How To Choose The Best Home Security Cameras: A Guide

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 14, 2021

Home Security Cameras

Whenever we think about home security, the very first solution that comes to our mind is home security. From CCTV cameras to new smart cameras with more advanced technology, security cameras have changed the dimension of home security.

But that does not mean you can just buy any security cameras and install them at your house. If you are thinking this is all you are required to do for securing your home, we have to tell you you are living in the dark.

You have to choose and install the best quality camera for your house. There are a lot of things you have to take under consideration to get a safe and secure living.

Choosing The Best Home Security Cameras

If you do not know a lot about home security cameras, you can check the site, as Smith Thompson offers an amazing option for different types of cameras. Here we are also offering you a guide on choosing the best home security cameras.

When you are going to purchase a home security camera, there are several factors you should take under consideration.

Video Resolution

Whenever we are talking about cameras, we can not forget about video resolution. In order to identify people with their face, clothing, features, and actions, a resolution of 1080p or higher than that will be the best solution.

In addition to that, 1080p also looks good on large screens, like television and computers. So, you do not have to rely on the small screen of your mobile anymore. If you want excellent video quality, you should go for 2K video resolution.

Frame Rate

At least 15 FPS or frames per second will be a nice choice for your home security cameras. It is a must when you are wishing to get smooth motion in videos. Smooth videos are actually less susceptible to motion blurriness.

So, it can reduce the details, though your cameras are of high resolution. You will need video surveillance cameras with at least 24fps for the results, which are closer to what you wish from a television.

Field Of View

The second thing you should look for in the field of view. Consider the minimum range of 130°, which will allow you to see a large area both outdoors and indoors while keeping the subjects as reasonable size within the particular video frame.

For an outdoor security camera or a video doorbell, considering a viewing angle of 160° will be a reasonable choice. When you are going with this field of view, you will definitely need fewer cameras to cover the entire area.

Night Vision

Night Vision

After the sun goes down, a camera with a night vision range of 30 feet will be more helpful for you. When it comes to recording in complete darkness, most security cameras utilize the advanced technology of infrared LEDs.

Everything is pretty great and impressive. But if you want to secure your home totally from the inside and outside, considering a security camera model with a secondary spotlight will be great.

Storage Capacity

Now comes the storage capacity. If you are considering local storage, in most cases, it is an SD card, a storage capacity of at least 32 GB is required. It is enough for keeping the recordings for a couple of weeks when your camera resolution is 1080p.

For cloud storage solutions, the storage should store at least the video history of 14 days or more than that. There are also many security cameras available in the market, which comes with local storage of 64GB and even 128GB. But in that case, you obviously need to pay more.

Convenient Mobile App

When it comes to controlling your Wi-Fi security system, a convenient mobile app option works the best. With the app, you will be able to receive notifications, view video footage, along with adjusting the settings for a more enhanced experience.

In addition to all these, it also comes with attractive features like two-way audio, sharing cameras access, smart home controls with your households. Different security providers offer different application solutions for your home.

Motion Detection

For video storage and managing notification, a motion detection camera makes everything a lot easier. For most people, those models that are equipped with motion sensors and motion zones are enough.

At the same time, if you are ready and capable of spending more, you also can configure smart detection. Using AI or artificial intelligence technology, smart detection helps a smart security camera be capable of identifying and also notifying you of the people, vehicles, animals, and any other objects.


Your outdoor cameras have to be weather-proof. You will definitely not want the money that you invested in installing those security cameras to drain away with heavy rain. Yeah we know weatherproof cameras come at a price.

You can save money by installing normal cameras indoors. Also, check for the video quality of the camera during bad weather days.


At present, when everything is wireless, why will you install cameras, which need a wired connection for the power sources? Here, batteries come to rescue you. You just need to recharge them to keep your cameras running.

Plus, it improves your safety, as cutting the power connection will not stop those cameras from working. For outdoor purposes, battery-operated cameras are undoubtedly the best option. Still, you can stick to wired ones, as you do not need to change the batteries every now or then.

Security System

Only having cameras will not be able to offer you a complete security measure until and unless you are improving its work arena by installing professional monitoring and security sensors.

It will also increase both your installation budget and servicing expenses on a monthly basis. But if you ask, we will always advise you to consider both the security and money as you do not want to lose money due to more or less security.

Final Tips

Make sure when you are going to invest your money in security solutions, you are investing in the right equipment. No one will want to waste their money by getting an average security system, which will not be able to secure the home. Along with this, you also have to be very careful when buying a home security system.

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