Can I Paint My Teak Garden Furniture?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: November 3, 2021

When you think of a patio garden, you think of beauty, elegance, and nature. A place that stands out. Well, garden furniture teak gives you just that.

Can I Paint My Teak Garden Furniture?

Garden Furniture paint

‘King of Woods’, as it is known, teak is the best material for quality garden furniture due to its rich properties. It has natural oils, which make it strong and long-lasting. The oils also ensure that the furniture resists wear and decay. However, everything deteriorates over time after several uses. When the same happens to furniture, the most opted solution is to paint it.

Paint adds a protective layer against elements, preventing environmental damage, and most importantly, acts as an effective barrier against moisture. It also makes your furniture look appealing and refreshes the outlook. But, it’s not always the right choice. Since garden teak also comes under the category of furniture, that is why people think they can paint it to have the same finish achieved again. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. If you are also pondering over whether you can paint your garden furniture teak or not, you must go through the information below.

Can I paint my teak garden furniture to keep it in top shape? Let’s find out.

To Paint or Not To Paint?

It is not advisable to paint your teak furniture, especially when it’s brand new. You can wait for some time to allow its oil to come to the surface. Also, if you decide to paint because it has weathered, you are urged to first prime it with aluminum oxide.

Due to the teak wood’s unique properties, it is the easiest wood to maintain. It produces natural oils that keep the wood moist, help prevent rot and crack, and keep away termites and other insects that destroy furniture. Therefore, painting might interfere with these properties.

The paint will cover its natural beauty and inhibit paint adhesion which can cause damage to the surface. It is also difficult for paint to adhere to this type of wood due to its untouched oily nature.

Alternatives To Painting Teak Garden Furniture

Instead of painting your teak wood, there are many other ways to decorate your outdoor furniture and make them more desirable.

Some tactics to make your teak furniture look good and presentable are:

Accessorize with pillows and cushions

You can resolve to play around with colors and see what works best for you. This way, you spend a little of your time.

Do not use fabrics or put cushions on your teak furniture while still new to avoid staining.

Clean It

Even though it has a natural resistance to rot, molds can still form on the surface. It is suitable to clean with a soft brush and mild soap or teak cleaner, rinse it away thoroughly and let it dry.

Is Treating Teak Furniture Possible?

Teak Furniture

Do’s and Don’ts

There are some other tips to know if you want to maintain your teak furniture to last long.

Teak Oil

Teak Oil

Applying teak oil or any other oils won’t help you in case you want your teak to look the same honey-brown in color as brand-new. Instead, it will make your teak dependent on it for continuous applications to avoid drying.

Teak Sealer

Spilling out a mug of coffee on your garden teak table will give you nightmares as it can stain your aesthetic table. Therefore, as a protective measure, you can use a water-based teak sealer from a reliable source, ensuring that it won’t be visible after application.

Some other products available to help you in maintaining your garden teak are:

  • Teak protector
  • Teak cleaner
  • Teak optimizer

Reason Why Painting Teak Wood Furniture is Not a Good Idea

As earlier seen, you can opt for other ways to maintain your teak furniture and make it look presentable and brand new.

The reason why you shouldn’t consider painting your teak furniture is that teak doesn’t paint well. Also, when you paint it, you will make it dependent on the paint to keep it in pristine shape, hence ending up having to repeat this process every year.

As you can tell, this becomes expensive, and you spend a lot of time maintaining your furniture. And you don’t want this, do you?

Painting Teak – The Last Resort

Painting Teak – The Last Resort

Painting is not the thing to enhance your teak garden furniture. However, if you want that old, weathered teak to serve you until you get enough budget for the new outdoor furniture, you may opt for this solution temporarily.

Follow these steps to paint your teak furniture.

  • Wipe It All

Paint always adheres and gives off a finished appearance when applied on a clean surface. Therefore, before you begin, make sure you have wiped off the whole surface. You can either mix detergent in lukewarm water or use a sponge for cleaning. Then let it dry.

  • Fill Holes and Sanding

Checking for holes and filling them before painting is a crucial part of preparing a surface for painting. After that, sanding is required to let the paint adhere properly and prevent peeling.

  • Apply Primer

We all are aware of the function of primer. If you forget to use a primer before painting your teak, everything will go in vain. There will be a high chance of natural oils bleeding through paint coatings. Primer, an undercoat, does the trick by preventing staining and providing you with a smooth, finished look.

  • Let’s Paint

Now, as you have successfully prepared the surface, you can choose suitable color to paint the furniture. Remember to apply at least two coats for better results. Oil-based paints are mostly recommended for outdoor purposes.


You don’t have to paint your teak furniture. Teak requires low maintenance since it is highly durable.

When well maintained, teak furniture remains beautiful and strong for years—even sometimes decades.

If your furniture is old and doesn’t like its current look, you can opt to sell it at a fair price and purchase a new set. Remember that even though your teak furniture has discolored, it will still sell. Teak is always in high demand.

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