Carpet Cleaning Myths That Should Be Debunked Immediately

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: July 5, 2022

A carpet can enhance your home’s aesthetic by manifolds but when you are a busy person with a hectic schedule, maintaining carpets is not possible. It is time-consuming work and requires patience and hard work.

This is where carpet cleaning North Shore services step in and help you by taking over the responsibility of cleaning your carpet. They are experts who are trained to handle even the dirtiest carpets.

Whether your carpet has a stain, pet odor, or accumulation of dust, they have the necessary equipment and cleaning products to make your carpet look new.

However, just like all other professional services, there are misconceptions that you would hear regarding carpet cleaning too. This breaks your trust, ultimately causing you trouble when you have a dirty carpet at home.

Therefore, here are some of the top carpet cleaning myths that should be debunked immediately for your benefit.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Cleaning The Carpet Would Get It Dirty Faster

Cleaning The Carpet 1

When your carpets are not cleaned using the correct equipment and method, they would definitely get dirty faster. If the method used is not the correct one, then some sticky soil and residue would be left behind, which would get your carpet dirty easily.

However, by hiring a reliable company, your carpet would be in good hands. When the carpet is cleaned thoroughly using the right cleaning products, it stays in pristine condition for several months.

Steam Cleaning Results In The Growth Of Mold

Steam Cleaning 2

Yes, there could be mold growth on your carpet if they are not cleaned properly and this usually happens when you resort to DIY cleaning. Professionals know how to clean properly and keep the cleanliness intact for a maximum period of time.

Proper cleaning of carpets will never lead to the growth of mold. When you leave your carpet wet for several days, it would naturally creates an environment that would be favorable for the growth of mold. Be careful and get your carpet properly cleaned to avoid mildew.

Excessive Vacuuming Leads To Faster Carpet Damage

Modern carpets are designed in such a way that they could handle vacuuming every day. However, when investing in any vacuum you should first find out whether it is compatible with the material of your carpet or not.

Some vacuums could be a lot more aggressive than others; however, that is not the norm, and it is safe to use vacuums now for everyday modern carpet cleaning.

For most homes, vacuuming their carpet once a week is considered enough, and the soil that usually dirties the carpet is dry soil which could be easily removed using a vacuum. Areas that are subjected to high traffic or carpets in business areas require everyday cleaning.

Baking Soda Would Remove Any Smell From The Carpet

This is one of the biggest misconceptions you would get to hear regarding carpet cleaning that has been passed down through generations, but this is not correct.

This might be a temporary solution, but in reality, it would just mask the smell and will not help you get rid of it from the roots. Again, using powder deodorizer is not a wise idea because while vacuuming, cleaning them out is a hectic task.

The best way to get rid of any odor is to remove it from the source. For example, when you consider pet urine, it would get soaked through the fibers and also the carpet pads.

The layers which have been contaminated must be neutralized by not just baking soda. Flushing out the contamination from the source with the help of professional carpet cleaning services is the best solution.

Carpet Will Cause Allergies


Yes, you might have heard that carpet will cause allergies, but there is a deeper reason behind that. According to experts, carpets act as filters; therefore, any kind of dust, mite, soil, or even dander could get stuck there, and allergies might happen from them.

Then what should you do? Regular professional carpet cleaning is the solution to that.

Many people avoid it thinking that carpet cleaning is expensive but in the long run, trying to save some money, you would jeopardize your health. You should also vacuum your carpet at regular intervals

You Do Not Have To Clean The Carpet If It Is New

A lot of people would still consider their carpet to be new, but in reality, it is already a few years old. Carpets are designed in such a way that even with dirt and soil on them, they would look clean. When the dirt resurfaces and becomes visible, it would be too late.

Make sure you hire carpet cleaning services every 6-12 months to keep your carpet going for a long and get your money’s worth. The maximum you could opt out of cleaning your carpet should be 18 months.

Steam Cleaning Results In Carpet Shrinkage

This is another misconception that has been passed down for generations. Most of the carpets that you purchase are manufactured using synthetic material; therefore, the chances of shrinkage are next to impossible.

Professionals would first understand the material of your carpet before assigning the right type of cleaning procedure.

If there are chances that a carpet could shrink due to steam cleaning, then there are 4 other different types of cleaning methods that could be applied. Almost 75% of upholstery, as well as 85% of carpeting, is safe from steam cleaning, so you have nothing to worry about.

Dry Cleaning Is Comparatively Better Than Steam Cleaning

There is a myth that dry cleaning is considered better than steam cleaning. and according to experts, this myth might have risen from bad carpet cleaning.

There are several ways of cleaning a carpet, and it completely depends on the carpet material and the external factors, the cleaning method that would be applied. Each cleaning procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dry cleaning has an advantage when compared to hot water extraction cleaning; it is a drier cleaning method. However, there are disadvantages too like how it is more of a surface cleaning method and not a deep cleaning one.

It completely depends on your requirement and the kind of carpet cleaning service you would be opting for.

Wrapping up, these are the top myths surrounding carpet cleaning that you would get to hear often.

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