Building Blocks: Everything You Need to Know About Brick Homes

Building a house is no easy task. Even if you have experience in construction, every project is slightly different. You need to look at the specific requirements of that job to come up with a strategy that will work. Building a beautiful home is everyone’s desire, but for most people, the first point of focus is a home’s structural soundness. Structural integrity can be a challenge when it comes to building homes. When building a house, it can be hard to gauge how well the house will stand against the test of time.

Building Blocks

It generally takes a few years for problems to start surfacing. Oftentimes these are These problems that are a reflection of the quality of the structure rather than general wear-and-tear on the house. In a couple of years, or perhaps in 5 years, a house might not have aged at all, but all of the inefficiencies of the construction methods and materials will start to show.

This particular issue is something that a number of people in New Zealand are dealing with today. Especially in the case of homes that were built in the late 90s and early 2000s. If you want to protect your home from these issues here are a few important things to keep in mind.


The most important concern when it comes to the durability and efficiency of the structure is to choose a material that can weather the environmental conditions of the region. For instance, developers in Australia choose to go with brick as the main building material because of the high risk of fires and natural pests such as termites. In other regions, such as Northern Europe where neither of these problems exists, and wood is available in abundance, timber is a more convenient option.

Wall Drainage

In countries such as Australia and New Zealand where there is plenty of rain, heat, and humidity, it is important for the building to be able to release moisture. Over the years people have developed various building procedures that are designed to meet these very specific problems.

However, even with a great design if low-quality material is used, it will eventually lead to problems. This is where weep vents help as they are a quick cure to wall drainage in cavity walls. Before investing in weep vents it is important that you check the type of wall you have. In some cases, there is no room between the exterior and interior surface of the wall for moisture to trickle down through. Weep vents will work best in cases where this gap exists and the excess moisture just needs some space from where it can escape the wall.

Leaky Homes

Leaky Homes

Due to bad construction, low-quality products, and inefficient design, a lot of homes built in New Zealand around the 2000s are having leakage issues. This is not just an issue of a leaky gutter or a leaky drain but concerns the structure of the entire house, which collects the moisture that will eventually seep through the building. This is costing homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars and is ruining the value of the house for those interested in selling their property. Even though there have been countless court cases against developers, suppliers, housing authorities, and many other stakeholders, victims are yet to find a solution.

In some cases repairing the building simply isn’t an option because the entire structure is flawed. To save yourself from such a situation it is important that you do your homework before you invest your hard-earned money. Leaky homes are not only bad to look at but they are unsafe to live in. In homes with serious leakage problems people have had to evacuate the premises and the entire asset has gone to waste.

Design vs. Construction

In European architecture, bricks have often been used for their visual appeal rather than as the main source of building material. Houses and buildings dating back from the Victorian era, and even earlier, have used many different kinds of bricks to decorate along with many other natural materials, such as marble and slate. In fact, a lot of the tiles that European architects used in their designs were materials that came from other parts of the world.

In New Zealand, brick construction is coming back into fashion. More and more houses are using brick not just for decoration but for the construction of the structure itself.

As brick is made from completely natural materials, it is not only fantastic for the environment but also has unique properties that artificial materials can’t replicate. For instance, it is extremely good at regulating the internal temperature of the home during the summer and winter. Any changes in the external climate permeate through the brick structure and can impact the internal conditions of the house. If you are looking purely for something that will look good, then there are plenty of modern brick styles that you can choose from.

These come in a variety of forms and sizes and are available in many non-traditional colors. Classic bricks are also available and have been upgraded to meet the latest safety, quality, and warranty requirements. These are available in both the classic clay colors as well as other unique designs In terms of durability, both kinds will work very well.


Most homeowners will want to have insulation installed in their homes. To make this possible you need to have the right kind of walls. If you want to get foam insulation then cavity walls will be great. For layered insulation, any kind of framed wall will work well. The important thing is that you make space for the insulation during the build because it can be very hard to incorporate the insulation in a home that isn’t designed for it.

The main reasons to use bricks when designing and building your house would be their durability, reliability, adaptability, and unique look. However, it does come at a price. The most important thing is that you work with a specialist right from the get-go and start looking into the finer points, like wall drainage. This will make all the difference. Unlike wooden houses, brick structures are not very easy to redo. However, with the right preparation, you will set yourself up for success and save yourself a lot of money in the process.=

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