Benefits of Colourbond Sheds and Installation Tips

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 5, 2021

Are you running out of room in your garage to store your power tools, seasonal items, and garden chemicals? Perhaps, it’s time to invest in a backyard storage shed for extra storage so you can organize your tools, equipment, and other belongings with minimum clutter.

Sheds come in different shapes, sizes, designs, building materials, and configurations. They also vary based on your use case. However, they all offer the same core benefits. Colourbond sheds rank among the most popular options in the Australian market today. These sheds, made of high-quality steel, offer more strength and durability than other materials.

In this post, we’ll talk about the different types of Colourbond sheds, share their main benefits, and offer expert tips for proper installation.

What are Colourbond Sheds?

Colourbond sheds are roofed structures constructed using high-quality, oven-baked finished steel that is resistant to blistering, corrosion, and flaking caused by inclement weather. They’re much stronger and durable compared to wood, plastic, aluminum, and vinyl. Although these modern sheds are relatively more expensive, they’re incredibly long-lasting and available in various colors, designs, and layouts.

Types of Colourbond Sheds

Colourbond Farm Sheds

Australia is no stranger to extreme weather and changing climate conditions throughout the year, with scorching heatwaves, hailstorms, strong winds, and inland floods wreaking havoc across different parts of the country. Therefore, you need a shed that can withstand the elements, especially if you intend to store farming tools, tractors, garden equipment, and livestock as well. Colourbond steel is specially designed for Australian conditions, and therefore, it can withstand rain, hail, wind, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Colourbond Garage Sheds

If you’re planning to build a garage shed, Colourbond garage sheds are excellent for locations prone to bushfires or scorching summers. Colourbond steel is fire and heat-resistant, so it can not only protect your valuables in the event of a residential or outdoor fire but also keep your space cool during the summer down under.

Colourbond Industrial Sheds

These are relatively larger structures generally used by businesses to store their products and equipment. These sheds are incredibly easy to maintain and can last for decades since they can withstand corrosion, rot, and bad weather. More importantly, commercial areas like factories and warehouses are more prone to fires, so Colourbond steel is more salvageable than vinyl, asphalt shingles, and slates.

Benefits of Colourbond Sheds

Design Flexibility and Construction Efficiency

Seeking a quick and reliable shed solution, property owners will be pleased to learn that Colourbond sheds are designed specifically for speedy construction, saving time and money. Moreover, they provide greater design flexibility in size, layout, and foundation, as components adhere to pre-specified requirements, minimizing wastage on site.

Several Colour Choices

Several Colour Choices

Colourbond sheds offer more aesthetic benefits compared to their counterparts, as you can choose from up to 20 standard colors. This can save a lot of time and money on paint jobs as well, especially if other Colourbond products, such as gutters, roofs, fences, or downpipes, are already pre-equipped on your property. In this case, you can easily match the color of your shed or create a custom palette by blending different colors.

Unparalleled Strength and Durability

Colourbond steel comprises a higher percentage of zinc and aluminum, making it more corrosion-resistant than most metallic shed materials in the market. Moreover, a customized paint finish bakes the metal, resisting flaking, peeling, and blistering even in extreme weather conditions. Lastly, high-quality steel ensures that it maintains structural integrity longer than most shed materials in the market.

100% Recyclable

Colourbond steel is 100% recyclable which makes it sustainable and better for the environment, especially considering its low depreciation rate. Since it’s pre-cut, it also minimizes on-site waste, making it more cost-effective as you can use the pieces in making other products or smaller designs. The company’s lighter color options are also more thermally efficient than other steel products in the market, meaning you can save on energy bills in the long run.

Simple Maintenance

One of the most important benefits of Colourbond steel is that it requires minimal professional intervention for maintenance. All your shed requires is a simple wash every few months to prevent dirt, insects, and cobweb congregation, especially if you live in rural areas or on a farm in Victoria.

Tips for Installation

Colourbond sheds are highly useful, especially for people living in areas with bad weather conditions. So, if you’re ready to install this shed on your property, you first need to check with your supplier to see if your design meets Australian Standards, including the National Construction Code (NCC). Here are some installation tips that will come in handy whether you’re taking the DIY route or hiring professionals:

  • The shed materials come with an instruction manual for tools required for the job and safety precautions. Make sure to read it properly to ensure you organize yourself from the start.
  • When preparing the site, try to remove anything that might obstruct you from working or cause an accident.
  • Mark out the land area clearly according to the design layout using chalk. You can start by marking the bracket positions.
  • While assembling the portal columns, ensure that you place the brackets in the right positions so that the apex plate, haunch plates, and rafters are all installed properly on the first go.
  • Before erecting the portal frames, make sure that the portals are square and straight using a spirit level.
  • If you plan to install multiple doors and windows, measure the frame beforehand to ensure the mullions fit correctly.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re planning to build small backyard storage for your power tools and gardening chemicals, or additional storage for your products, livestock, and workplace equipment, Colourbond sheds are the most cost-effective way of optimizing your usable space as quickly as possible. Incredibly lightweight and durable, you can configure Colourbond steel to your exact specifications.

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