Central Air Conditioning Problems You Should Let The Experts Handle

Central Air Conditioning Problems

Although air conditioner manufacturers design their products to last for years without a problem, certain factors can change that fact. If proper maintenance isn’t prioritized, air conditioners are bound to have problems that can not always be fixed by hacks and require professional care. You don’t have to be an expert in air conditioners to know when something’s wrong, and while it’s okay to deal with small problems like dirty air filters by yourself, other major problems should only be looked at by air conditioning experts.

Problems can arise due to many factors, whether it’s poor installation, faulty service procedures, or irregular maintenance. While you can’t solve every problem that arises in your AC system, you should be aware of the difference between problems you can and cannot solve. You’ll end up doing more harm than good when you try to deal with complex problems in the AC system, therefore, it’s best to ask for help when it’s absolutely needed. Here are some of the common AC problems that you should let professionals handle.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioner’s evaporator coils are responsible for absorbing heat from the environment like a sponge. They contain a refrigerant that is used to control the temperature and humidity in a room. Warm air must circulate around these coils for them to function correctly. While this may appear to be counterintuitive, it properly adjusts the airflow to guarantee maximum cooling. When there isn’t enough warm air surrounding these coils, they become too cold and a layer of ice builds on the outside. As a result, your AC systems will either release warm air or no air at all. In case this happens, you need to get expert help to fix the airflow regulation of your air conditioning system.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils of your AC system are connected to the evaporator coils and are responsible for getting rid of the warm air, or heat absorbed from your room. The condenser coils are part of the external unit and are responsible for venting the absorbed air outside the building. However, if the condenser is covered in filth, dust, and grime, it will not function properly. This is a common issue, particularly in metropolitan places like New York, Singapore, etc, where the air is polluted with dust and other toxins. When condenser coils become filthy, they get clogged, increasing the impedance of the heat transfer process and requiring your system to work twice as hard to complete its job. This can lead to increased wear on the AC components, decreased system efficiency, or even system failure. This is why professionals at aircon servicing Singapore emphasize the importance of regular maintenance and upkeep. With regular inspections, you’ll always be aware of whether or not your unit needs cleaning or repair services.

Leaking Ducts

The duct system that runs through the walls and ceilings of your room is linked to the AC system and is responsible for supplying chilled air to your room. However, if there are any holes or cracks in the ducts, the cool air will not flow into your room and instead leak along the way. These holes might be caused by rodents or negligent workers. Whatever the cause, duct leaks can cause your air conditioning system’s energy consumption to rise because nearly all of the cooled air is lost along the way.

Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains

Your air conditioning system has to remove heat and moisture from your room to cool it completely. While the warm air is dispelled out of the condenser coils, the moisture needs somewhere to get out of as well. For this purpose, drain lines are present in your AC system, which empty the absorbed moisture into a pan and finally down a drain. If any element of the drain system becomes clogged, or if the pan becomes full, the water will flow backward, causing serious damage to your air conditioning system. Moreover, this issue can create water leaks, which can harm your ceiling, walls, or furnishings. Therefore, if you discover any water leaks from your system, you must contact a professional as soon as possible.

Fan Issues

There are two fans present in your AC system; one is responsible for blowing indoor air over your unit’s evaporator coils to cool the air while the other is responsible for expelling the hot air outside the system. If due to any reason, either of these fans stops working properly, your unit’s airflow gets disrupted and causes problems. The fans can malfunction as a result of faulty motors, worn belts, insufficient lubrication, or too many dust particles. Whatever the reason, this problem shouldn’t be overlooked otherwise you risk losing your compressor, which is a death sentence for your AC unit.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the material that is responsible for removing the heat and humidity out of a room in order to cool it. However, if leaks develop in the refrigerant lines there won’t be enough refrigerant left to cool the air. To fix this problem, an air conditioning technician would not just have to replace the refrigerant but also find all the leaks in the system and fix them. Therefore, this can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Thermostat Problems

If your AC unit has the traditional dial-type thermostat, its calibration is required to be set perfectly otherwise your system won’t be getting the correct instructions. Although this problem is comparatively easier to fix, you should still get help from an expert with reinstalling or recalibrating your unit’s thermostat. Experts suggest that you get the new programmable thermostats calibrated with the help of a professional, otherwise small errors could affect the performance of your system.

Electric Control Failure

If the air conditioner system is turned on and off frequently, the compressor and fan controls wear out and malfunction. The wire system could also be affected by corrosion and therefore, regular maintenance and inspection are required for air conditioning systems to ensure their efficiency.

Air conditioners are no more a luxury in many regions, however, their problems are still very common. While many people try to solve these problems by themselves, that may not always be the best idea in case of complex malfunctions occur. It is therefore important that you know when you get professional help to ensure that your AC unit remains in shape.

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