only provide safety when you need them most. Throughout the year, you probably don’t want to use bollard posts, but let’s say, for example, that you own a property of significant value and host many events. In this case, retractable bollard posts are a must.

Guests arriving with vehicles can potentially damage your property, so you need special kinds of bollard posts. The retractable kind can offer you flexible protection, and you can make them appear or disappear with just a click on your smartphone.

Interior bollard posts

Interior bollard posts

We mainly discussed exterior bollard posts, but did you know you can use them indoors too?
Interior bollard posts are used to direct traffic flow and protect in-store appliances and customers. These posts are most commonly made from high-density polyethylene and placed near areas where the store or business inventory could sustain damage. For example, stores usually place bollard posts to keep customers from an area they are not allowed to enter or to prevent them from going too close to appliances that might cause injury.
Furthermore, malls and airports place bollard posts to ensure that traffic flows seamlessly and in the right direction.

Bollard post uses

Bollard post applications are numerous, below, we list just a handful of how they can improve security and protect property and pedestrians.
Secure important areas
Areas such as schools and universities absolutely need to have bollard posts. Children and students need to be protected from traffic in these areas, and the best way to do that is with bollard posts. Besides signs that dictate the speed that drivers need to obey, warning signs and bollard posts are a must because they excel where human perceptiveness doesn’t.

Sidewalks, where vehicle traffic isn’t common, but accidents do still happen, can also be secured with sturdy and impact-resistant bollard posts.

Block traffic temporarily

Many situations require temporary or planned traffic obstruction. But, given that you won’t require round-the-clock bollard post protection, you can use a flexible alternative.
As mentioned previously, retractable bollards are extremely convenient and only provide security when needed.
Prevent vehicle operators from mounting the curb
If you are a business owner, you know how vehicles in front of your store reduce the visibility of your display window, especially those that mount the curb just to park. For that reason, you can opt to install bollard posts in front of your office or store and keep your display window visible.
Increase pedestrian safety
Bollard posts can alert drivers of narrow roads and high pedestrian traffic flow. Both vehicle operators and pedestrians can be assured that their safety is in good hands if these posts are installed in the area.
Although most people respect private property, some can’t help but park in front of your house when the area gets busy. With bollard posts, you can ensure that no one except yourself will use your driveway, and no trespassers will be around your property.

Bollard post requirements

If you are planning to install bollard posts on your property, consult your local building code department and get the right advice. Depending on your area, you will need different permits and advice on the recommended digging depth.

Your bollards could be removed if they are installed correctly. For that reason, consult the local authorities and site planners.

Final Thoughts

Bollard posts will make every area safer and, in some cases, even better looking. Today’s article covered everything you need to know regarding bollard posts – different material, types, and uses. If you are planning to install them, consult your local authorities and ensure that you comply with the law.

Thank you for reading!

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