A Brief Guide For Homebuyers Looking To Buy A Multifamily Unit

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: March 14, 2022

Buying a new home is exciting. Moving into your dream home can be a delightful and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although it’s fairly common for people to own more than one home, most are only able to own one. So if you’re one of the fortunate ones, make sure you do it right while trying to buy a home, especially when it’s prebuilt.

Why Should You Be Keen On the Little Details?

Multifamily Unit home

In real estate, there are many instances where people get scammed which may lead to huge debts or heavy and unnecessary losses.

Individuals or companies who invest in real estate are undoubtedly in the business for huge profits. Many cases in history suggest that sometimes developers profit from selling poorly built houses.

Sometimes, the features are top-notch and you end up paying extra than you should’ve while buying a home. You might think that you’re getting a great deal because of the extra quality, finish, and furnishings, only to realize that you were upsold.

If you notice that you might be offered more than the market’s usual, you might also need to check for simple problems like faulty interior features to severe ones such as major construction faults. In this post, we will look at the most common aspects you need to carefully verify to ensure you’re paying for what you’re getting.

Analyze Underused Space and Potential for Expansion

While looking to buy multifamily properties, you must think creatively and strategically to recognize venues that you can remodel to their maximum potential. Doing so can prove critical to the success and profitability of multifamily properties.

The functionality and efficient usage of space is crucial when you try to make your multifamily investment perform. For instance, you might be able to notice several underutilized areas that can be turned into additional bedrooms, storage areas, or parking spaces.

Built Quality

Assuming that you have covered potentially major problems such as construction quality and fire safety features, another area that developers skimp on is the quality of interior fittings and features.

While the obvious ones like uneven plastering or damaged flooring are easily visible, you may need an expert to figure out the quality materials such as wood or steel used on countertops.

Safety Features

Today, there are many multifamily builders and companies that opt for modular construction methods for their projects. Unlike concrete or steel structures, such projects use a lot of flammable materials like processed wood for walls and structuring.

It is imperative for new homebuyers to check if these construction practices were religiously executed. Always check if all the safety features are in place according to the enforced standards.

Look out for Deferred Maintenance

Look out for Deferred Maintenance

You must verify evident maintenance and relevant records of the property to find any deferred maintenance. Missing out on this over the checklist can end up costing you a fortune.

You will be forced to be responsible for the repair works as new tenants would rely on and expect solutions from the current owners. You can add up or deduce these considerations while you value the property before closing the deal.

Communicate with Existing Tenants While Seeing the Property

It would be a good idea to seek information from existing tenants while trying to value a potential multifamily unit. Doing so will give ideas about a couple of things. One, you can understand the kind of tenants you will potentially be dealing with.

Secondly, you will get a better idea of the property’s history and possible construction or maintenance issues. Also, it’s better not to disclose the sale information to tenants as there are chances of them moving out due to new construction or possible rent hikes.

Modern Sustainability

Modern Sustainability

Although looking for maximum natural light isn’t a new thing, getting a house that gets good light at an affordable price is getting harder day by day because of growing sustainability requirements. The more light you get, the more efficient your home becomes.

Understand who you’re purchasing from

While looking to buy multifamily units, it is better to have a good understanding of the company or broker you’re dealing with. The purchase price and transactional effectiveness can vary a lot depending upon the seller, their intentions, and motivations.

Assess Property Resale Value

No matter if you’re buying multifamily units to rent out, you should still consider potential future financial risks and consider the resale value of the property you intend to purchase.

The market for multifamily units fluctuates and can be lower in many areas for different kinds of reasons. It is always better to include properties that have good resale value in your portfolio. This will not only lessen the risk but is promising on the revenue front as well.


It is both risky as well as rewarding to invest in multifamily real estate. To avoid undue risks, you must do good due diligence, and meticulously value potential properties to ensure profitability and success.

It is imperative that you strategically devise modifications and further business by identifying areas that you can expand and improve.

While the primary focus of realtors is to make a sale, they seldom tell you the truth about the properties they give you a tour of. You might get to check the houses in their prepared form but it’s hard to precisely find out about actualities regarding the property.

So it’s imperative that you check and conduct thorough research on the property and the company that built it to save yourself from expensive troubles in the future.

Buy A Multifamily Unit

Multifamily Unit

Last, but not least, you must see to it that your emotions don’t decide and tell you how to do business. Especially for beginners, closing their first deal might be quite thrilling.

However, a bad deal that can bankrupt you could be detrimental to your whole career. You must balance your excitement with objective analysis.

Take your time and research before closing any deal to avoid being played. An easy way to start with your research would be to get details and check the track record of the developer/realtor.

Thank you for reading!


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