Color Trends for 2023 You Need to Note

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: January 13, 2023

Whether you’re planning a whole-home renovation or the occasional room freshen-up in 2023 or perhaps want to build a new place or buy a new property, it’s helpful to know which colors are impacting the world of interior design.

Read on for some of the top ones you’ll likely see everywhere in paint colors, furnishings, fixtures, accessories, and more this coming year.

Energizing Orange-Reds

Energizing orange-red tones, reminiscent of a memorable sunset, are very much on trend in 2023. Such shades are indicative of the interest in bold and warm saturated hues right now, rather than the more soothing shades of the past few years, such as soft blues and greens.

If you want to follow suit in this shift to intense, vibrant colors in your home and something a bit unexpected, too, that can really draw the eye, you might like to highlight expressive orange-red hues in wall colors, drapes, sofas, and other furnishings, light fixtures, etc. Alternatively, introduce it more sporadically and still energize yourself and others in the room by choosing glassware, dinnerware, pillows, throws, quilts, ottomans, candles, and other accessories in shades from the red, orange, and terracotta families.

Beige-Blush Tones

Beige Blush Tones


If you want to update your home while still sticking to a neutral color palette, you might consider using some elevated beige-blush tones rather than standard whites, creams, light grays, and so on. Again, rather than the cooler tones that have been popular, designers are now turning towards warmer neutrals. In particular, blush colors with a hint of beige are having an impact and can work beautifully as a solid base for wall colors, flooring, and large furnishings.

Softer, understated shades like this help to promote tranquility, too, and can evoke a nice sense of consistency and calm without being boring. You might like to paint the internal areas of your home in a pretty beige-blush color and then offset this with wooden accents, such as a wooden smart ceiling fan for each bedroom plus wooden bookcases, beams, and a dining table, or even wooden floorboards or wood-look click-together planks or vinyl. This hue also goes nicely with gold and brass tones, so you can take advantage of the interior design world’s interest in more subdued, pared-back metallics lately.

Outdoorsy Hues

Another color trend for 2023 is the use of lots of outdoorsy-type hues. While designers, manufacturers, and consumers have been looking to nature for inspiration for a while now, there’s now an interest in some different hues that take their cue from the outdoors. For example, you’ll start to see a lot of mid-tone greens take over homes with more of an acidic kind of vibe that’s playful and sophisticated at the same time.

If forest or chartreuse greens feel a little too much for your tastes, you might better enjoy outfitting your home with more craft-based colors. Earthbound shades that make you think of the woods and minerals and crafting activities are all the rage right now, particularly warm brown tones. Such coppery, brown ocher, and tiramisu-style shades are warm and grounding and can provide a sense of stability and comfort in a home environment.

You might like to decorate with a brown leather couch, choose a nature-based color for your walls, or pick out rugs and artworks that feature these types of hues.

Shots of Citrus

Shots of Citrus

If you want to give your home a shot of happiness and positivity with color this year, you might find that joining the citrus trend gives you what you’re after. In 2023, designers are bringing in small shots of bold, punchy citrus hues to liven spaces up and bring lots of energy to homes. Yellow greens, warm yellows, and sunny oranges can be much more versatile than you think and work both in modern homes and period ones.

It’s often best to use citrus hues on a specific wall area to define a space; you’ll find that most colors look good against it. You can also bring in citrus flavors by choosing lemony pillows and throws, orange-based artworks or floor rugs, or yellowy-green flowers, fabric chairs, or wallpaper.

Interesting Dark and Black Shades

Also of note right now is the increasing use of dark and interesting black shades. While plain black is timeless and helps to bring elegance and a sense of depth to any part of a home, it’s also nice to mix things up a bit by going for something dark and moody yet not traditional black.

For example, look out for lots of deep chocolate options with notes of violet and black, deep shades of purple, green, or brown that provide drama in an unexpected way, or a rich black shade with eggplant undertones that are both romantic and dramatic.

As you go to freshen up your property this year, look to the above colors for inspiration and shop for paints, furnishings, and accessories, among other things, that help you utilize some of the current trending hues of 2023.


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