Can I Make The Garage Door Taller?

Do you know how to make the garage door taller? Is it possible to increase the height of my garage door? If you want to increase the width or height of a four to six-inch opening in the garage door, you’ll have to remove the adjust the door opener and railings to accommodate the larger door. Instead, you’ll need to remove and rebuild a garage sidewall to make more room for new entries to install.

Installing a garage door opener may seem overwhelming, installation kits now include everything you need to get the job done. The installation of a garage door opener is complicated because of the accompanying instructions and the simplicity of the wiring. However, it’s helpful if you’ve done some research on installing and using them so that the task goes more smoothly.

Make the Garage Door Taller

The following information will help you when you decide to install your garage door opener.

Is it possible to alter the garage door’s height? Changing a garage door’s opening and closing height is possible by modifying the garage door opener’s limits. Setting your garage door’s opening and closing height correctly not only enhances security but also reduces energy consumption.

Is it possible to make my garage taller? Short answer: absolutely. If you want to raise the existing roof plane by more than 150 millimeters, you’ll have to get permission from the city. Most likely, you’d like to add several inches to the height of your garage’s roof. Unfortunately, many homeowners still go ahead and do it anyway, even though they don’t have permission to do so.

What’s the average height of a garage door? There is no universally accepted standard for single-car garage door width and height; instead, it’s more like 8 ft wide by 7 ft tall for most places. A double garage door measures 16 feet long by 7 feet wide.

Changing Out Your Garage Door

Changing Out Your Garage Door

The best way to make your garage door taller is to replace it with a new one. Your old door is replaced with a beautiful new one that is trouble-free and won’t require any additional maintenance in the future.

It’s also not too difficult. However, there’s a learning curve, so it’s probably best left to a professional garage door team with that much experience and specialized equipment.

To make room for a larger garage door, it’s common for workers to rip apart the door’s surrounding frames.

Don’t worry; you will replace it once the new door is installed and framed. So you won’t have to be concerned about making an older door taller, matching panel colors, or with anything else.

Increasing The Size Of Your Garage Door By Adding Another Panel

Adding another panel to your garage door is a quick and affordable way to make it taller. Although your current garage door was likely made to fit your home’s dimensions, there’s a chance you can get away with adding an extra panel.

Consider whether your current garage door system can support the added weight of a new panel before making the purchase. Although the added weight can cause the system to break down and cause you more problems than in some months or even years, it will be worth it.

Even if you’re just curious, you can always consult with an expert and learn whether or not adding a new panel is an option. For example, if your door gets heavier, you may need a new operating system, such as an opener.

How To Make A Taller Door: Adjusting Tracks Or Setting Up New Tracks

The location of your tracks and the angle at which they operate significantly impact the maximum door height. Their tracks may need to be moved up or the inclination changed to fit the changing panel.

Unless you already have family members or friends who could help, it’s probably preferable to hire someone to change garage door tracks for you because there are many mechanical devices.

Nevertheless, by not acquiring a whole new door, you would save money, and you will have more room in your garage for the items you desire to store there.

A Look Above Your Garage Door To See If There’s Any Room

Even if your garage door opening is framed and sheetrocked, your chances of making it taller increase.

If you have a capable staff or are skilled enough, you can easily cut through the wood framing and drywall to widen the opening. Brick or other hard materials on the walls around your garage door, or a lack of available space, make your decision more difficult.

You’re now dealing with a more involved remodeling project, and you’ll have to decide whether or not investing in a taller garage door is worth the additional cost of having to open the space. It would be determined by speaking with an expert garage door installer or general contractor.

Take into account the weight of the door.

The weight of your garage door should be taken into consideration whenever you make any changes to it.

There is a lot of weight on garage doors, and they are constructed with springs and balancing that are rated for a certain amount of weight. Is your garage door opener capable of handling the additional weight if you can only add a panel to your existing door?

You don’t want your garage door to be structurally damaged by a snapped spring or something else, making it useless. Then, on top of everything else, you’ll have to pay for a brand-new garage door.

When garage doors malfunction, the inconvenience is obvious, but there’s also a safety concern. If it’s stuck open, you’ll be concerned about the security of your home until it’s repaired.

What’s the maximum height that a garage door should go up?

In the rear of the garage, this is how far you can walk before hitting an obstruction. When opening, the garage door necessitates space to roll all the way up. The general rule of thumb is to add 18 inches to the door height.

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