Why You Should Build a Home Capable of Emphasizing Unique Antiques

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: March 7, 2023

If you are lucky enough to have any antique pieces in your home, you might think it’s simply a matter of placing it where it can be seen and calling it a day. But that is doing a disservice to your piece. Sometimes an antique deserves more than that.

Older pieces have a story behind them. It’s possible to stop and stare at an antique piece and lose yourself for a little while in a creative backstory – whether the seller-provided one, or whether you fill in all the gaps yourself. Damage, signs of age like rust or patinas, and areas that were worn down by years of use all represent chapters in that story, and even those of us who favor modernist styles can agree that musing on the decades – if not centuries – behind an old possession is an experience like no other.

For that reason alone, putting time, thought, and effort into deciding where your antiques should live – and how they should be presented to you and your visitors – is very important. Everything is about bringing out that story and letting it unfold in your home from the lighting to the staging.

Take a look at our suggestions for all the ways you can improve your home to really show off your antiques.

Put the paint down

Wallpaper can be changed more easily than paint

We are not discouraging anyone from enjoying the recent trend of upcycling furniture. Fast fashion gets talked about way more than fast furniture and it’s good that people are circumventing a lot of it by taking the old and making it new. But take a close look at the item you have. If you have an antique in front of you, a paint job isn’t the way forward. Instead, you might want to give it a little TLC. It might have some scratches (that can add character but can also be filled in). It might be missing a few pieces that can be replaced. It might simply need a good cleaning. And if you want a change, you can always add a coat of varnish.

If you really want to add a pop of color to your home, don’t paint antiques. Instead, grab some furniture for cheap prices and enjoy making it your own. That’s part of the fun of homeownership, and it’s a great way to add your own personal touch to something that will last for many more years to come.

Spotlight your favorites

Spotlight your favorites

You should think about your lighting situation when thinking about your vintage pieces. Natural light is great for showcasing the entire room, color scheme, items, et all. But if you have something you really want to spotlight, you have many ways to go around it. For example, a piece of art or a mirror can be jazzed up with some sconce wall lighting. Either one overhead or one on either side. Play around with lamps on a piece of antique furniture, and create mood lighting in the room that really shows off the pieces you love.

Light up the room

Consider how much light you want

However, there is nothing better than natural light to show off your home. You might consider tall windows or even glass doors to maximize light when building your home. Maximize natural light in your home by hanging mesh curtains rather than thick curtains that will block the light. And if you’re on the lookout for antique pieces anyway, consider getting a mirror, which will bounce light around the room and make it look bigger.

Moody lamplight, candlelight and picture lights are all great for putting the spotlight on a piece. Choose a warmer bulb with a golden honey cast to it. Bright white spotlights will look at odds with the age of the piece, and may just end up washing it out.

Go thrift shopping

Vintage Furniture

But where do you get antiques? It is a good question. You’re not likely to get a vintage vase from your local Walmart, or any other high street store that has to keep up with the trends. Instead, you should take a look at vintage stores.

The sort of place that works out of a warehouse or a large garage, down alleys or off country roads. As dodgy as that sounds, you’re more likely to come across lots of decorative pieces, even art, and find something that has survived the ages and will look great in your home – usually for a fraction of what it’s worth. And never discount charity stores. You’d be surprised what people will give away for free, unaware or not caring how much value it actually holds. It’s certainly true what they say – one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of that. And usually, the charity shop owner is unaware too.

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