5 Reasons Why a Pro Is Best to Clean Tiles & Grout

Clean Tiles & Grout

Although you might prefer doing your own work, hiring a pro to clean your tiles and grout may be the best idea. Here’s why:

Cleaning is one of those daily chores that we make a habit out of so that our houses remain attractive and hygienic. However, there is one part of your house that is extremely difficult to clean up without the help of professionals: the tiles and grout. Even though you could try your own hand at the job, deep cleaning is better handled by a pro. This article will tell you five solid reasons why you should hire one, even if it costs a little.

  1. Lots of Time and Effort Required

Although it might seem easy and fairly simple at first, once you actually get down on your knees and start working on the job with a scrubber and a toothbrush, you’ll soon realize why it is recommended to get a professional to get the job done.

This process is very time-consuming, which means that you will be wasting a lot of time here instead of doing other important things. Furthermore, the final results of your work are also not going to be as impressive as a professional would get because of a variety of different factors.

One of the most important considerations is that the grout between the tiles is prone to collecting all sorts of unhygienic substances such as dirt and mold. So regardless of how long you scrub it, you won’t be able to remove the dirty substances that it houses. Getting some help from a local professional is most certainly the most effective way for this.

  1. Cleaning the Dirt Deep Down

If you’ve already tried doing the work yourself, you’ll soon realize that your hands are just not enough to clean the porous surfaces in between the tiles. This is mainly because you, with your regular home cleaning products, are unequipped to do it efficiently. The strongest evidence of this is that the grout won’t retain the whiteness it once had even after you’ve spent hours trying to clean it.

Luckily for you, these professionals also offer grout cleaning services in addition to giving your tiles a shiny look they had when they were new. They do this by bringing equipment and cleaning methods that are not available to the general public. Regular clean-up options simply are not powerful enough to get rid of all the sticky dirt and dust built up in the grout, and these pieces of equipment make it so that there is no unwanted filth left behind.

  1. Saves Costs in the Long Run

Saves Costs in the Long Run

Keeping your house neat and clean is a sign of productivity and good hygiene, so even if you can’t hire a professional cleaning service for every little chore, this job is simply too big of a hassle to handle on your own. Additionally, you will enjoy the benefit of cutting costs in the long run if you do decide to employ them. Here’s how:

Without the proper care put into the task, your tiles and grout will need to be replaced completely after a certain period of time—that is, if you refrain from hiring someone capable. Since professionals are well experienced in their field, not only will they keep the tiles healthy, but they will also offer you expert advice on how you can care for your walls and floors appropriately.

Getting the tiles and the grout completely replaced is quite an expensive chore, so maintaining them and keeping them all clean will significantly extend their lifespan, and hence, the overall costs you have to bear will be lowered quite a bit as well.

  1. Protective Sealant to Stop Dirt Build-up

If extending the lifespan of your floors and walls is not enough to sell you the idea, professionals have another product that saves you money by protecting your grout and tiles—sealant. This is a protective layer that keeps spills and dirt from getting swept up inside the grout, where it is hard to brush it out. Another advantage of sealant is that it also protects your tiles from getting dirty, saving further costs of required frequent cleaning.

Although sealant is usually applied to the tiles and grout when they are initially installed, the protective layer wears out and loses its effectiveness with time. This is where hiring a professional comes in handy, as they will reapply the substance every time they are asked to do so. If even that wasn’t enough good work, experts would also reseal your grout.

  1. Healthier Tiles = A Healthier Home

It is often said that the hygiene of one’s house is a representation of one’s own hygiene as well. In that same context, having a hygienic and healthy living environment also shows that the resident is quite hygienic themselves.

With the sealant protecting your walls and floors from mold and other harmful substances, your house remains a healthy environment. This, of course, plays a key part in leading a healthy lifestyle as well.

When Is It Time for Calling in Maintenance?

Experts recommend that you should have your tile and grout cleaned by a pro at least once a year. Another variable is how messy the residents of the house are. If you have children and pets running around the house, then it’s bound to get dirtier a lot quicker, so you should consider calling in the experts at least two to three times annually so that you and your family can live in a safe and healthy environment.


Even though getting your tiles and grout cleaned by a professional may not sound like it’s important when you see the results of their work, you are sure to be convinced, so why not give it a try? We hope that this article has proven helpful in maintaining your home. Stay safe!

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